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Beyond Today: Beyond the Grave

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This happens to more than 150,000 people every day, that's two people every second and over a million people a week. What is it? They die. No wonder one of the biggest questions in life is death. What's really going to happen when we die? We have to look for the answers in the right place. Only the Creator of life can reveal what lies beyond the grave. How does He tell us? By His Word. The Bible tells us that our lives are physical. We age and we eventually die. Ezekiel 18:20 says "The soul who sins shall die". Did you catch that? Your Bible teaches YOU don't have a soul. Greek ideas that you have an immortal soul. Most modern religion has it wrong. The Bible describes death as an unconscious sleep. Ecclesiastes 9:5 says, "The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing". Did you know the truth is that we don't go to heaven or hell immediately at death? We follow our Savior Jesus Christ's example and await the resurrection. He was resurrected after three days and nights, but ours will be at the judgment. At the end of our physical lives comes death then we await a resurrection. Now at first this may sound a bit bleak. You may ask is there hope beyond the grave? Absolutely! Those who have been called, repented, been baptized and led by God will be transformed at the resurrection to eternal spirit life. You need to know more! You need to understand what happens after death! Don't believe something you never really we wait in the grave for the return of Christ who brings hope for eternal life from beyond the grave". For Beyond Today, I'm Steve Myers.

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Posted by: beyondtodaytv on May 2, 2008

What's really going to happen after you die? Look to your Bible for the surprising answers!

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