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20052020 - Avi Nahmias -Corona

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Shalom Good evening everyone! I apologize for... I want to speak this evening The seminar I want to give this evening, as you all know about the changes that the Corona created in the world Is the Corona only a plague that needs to be dealt with on the physical, political, economical, medical, academic realm or, is there also a spiritual message like a spiritual teacher that wants to come to the world and to say, ladies and gentleman, there is a spiritual message here that we can learn together. I would like to start with thirty seconds, I would like for us all to close our eyes together I want to dedicate a thought, to send Light to those souls that unfortunately left the world due to the Corona plague and send Light of healing and a speedy recovery to all those who got infected with Corona and altogether in any type of plague. I would want to ask, I know it's unusual, but close your eyes for a moment. We want to visualize a ball of Light Bright Light We are sending this bright Light to all the souls that left this world due to the Corona. We feel the pain of all the families here and around the world. The pain is a shared pain by all humanity. The sorrow is humanity's sorrow for the loss and their absence. Beautiful souls. Amazing souls. Whose families were not even able to participate in their funerals. Not even to escort them for a final respect. Because of the plague. And on a positive note, for health, speedy recovery to all sick people here and all around the world from all religions and cultures. Sending them from this ball of Light, energy of healing, for speedy recovery and for a spiritual change, which we will be discussing tonight. Thank you very much! You can open your eyes. I would like, with your permission, to start the lecture, with our teacher Karen Berg who for forty-five years built The Kabbalah Centre in the world, together with HaRav Philip Berg. They have built our Centres all around the world and opened the knowledge of Kabbalah for the entire world and enabled the training of many teachers, who we call Chevre'h, all over the world. Opened Centres around the world and took care of bringing the wisdom of Kabbalah to the masses to the entire humanity with no difference of religion, culture or nationality. I would like to start with a forecast that Karen presented on September 2019 on Rosh Hashanah in NY with 2,700 people. Karen gave one of the lectures and meditations at that international event of the Centre Karen spoke about what is about to happen on תש״פ, 2020 Karen spoke about the idea We know that Rosh Hashanah is the seed of the year. It's the DNA from there, we know that the entire destiny for that entire year, for the individual and for humanity, is determined on Rosh Hashanah. On Rosh Hashanah Karen already said my friends, let me tell you what is about to happen in the coming year. With a forecast. Divine inspiration. Not only that, not only to say that there is a problem, also to offer a solution. We will watch the short video of almost six minutes. In English with Hebrew subtitles. And we will take the lecture from there. One second, with your permission, together I am not so good with the technical stuff, but we'll do it nicely together. By the way, while I am trying to get to the video You should know that the presentation you are watching now Should be sent to you via email There is a workshop and individual work for you. So just be aware that this is a personal gift from the centre to you it will be sent to you. A few minutes about what we can expect in the year 2020 Now I'm sure there are those of us that have learned a little it about Astrology Studied a bit, heard a bit that 2020 will be one of those fantastic tormentous years. and it should be. I apologize for the technical difficulties Let's see... Maybe it will be better now. ... and it should be. Because It doesn't matter if you don't remember the name Chiron, but it's a planet of a kind that's called the "wounded healer". Basically, Chiron, the way it sits this year, is paused to heal those things that have been broken. The relationships, the businesses, the romantic afairs, It's a time of the "wounded Healer". It's a time to heal that which can be healed and to the other things it will be very difficult. The year itself should be a great year because we have the new moon in Libra. and it should be a time of fixing broken parts. And the most important broken part that we need to fix is what? Inside. To really find that place that has caused us... Unfortunately, you know, we think we do but most of us, sort of bypass it all the time. But it's important that we find that space. Because in this period of time we're going to need assistance. We're going to need friends, business associates, people around us that are going to say: I'm there for you. I'm a support for you. I will be there. And we need to learn to accept it. Which is probably one of the most difficult things for us. Because, this year, and you will see it, and I'm sure you'll see what's happening in the world, Money, power, position, won't be enough. People will fall from the highest heights. People will fall from the amount of power that they believed they had into nothingness. And the reason for that is, this is the time we're going to learn that the end of the year is sort of like "spirit of the Messiah". That's what it's called to those of you who know something about Astrology. It's a time whereby that which is not real, that which is not built into a spiritual root won't take hold. And so, you can have power, and you can have money, but you will never be able to reach what you choose to reach without the spiritual element because that is the period that we're going into. And how will we know the signal of it? There's an eclipse that's going to happen in December. And that eclipse is going to shake us. There may be some natural disaster involved as well. But that eclipse is there so that we will know that by the end of the year 2020 we will not be in the same place that we are right now. Our world is changing. Even today, and I'm sure that those of you who know about the Millennials, the young people. They're not interested any more in buying money. They're interested in developing. And the way one can develop in this year is with community. With Unity. With the whole. That's what we need to do. And if we can bind, if we can unite, if we can find the things and the people that can help us, that can assist