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Shabbat Night Live - May 31 - From Here to Eternity: Intro

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The apocalypse has a very dire connotation in the world today, and it's mainly because of the misunderstanding of the Book of the Revelation by the modern Christian church which has polluted even mainstream society. Apocalypto is Greek, meaning the revealing, and the Book of the Revealing is literally the revealing of the Messiah as the almighty judge. Jehovah Sabaoth, who will reign for 1,000 years from his throne in Jerusalem. In that day, the Torah will be the law of the earth, and the wolf will lay down with the lamb, and the child will play by the den of the venomous serpent. Nations will beat their swords into plows and their spears into pruning hooks. War will end. But before that day, Yeshua said that mankind will bring themselves to the brink of destruction, and without his intervention, there would be no flesh saved. That day is quickly coming upon us. And yet we still have a Sabbath rest in the Sabbath millennium to eagerly anticipate. But until that day, we have a rest that we can enjoy every seventh day of the week. It is now the end of the sixth day. The sun is setting, and this is "Shabbat Night Live." [male speaker] It's "Shabbat Night Live" from Charlotte, North Carolina with your host Michael Rood. Join Michael and co-host Chaim Goldman as they welcome from Un Roodo Despertar, our office from Central and South America, Harold Calvo and Roberto Umana. Now, here he is, the Messianic Matador, Michael Rood. Shabbat shalom, Torah fans. Welcome to "Shabbat Night Live," coming direct to you from the Messianic Disneyland of planet Earth, Charlotte, North Carolina. Thank you for joining us for the leaven-free gospel of the kingdom. Here there is no rabbinic takkanot, no baptized Babylonian sun worship and no papal bull. This is a no-man-made-religion zone, and I am Michael Rood, and I am an equal opportunity offender. We are restoring the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith. We are preaching the gospel of the kingdom that Yeshua and his disciples were preaching, a message that is not being preached in modern gentile church-ianity. But this is where you can catch it live on "Shabbat Night Live," so welcome to all of you around the world. Chaim, it's good to have you here. Shabbat shalom, Michael.>>Shabbat shalom. It's good to be back. What is this? We had the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce call, and they're wondering what's going on. What is this new vision that we have here through our window here in the studio? We are getting ready for the next series, which is "From Here to Eternity." That starts tonight. No, no, it's not going to start tonight. This is the preview of "From Here to Eternity," which is a seminar that I taught many years ago, and it was done mostly in Christian churches, and so I really felt that it was time to revisit it just because of what's going on in the world today. This is "From Here to Eternity: The Gospel of the Revelation and the Demise of the New World Order." And the subtitle of tonight's feature is "The Future Ain't What It Used To Be." No, it isn't. This is going to be really an exciting adventure, because we're going to be digging in over the next months. We're going to be digging into the Book of the Revelation, going on a very deep level on that, so it all starts tonight. Coming to them from post-apocalyptic Charlotte. From post-apocalyptic Charlotte, North Carolina, so that's where it's all coming to you from, and so tonight on "Shabbat Night Live" not only do we have the prelude, "From Here to Eternity," but we also have questions and comments from our viewers. We have the calendar update with the author. Unbelievably, we have with us the author of the astronomically and agriculturally corrected biblical Hebrew calendar, Michael Rood. We have the Israel update with Ariela Steagall and our guests from Costa Rica, who have been an integral part of the Un Roodo Despertar mass media assault for years, and that is going to be Roberto Umana and Harold Calvo. They're going to be with us during this session of "Shabbat Night Live," and then of course, our teachings. Now Chaim, we've got so many exciting things, but tonight we are going to take everyone back to Jerusalem with the two of us. Yeah, in 2001. Back to Jerusalem in 2001 for the beginning of our production company. At that time we called it Last Great Day Productions. And to give them a taste of the revelation that we received just hours before launching Last Great Day Productions and doing our very first video out in the desert which was— Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom and Gomorrah, so tonight we're going to take everyone with us back to Jerusalem. To the feast.>>Back to the feast. During that year when I went over and you were supposed to go over, and then on the way some planes hit the World Trade Center. Yeah, that's right.