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History of the Universe 6:No Support from Heaven

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Heaven's Process 6 - No Support from Heaven (Veno) Hi! This is Veno..continuing with heaven's process. and I ended off, previously where I 'explained'- how Anu got quite a 'fright', and a 'panic', when the portal opened. because he, perceived Winged, now to be 'the One', that will influence 'his creation'. and so that he no longer stands as 'the power, and control' as god, creator of this existence which is the dimensions and earth. So, he, Anu is a very 'specific manipulator and deceiver', he has perfected this. when the portal opened, the, first 'moment', when Winged was in the dimensions experiencing herself, you know he allowed her to, 'explore'. Because, he just saw her, as a girl, experiencing herself in the dimensions. and will be as 'fooled', as..all other dimensional beings, and will not, you know, 'be any specific threat at the moment'. So, but he did see her as a 'threat' from a perspective that..the portal itself. Not not, Winged per-se, but the portal itself, may be the 'the key', for..that which for the manifestation that would influence his creation or the dimensional beings would start going through there, and start speaking and relaying their experience, in the dimensions to human beings on earth. So he couldn't quite place 'where exactly', he was standing within his creation, and the portal and winged as well. At that time, he hasn't 'yet' met Eagle(Bernard). So (laugh), yeah that was another, 'shock' to his system, the moment he got introduced to Eagle. Oh that also came a bit later, but I'll get to that. So, he..looked at everything, so he now just had to make sure that he's still able to control 'the situation', to make sure, that.. you know 'everything remain stable', and he still remains in power and control as god, creator of..this existence. So, what he did was now remember, that Anu was both.. kind of frighten and uncertain, but both also 'greatful'. because.. Remember I said in 199-8? The Anunnaki, Anu specifically 'locked' himself, and the dimensions out of this 'earth realm' - Completely! No Access! everything that human beings experienced from there (head) it was of their mind. The portal, 'was the first opening', and connection made..of the totality of the dimensions to earth here. that connection that one- it wasn't a connection it was an 'opening', a door way. A complete door way, of the dimensions and earth here as one..for the first time. So, he used this opportunity as to his advantage of course, so what he did was when he..came through the portal, in the first time he 'activated'..human beings and earth.. in their 'entirety'. In other words, he superimposed, his enslavement on earth 'even further', you know he added more, what do you call it? Implants..activated DNA, shifted the entire world to specific outcome to..still make sure and prepare his way, for him to return, to 'earth', and take his place etc. So, he basically, made sure, that he still exist within and as human beings, so he basically 'came alive', on earth within and as human beings. Of course, just before 'you stressed', we discovered that we found that he had done that, and everything was removed in one singular moment..within human beings. So, 'nothing' of, Anu's influence in that moment of when him came through, exist. We removed all Anu's influence within human beings, within this world, within existence, It's all been removed! So 'don't, be concerned' (laugh) remember what I'm speaking here is, past. This is now, two and a half years ago..of what has occured. So Anu came through, but of course, in that moment when he did that no one.. 'Noticed' Because, of his very sly deceptive, nature, and he understood, the way man, operate, as mind consciousness systems and how he setup existence because 'he did it'. So he knew all the ins and outs, like the palm of his hand. I know it's just an expression, but it's about the way it is. And..but Anu came through, and said to Eagle: Eagle, what can I do to 'assist' you, in your process- of, having dimensional beings, to participate -Actively- here and support of human beings? Because remember Eagle asked a simple question, now bef- while the portal was opened. Because he realized, that, the dimensional beings are not in practical, application and support for, human beings here on earth. and when he asked, Satya, the question, he asked Satya: Satya why is there no, directive applications support for human beings on earth? Satya reacted..she got angry, and Satya said: How dare you ask that question? and etc. so and, Satya literally got pissed off because, Eagle asked a question. and then Eagle said: But wait a minute, if you are reacting to me that means, you have not, applied forgiveness, within yourself and..therefore how are 'you', able to assist and support human beings If you are not cleared standing within yourself as who you are? Then, Eagle realized that, in that moment that dimensional beings - are lost, they're stuck. and that they are not supporting and assisting human beings, in any way whatsoever. Because Eagle has been walking a specific process for 'quite sometime already'. He has been 'walking' for- with 'one', statement as who he is: 'Bring forth, heaven as earth' this world. To stop, rape, violence, child abuse..starvation, everything of this world. He has been walking this, he has been preparing certain human beings, that live here, to walk with him, until he realized that he is not getting any 'support' from the dimensional existence, so that everyone, in existence, both human beings and dimensional beings stand 'Here on earth', as human beings, as one and equal, to bring forth heaven as earth so all maybe, 'Free'. and the, dimensions, so as..Ok. This Veno, I'll continue, with the..process of heaven. In my next interview Thanks. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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