us, we can create a fantastic year. And a new world order. That sounds very strange. But it may very well be that next year this time we will have a different system. A system that's more whole. That's not broken. A system where people look at each other in a different framework. A system that we can trust. And I think the fact that we here sit thousands strong Somebody asked me how do I think that I could make an operation or make a recruit center that will engulf all people? I said take a look at the Centre. We're all here from all different places in the world From the far regions in the world. From different religions. But we're here with one goal; We have a unitedness in our soul and in our unity and in our being part, and in being engulfed in the divinity that the creator gives to each and every one of us. And that makes us a whole. That makes us one. And in that energy, in that capacity we can create the next year. More wholesome, more real. Yes. All the chaos that we have seen around us for the past couple of years Is there anybody here that hasn't seen chaos in the past couple of years? If there is I'd like to meet them. Because the world had been comboluted and upside down. But it's changing. It's changing. It's mending. We're going to be able to take that which is broken and make it whole. We're going to be able to see things differently. Yes! We do want to advance. We do want to make business. We do want to do things. But we must have a different mindset. Because if it's only business If it's only going forward, if it's only creating something, without that spiritual ?? And I'm sure that all of you are aware that almost every business today teaches mindfulness, has meditation lessons. The spiritual root is the thing that will propel us forward, into a world that will be without the chaos Be'ezrat Hashem (God willing) we should all grow to get there. Shanah Tova! We now see with your permission We will get to the Power Point, one second... Is that OK? Can you see? Thank you. The truth is, After 30 years with The Kabbalah Centre I asked myself at Rosh Hashanah in NY with Karen Berg I asked myself; What exactly is Karen trying to say here? What does it mean? What type of change in the world? The world look fine. I mean there are problems in the world. There are troubles, of course, but this is life. What is the drastic change that is going to happen? As a matter of fact, in the toughest dream a man could have, there was no way to imagine what Karen explained about Chiron it's position in the window in time that the universe, the Light, the creator is preparing for us. What happened? Why did it happen in this way? Why can't it be in any other way? Why was this Corona, this virus necessary that the first time in history, maybe not first time maybe it has happened before but in our era, in the modern era, first time that 7 billion people are closed at their homes Seven billion people affected in all aspects. In all areas. The political aspect: Leaders and government are confused, Don't know how to act. They, themselves loose control because this president and that Prime Minister, and ministers in different countries in the world also have Corona They cannot shake hands, they cannot sit with anyone they want They cannot operate a parliament, or a government. Nothing. Everything is shut down. The government cannot function as a normal government because the plague is everywhere. It confuses the leaders, confuses the government. The political, structural system cannot function. Meaning there is a very unique situation. International Relationships: Countries blaming each other. America blames China, China blames America, Russia.. a whole confusion. A real big confusion. In the international perspective it seems that there is more chaos. It seems that there are more problems. From a health aspect; All the health systems in the world Collapsed. They could not hold the load of sick people in this situation. No system has expected this. And we cannot blame them. This is why everyone needed to be closed at home and then slowly release them. In order for the health system to be able to handle the pressure. Health, Safety, and Lifestyle: We're moving onto the next bullet: Economy and Sustenance: Everyone thought that the Corona is a medical issue. But as a matter of fact, it reflects on every aspect of our lives. I am not supposed to speak a lot about this subject. With your permission, I will go faster through the presentation Family and Society: Suddenly we find ourselves with our family. 24 hours at home. I am already at my 9th week at home. I'm in London, 9th week at home. I went out maybe twice a week to the park to get some air and back home. They have not released the quarantine here. In Israel you have gifts, we will speak about it later. Nature and Environment: Suddenly we realized that we are the problem in the world. Animals, vegetation kingdom, inanimate celebrate, they're opening a champaign They're all happy that mankind is sitting at home. Because we pollute, kill, burn, we cause a huge damage to nature and the environment. I couldn't believe I could go outside in London and breathe fresh air. No cars. No nothing. It looks like a ghost city and I'm sure the rest o the world looks just like that. Meaning, the universe delivers a message. It's like our body. When it's full of toxins, During the process of cleansing the body aches, the body is tired, The body says; clean me. Help me. The universe, nature, is asking for help. From who? From the Creator? From the Light? No. From mankind. We are partners in creation. We are part of creation. Religions and Cultures: Suddenly the leaders of cultures, the business leaders, all leaders in the world suddenly looses control over the crowd. Over the public. You can call it customers. You can call it whichever way you like. Suddenly no one has control. Suddenly everyone is equal. Suddenly everyone is in the same amount of anxiety, fear, worry, caution. Religions and Cultures: Suddenly people need to start thinking: One second, what is going on? I'm used to go to the Synagogue, the Church, the Masjid, to the spiritual place of gathering, friends, families, community, Suddenly there is a change here. This never happened before. I would like, with your permission, to refer only to the idea of spiritual consciousness and development. This is my background I am not an MD, I am not an economist, I am not a politician I am not referencing the points we brought up. but I raise more questions than answers. What is the spiritual lesson we can learn in order to affect a