>>And you got stuck in Iceland. And I'm wondering what's going on, but by the time you go there, I had found this wonderful couple of apartments in this very old courtyard area in Jerusalem just about a block from the Jerusalem Shuk, a major historic area in Nachlaot, Jerusalem in the new city of Jerusalem, and we kept the feast there, and we built a beautiful sukkah out in the courtyard there and kept the feast right there in the heart of Jerusalem, and we had people coming every day and studying and eating. [Michael Rood] From all over the world. It was a great party, and then as we'll get to later, at the very end of the feast you presented revelation to us that brings us to where we are tonight. That's right, and it really takes us to what's going on in Israel today. I got back from Israel a couple of weeks ago, and when I left Israel a couple of weeks ago, the house was shaking 2 days in a row again and again. You could feel the house shaking because the Israelis were taking out major missile emplacements that were brought in, mobile missile launchers that were brought into Syria, 50,000 Iranian troops in Syria right across the border. And Chaim, you know. You sat with me on my front porch. We're looking out Mount Hermon, which 1/3 of it belongs to Syria. We're looking at the Golan Heights, which deep into that is Syria, and Damascus is not that far from the house. Israel is a very small country. People don't appreciate how small it really is and when Israel doesn't want to give away land why that is. Strategically it's right on top of the country. That's right. It's like them launching missiles from Sarnia into Detroit or from Canada into Detroit, and if Canada was doing what the Palestinian terrorists were doing, this is what Canada would have looked like by the next morning. But Israel is very temperate in their move, and aggravatingly so, but what is happening is in the hand of the Almighty, and that's what we want people to take encouragement from, is that when the world around us shakes, we have been told ahead of time that it is going to shake, and so we are going to take it from there and take it "From Here to Eternity" and see what the picture is on that. But until we get there we have headlines from post— We want to do that first?>>I think so. I think we have to do the headlines from post-Christian America. Not the calendar. Okay. [Michael Rood] I'll do the calendar really quick while we get— [Chaim Goldman] I think you cued it. I think it's too late. We have to do it. Okay, the music stopped. This is the beauty of live TV. Where are we now? Okay, so where we are on the astronomically agriculturally corrected biblical Hebrew calendar it is now May 31st. It is now sundown, and sundown then brings us to the 21st day of the 3rd biblical month. We just have passed Shavuot now by 2 weeks, and the week after Shavuot or a few days after that I took off to finish the reformatting of the chronological gospels for the bible size, the chronological gospels that are going on the bookshelves out there, and so I got away to the beach where I could work, and then I could get some exercise and got it done in 10 days and got back in late last night just in time to say hello to a couple people here, and then we're on tonight. It's good to be back with everyone. Our next feast that is coming up, of course, is the Feast of the Day of Trumpets, and we're going to be updating you with the details on that. The Feast of Trumpets is the feast every year that begins on a day and hour that no man knows, because it's the only feast that begins on the first day of the month, and you don't know the 1st day of the month until you see the first sliver of the new moon sighted in the land of Israel, and it's the 1st day of the 7th month. That is the Day of Trumpets. Every year this is one of the things that we're told especially to remember the Day of Trumpets because of everything that is embedded in that. And before we go on, Chaim, I have to say it was a pleasure to be able to present the information that we had on the last "Shabbat Night Live." Thank you for opening that up. I got to see it from the sunny beach, and thank you for opening that up, and I do believe that that teaching is really one of the most important teachings in my life, because it took so many years of questioning those very verses and then to find the answers. And if people didn't watch it, what people would say is your statement regarding the divinity of Yeshua. [Michael Rood] That's right. So they need to watch last week's program. Watch last week, because that is going to give you a clarity that so many people said has completely set them free. It answered their questions, and so we no longer have to mince around with English words to describe Yeshua's position and who he is and what his position is. We can go right back to the Hebrew. Even from the King James New Testament we can still go right back into the ancient Hebrew text and discover things that have been there. As a matter of fact, why we call it the question that no one was able to answer is because when Yeshua posed this situation to the Pharisees they shut their mouths and refused to ask him anymore questions. That was it. That was the end. There was nothing else they could confront him with, because he completely blew their mind, and this is