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NetApp_Tiscali_FINAL_for SRT

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>> We had the responsibility to refocus our business, to refocus our strategy, and to go back to our roots. >> It was something we were obliged to do to survive. [NetApp] [NetApp presents] [Following a decade of global economic volatility, Italian telecom, Tiscali,] [divested its pan-European holdings to reinvest in its most strategic market] [Italy] >> We decided to come back to Italy in order to present Tiscali not only as a consumer brand but also as a business brand, for all the markets. [Salvatore Pulvirenti, CIO, Tiscali] [Tiscali's future depended on pivoting quickly] [to capture the B2B market with enterprise cloud services] Our differentiator is to be faster than the others. >> We need to be the first on the market on a lot of services. [Antonio Pittalis, IT Infrastructure Manager, Tiscali] The data for our idea is everything. It is the common base for all the services. We need to manage data in any flavor they are present, regardless of the technologies the customer is using. The data growth for our service is 20% or 30% year by year. For sure, an integration between solution on premise and a solution on the cloud that can be addressed with Data Fabric will be a pillar of our infrastructure. >> Here in Tiscali we have built a solution that we call hybrid, where we are providing internal services and external services all together. Through NetApp we were able to provide services that we could not do without that infrastructure. >> We started the transition to Clustered Data ONTAP, and today the business is not waiting on the technology. And we were able to evolve this infrastructure even if we were facing B2B customer or B2C customer. >> We have today an infrastructure that is flexible enough to sustain the business needs in terms of data movement, data security, and data protection. >> We were able to shrink 50% of the footprint of the storage devices, and reduce the power consumption by 60%. [60% power reduction] >> In the last three years, we have cut the budget 50% doing the same things. [50% budget cut] >> We couldn't do without the NetApp infrastructure. That's for sure. >> Our partners adapting their technologies [Gianluca Nonnis, Head of Communications, Tiscali] to what our business was asking for is a key success of the game.

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NetApp_Tiscali_FINAL_for SRT

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