change in our lives? What is the spiritual lesson here? his is a very essential question to our discussion today. Karen explained in the video you just watched Karen says: "We are already at the time of Messiah". Meaning we are at a time that the Messiah is already here. What does it mean, the Messiah is already here? I know many have heard of the traditional story that the Messiah is sort of a spiritual man. That there is a Messiah of the house of (King) David) There is a Christian messiah that is Jesus. There is a Messiah from Islam, There is a Messiah in Buddhism, Hinduism, there are many Messiah's. And they are all speaking of a certain person that will come and redeem humanity. Will redeem humanity for pain and suffering. From the sorrow. And actually, Kabbalah and our teachers explain that it is not exactly a certain person that will show up and fix our lives, but actually we are the power of Messiah. In each one of us there is a beautiful soul חלק אלוה ממעל A part of the divine above, A part of the Creator. A part of the Light. A part of the Global. Each one of us has the power to operate a system. The age of Messiah presents us with points that I would like, with your permission, to talk about. The spiritual power is moving from the governments and the leaders to the hands of the individual. Meaning, the Light, in the age of Aquarius, in the age of messiah, If you would go not to the best astrologers in the world, especailly the Kabbalistic astrologers, they will tell you that from an Astrology point of view, the positions of the planets and the signs, all these positions, as Karen explained with Chiron and all that and I am really not good at this, and I explain in general, my wife is an Astrologer and she gave me points for the seminar. The position shows us that this year is a window in time. It is not a coincidence that in China, in a specific laboratory the Corona came out of the lab and this did not happen ten or thirty years ago. And it did not happen ten years from now. Why now? Why now? Why 2020, which is תש״פ (578) in the Hebrew calendar? Why now? Most Kabbalists are talking about something that is happening in תש״פ )5780). This year of תש״פ is a very very critical year as far as windows in time. A cosmic window in time that wants to awaken the world. To shake the world from its addictions. From its ego consciousness. The desire to receive for oneself alone consciousness. From the consciousness of shaking off our spiritual responsibility. The body is telling us; we are ill. Its nature. Its the world. The soul, the spiritual side of every being in the world, is saying; I also do not feel happy in this world. I have money, I have power, I have a position, I have fame, I have everything! But as a matter of fact, I am not happy. I am not fulfilled in this life. Why? What does it mean "The spiritual power shifts from governments and leaders to the individual"? The Light, the Creator, gave ideas to certain people that will be manifested through the power of thought the entire social media. The social Media; Facebook and all - I am not that good at that.. I apologize. This is a tremendous power that is in the hands of the individual. Meaning, notice, the 'Arab Spring" that happened A person burnt himself in Tunisia because he was humiliated at the market in Tunisia. People posted it on social media and that started a domino effect of governments and regimes one after the other. One after another. It socially, economically, and politically affected the entire Middle East area. And had a huge impact all over the world. And it all started by one person click the keyboard with one finger. Why do dictatorships, totalitarian regimes shut down social media? Because they know that the individual has power against the government. Where did that come from? Where did it come from? From people? Suddenly a 26 years old becomes a billionaire and has Facebook? Suddenly he stumbled upon a technology discovery? What do we really have in our brains? 80% water and 20% Diet Coke. What do we have there? Where do we receive the thoughts and the knowledge from? From the spiritual world. Therefore, every person that downloads suddenly becomes part of the physical and spiritual evolution in our world. We receive ideas from the spiritual world. We manifest them in the physical world. "As above so below". With your permission we will move onto the second point. Internal spiritual work between the soul and the desire for oneself alone, in all levels and aspects of life. Meaning, what Karen explained in the video. It is an era of internal work. Work of our soul Spiritual work. It is absolutely impossible to rely on material any more. On power. On position, on connections, on network. It will not work anymore. We will no longer fill fulfillment. The world is undergoing a change in a way that everything we used to use in the old world, and it is not far, the old world was a few months back, The universe is shifting us to another dimension. we just moved into another dimension. Meaning the world and humanity has shifted. Moved. changed consciousness to a different world. The old world will not be able to exist in the new world. Meaning if it will exist, it will be in a parallel universe, part of humanity, unfortunately, will have to remain in the back, if they will not want to move to the new world and the new consciousness tat the Light and the universe open for us. Meaning this is meant to be inner work. I added into the presentation a short workshop. A very nice workshop, that teaches every one of us how to work internally in order to understand the process we are going through now. And how we can move to another future and to another direction in our lives. We will continue. I choose to be a victim and blame or to learn and grow. We need to make a choice at this moment in our lives; Do we want to blam, our husband, our wife, the kids, the family, siblings, friends, blame any person in my own emotions, feelings, in my psychological, mental, physical emotions? Do I want to blame the State that was unprepared for the Corona financially, medically, structure-wise? There were not enough hospitals, ...? Do I want to blame someone? Or do I want to learn and grow from the situation? Do I want to invest all my energy in staying in the past? Stay behind? Be a victim? Or do I want to learn, to grow, to move forward, and to continue to the next level of my life? And in humanity's life altogether?

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20052020 - Avi Nahmias -Corona

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