something that has never been understood in the Christian world. You can check the annals of history, and no one has yet touched this, and this is the answer that I searched for for literally decades. I'm going to put on my Biblical Health TV hat. What are you wearing now? Your Biblical Health television hat? Yeah, this is my Biblical Health TV hat, just for a moment, a little bit of housekeeping. I want to invite people. If you don't know about Biblical Health TV, on your screen right now it should be And to go there, I want to let you know to check it out and all of the great resources. We call it the other gospel, the missing part, the sanctification part. We teach about cleaning yourself up and getting healthy so you can do your ministry, but we're giving away a Vitamix, which is very exciting. Those people had to pay hundreds of dollars. I want people to go on. If you go on the site, you'll see in the menu it says, "Win a Vitamix." Go there, enter the contest, tell people about it, because we want you to be healthy. We believe everybody needs one. It's a great way to get nutrition. We use one at our house. We've had it for over 10 years. Please go and join the contest tonight. That's it, so I'll take my Biblical Health TV hat off. And now we have headlines from post-Christian America. Ah! Terrifying introductory music. What's going on in post-Christian America? What's going on in post-Christian America, I think we talked about this months ago, but the vote finally came a short time ago. The Boy Scouts have decided to no longer ban gay scouts from being scouts, from being there. They're not going to ban them. They have said that once they're 18 they have to leave, because they don't want leaders going in to be leadership in the scouts, but they really didn't vote on that yet, and what we're hearing is, of course, the homosexual community is saying it's not enough, and they're going to keep pushing until homosexuals are allowed throughout the Boy Scouts. This is an organization that's been around over 100 years. You have the Boy Scout oath that we can go into. [Michael Rood] Yes, I think on this graphic that I saw the Boy Scout actually has got a symbol of 2 males there, but he's actually standing in front of some very important words. [Chaim Goldman] But over a rainbow. [Michael Rood] Yeah, over a rainbow. "On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the scout law." "To help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight." Morally straight, so even the Boy Scout oath is talking about people being straight and not homosexuals, and of course, if there is morality, then that has a connotation that there is something such as right and wrong. And so you've got to get rid of any concept for right and wrong, do you not? And where this is going—what the Boy Scouts are saying, they're still saying that no one should be having sexual relations outside of marriage. They're not encouraging that for either heterosexuals or homosexuals, but the pressure that came on them, especially from where the money comes from from the Boy Scouts, so many organizations stopped funding the Boy Scouts because of this. Now the money is going to come back. Over 60% of those who vote in the Boy Scouts voted for this change, and the question is why is it different? What changed? And what changed is society changed, but should an organization that stands up for Christian values— about 70% of Boy Scout troops are hosted within religious organizations, but even the Mormon Church, which hosts most of them, and in fact, was the first organization to bring the Boy Scouts in, I believe, was not against allowing the homosexual boys in it. We have a real problem, a real crisis, because nothing seems to be absolute anymore, and I found something very interesting in "US News" in an article they did about the Mormon Church, and it's buried here at the end, but it's very, very interesting. I want to read that. It said that in a 2008 statement the Boy Scout National Council said this. This was after a Supreme Court decision that said they could ban homosexuals because they have a right to as a private organization. The Boy Scouts said, "Boy Scouts of America believes that no member "can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God." This was in 2008, so not too long ago. They continued, "Because of scouting's methods and beliefs, "scouting does not accept atheists and agnostics as members or adult volunteer leaders." But then the article continues, and this is how it finishes. "Atheists have called on the Boy Scouts to knock down "the ban on non-believers and quoting August Brunsman, "who is the Executive Director of Secular Student Alliance, 'If the Boy Scouts want to stay relevant, they need to finish the job.'" Finish the job. Yeah, what is the job they need to finish? You would think what they're saying is the job would be to allow homosexuals in. But they're representing atheists. They mean finish the job of removing the Almighty from this organization, from removing all Judeo-Christian ethics. That's what they mean, and we see this going on constantly with these headlines from post-Christian America. It's all about that, getting God out of the equation, removing it so there are no moral absolutes and people can do whatever they want, or so they think. That's right, so they took away the last word, straight, and now they're going after the moral issue, which is God. Almighty God has given us his commandments. He's told us how to live, and that's what this nation is founded upon, every man's ability to govern himself according to the commandments of God, and now it's being eroded. And as a really quick follow up at the end of this, because the Boy Scouts, I believe, are like 11 to 17-year-olds. But now we have something for the 2 to 11-year-olds. Oh, do we?>>Yes. In post-Christian America?>>In post-Christian America. The article, really quick, there is a cable network for 2 to 11-year-olds is the demographic. It's owned by Hasbro and the Discovery Channel, and they're not doing that well. They're trying to compete against Nickelodeon and others, but now they have a new cartoon. It premieres Saturday morning. It premieres tomorrow. It is called "SheZow." We have a graphic of this SheZow. And what this is, I'll just read this, it says nothing says child-appropriate material quite like gender-bending underage superheroes. At least that's the theory over at the network co-owned by Discovery and Hasbro, which is trotting out its latest soon-to-be dud, according to this author, SheZow. The show follows the adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Guy who uses a magic ring to transform himself into a crime-fighting girl. Yes, you read that correctly. When Guy says the magic words, "You go girl," he becomes SheZow wearing a purple skirt and cape as well as pink gloves and white boots, and again, their target audience is 2 to 11-year-olds. Oh, I can't wait until the doll comes out. Hasbro has got to have the doll, the action figures. Right, this is where they test. They can test it on the network. And if it does well, they come out with the doll, and so now we're trying to do a superhero where it's cool for a boy to go and get turned into a girl and get all these special powers and get to investigate being a girl and dressing like a girl, and it's okay, because we need to be accepting of everybody, and so this is where things are going with our children. The Boy Scouts, but we know there are other scouting organizations that are more Christian oriented, and Christians are pulling themselves out of the Boy Scouts, but you've got to watch what your kids are watching, because this is what's being pedaled out there in order to make a buck. Well, we know that the Book of Revelations says that Babylon, the entire system, has got to go down. It is going to be destroyed, and it's going to bring us to the brink of destruction, and it is eroding every area of our lives. Ladies and gentleman, we're told to come out of Babylon, and so come out of Babylon. 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"Dear Michael and crew, in January 2013 I sent a prayer request to your ministry on behalf of my sister Indira." "The request stated, 'Please pray for my sister Indira Nareen, who was scheduled to do a biopsy." "Her doctors noticed lumps in both of her breasts." "They planned to take samples from the area to see what it is." "Please pray the procedure will go smoothly and that the doctors will find that these lumps are not cancerous or life-threatening." "I'm pleased to report that the doctor's result gave her a clean bill of health." "Thanks very much for your fervent prayers, which availed much, "and on behalf of my sister I would like to say thanks to you and your ministry for bearing my sister up in prayer." Thank you. Wonderful, wonderful. We're very, very pleased to hear that, Courtney, and someone needs to get hold of Angelina Jolie and give her a proper perspective. She should have called us for prayer instead of having her breasts removed preventatively. A preemptive strike on something that didn't exist. Letter 2. "I cannot thank you enough for teaching authentic truth in an age of confusion and distortion." "You are courageous because of your integrity before Yahweh, the Lord of Hosts." "I just discovered your ministry after decades of searching for authenticity and biblical integrity." "Expect my support after these crises I now battle in my life and finances." "Shalom, thanks infinite times infinite." They didn't sign. I don't know who it is. But we'll lift her up for her finances and for her thing, for what she is going through. Thanks for standing with us, and we're pleased to be able to present these things on the Internet in these different formats. Thank the people that are standing with us to keep it out to you there. Definitely, okay, we have a question from Miss Pam. "In trying to figure out the name of the Almighty, "I was wondering if the original 10 Commandments "say other gods when we were told not to have gods before him, or is this something King James added?" "I probably need to rewatch SNL from Sabbath this weekend." I think you covered it, right? Exactly, you do need to rewatch it from this last week, because thou shall know Elohim al-panai, or in my face, and the word Elohim is used— it basically in Hebrew means gods, and it's really used for pagan gods. It's used to the true god, and so only when we clarify what god we're talking about, what Elohim we're talking about, because Elohim is indistinct. It's pagan gods, it's the true god, and so go back and watch last week. It's very important, because again, there are some words that can be used on both sides of the fence, and most of the words we have in our language came from the other side of the fence. English is kind of the language of Babylon, all the languages mixed together. Okay, Warner from South Africa asks, "I'm in South Africa." "How can I get the agricultural corrected—" Well, how can anyone get the agricultural—we're shipping? Yeah, we're shipping as of Monday. We go full steam shipping out on Monday, so you could expect at the end of the week to have it in your hands, and all you have to do is call our office. South Africa also will be producing the calendars down there, and probably are as we speak right now. Or they can go on the website. You can go on the website, order it up, and so you're going to get it from either here or South Africa, but it's on its way. We'll ship them anywhere in the world.>>Anywhere anytime. Anywhere we can get them to we will get you the calendar. Thank you, Warner. Frank asks, "Dear Michael, having studied the Hebrew Matthew I am often asked questions about the contradictions." "But I don't have the knowledge to give a proper response, so I turn to you and your expertise in the matter." His question is a little vague, but I think he means you've brought up that there are contradictions between the Hebrew Matthew and the Greek Matthew, and so how do we use them, how do we explain that there are contradictions? First of all, the problem is that there are apparent contradictions in the Greek text of the New Testament. There are apparent contradictions in English, of course. Those apparent contradictions go back into Greek. But the ancient Hebrew Matthew has solved so many of these apparent contradictions, and that's what we're talking about. George Howard in his book, "The Hebrew Gospel of Matthew," this was done back in the 80s, and this is the one we have access to. He had only 9 Hebrew manuscripts of the Gospel of Matthew to access then, and because of the work on Nehemia Gordon we now have 28 ancient manuscripts of the Hebrew Matthew, and so that is what people find in "The Chronological Gospels." In my book "The Chronological Gospels," I bring out the different points where there are contradictions, there are problems with the Greek text of Matthew, but we go back to the Hebrew, and we find the solutions to them, and some of these things even in the Greek manuscripts they wrote in the margin in Greek "meaning uncertain." In other words, we don't even know what this means. We know what the Greek words mean, but we don't know what the phrase means. Well, it turns out that once we got the Hebrew Matthew into our hands most of those were ancient Hebrew figures of speech, that there was no way to do a word-to-word translation. You have to understand the Hebrew figure of speech, and so that is where you get rid of these apparent contradictions. Apparent contradictions either lie in our understanding— that's where most of them are—and then sometimes in our translation, so we have to go back beyond the translation, go back into original text and find the answers to these. The biggest one that came out was the whole seat of Moses. Oh, the seat of Moses, absolutely critical. I did that in what is called the 4½ hour video on "Raiders of the Lost Book," which is discoveries in the ancient Hebrew Matthew, and that's when you get more background on that from Nehemia and I than you will any other thing that's out there. Actually, you're given much more background than what George Howard provides in his book. Make sure that you get that, and then we can start dealing with the apparent contradictions in the English and Greek texts with more fervor. You know what, I received a letter. You did?>>Yeah. People write to you. No, not usually. Usually only for Biblical Health TV. But I came in, and this had been left on my desk, because it came to the ministry, and it had my name on it. And I read through it, and it's interesting, because it's a letter that was critical of many things in this ministry. It didn't criticize me at all. It was quite sarcastic, but the person didn't sign it, and so I'm not going to read it, because if you're going to write a letter, if you want us to respond to it, if you want us to take you seriously, especially if you're going to bring criticism, please sign it. Be bold enough. But it riled me up a little bit, and so I asked Michael, because I can do a rant occasionally. I like to do that too. Usually first thing in the morning at the office. No, I'm joking. On air, I try to save them for on air. But I wanted to address this and so basically what the person— first he started off by saying, "Dear Theophilus" as a sarcastic way because I did the teaching on the Book of Acts over the conference that we had over Shavuot weekend. It started out like that, but as I was going through this and seeing these things—and I don't want to say that the person doesn't have a point. Everybody has a point, and we can respect each other, and we need to respect each other, but what I realized is in order to understand what we do here, you need to understand what we do here, and you need to understand us, and you need to understand the tone, and I think a lot of people criticize you because they don't get your sense of humor, and they don't get that sometimes occasionally we use sarcasm, and that we are not worried about every single word that we say, and if you want to get nit-picky about what we're doing, of course. Anything that I'm saying, that you're saying tonight, you even said the Messianic Disneyland earlier tonight, referred to Charlotte, something somebody pointed out in the letter that what Disneyland? It's all about money and the mouse. No, that's not what you're talking about. You're talking about the fact that Disney was a very creative guy. There are a lot of Messianics who are here now. It's a great atmosphere for working in the Messianic community. Ted worked at Disney. He knows what that is. From our standpoint we were talking about the positive aspect of what Disney has brought to the world. Nobody can argue the fact that Disney has brought amazing things to the world and changed the culture. But of course, you could look at it another way and find a negative aspect to it, but what I would say to people is when I first started working with Michael and we developed the Rood Awakening television program, I had to capture Michael. That was my task was to capture Michael and his sense of humor, and how did you get here? How are you even watching the show tonight to possibly criticize what we're doing? At some point you saw Michael. You saw a video. You saw a TV show, and somehow it captured you. It brought you in. You started to learn more. I would think your life was changed to some extent, and then you get to the point where you start thinking that Michael should do things differently, and so you start writing letters about how Michael should do things differently. Well, think about that. If he did things differently, maybe your life wouldn't be changed. Maybe you never would have stopped on that channel or you never would have watched that video. Please understand that what we do here we do things with a sense of humor. We tend to have jokes because we do very hard things. We teach very hard pieces of material, and it's good to interject humor to break the tension sometimes to get in, but this ministry isn't for everybody. There are a lot of ministries out there, and if you don't get what we're doing, that's fine. But if you understand what we're doing, what we're teaching, and that we have a freedom up here to not have to think about every word that comes out of our mouth or say, "We're going to tell a joke now" or something, that we have a freedom to also do entertainment and to have a good time while we're teaching, then Rood Awakening and Michael Rood is for you. Otherwise please consider your words and a possible different paradigm before you write us an angry letter. We are on your side, and think about how this ministry has positively changed your life before you write a letter criticizing the things that we do. This may very well be the reason why your life was changed, because we choose to do things this way. Thanks. Thanks, Chaim. There are other stations you can turn on where you can get a big toothy grin and someone to coddle you and start out by, "I'd like to start out with a little joke," and then they say something that's completely not funny, and at the end you want to say, "Hey, buddy, don't tell me you're going to tell me a joke." "Let me decide if it's funny or not." Yeah, there are plenty of people that you can listen to, but if you want to hear the truth and it to be in your face like it needs to be, this is the place you're going to get it, and if you don't like the Messianic Disneyland, stay home wherever it is that you are. We're going to be right back with tonight's guest and "Inside Israel" after a word from our sponsor. Thanks, Chaim. [male speaker] Around the world today people are hungry for answers. They're asking "Who am I? Is this all that I am?" and praying to gods of wood and stone who cannot hear and will not answer. Who will help them understand? 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Now Torah fans we're going to take you right straight to Israel for "Inside Israel" with Ariela Steagall. Ariela. Thank you, Michael. Welcome back to another edition of "Inside Israel" for "Shabbat Night Live." I'm Ariela Steagall. Not far from the Kotel, also known as the Wailing Wall, an elderly Jewish man was brutally attacked by a large Arab man. Tali Hoffman, the Jewish man's daughter, said her father was on his way to Shacharit prayers as he does every Sabbath from his home in the Muslim quarter. Hoffman said the Arab man came from out of a felafel shop and tried to knock her father down but failed, so he threw a chair at his head. The chair broke from the force of Hoffman's father, and he suffered a deep cut on his arm. The Arab escaped, and those who were present did nothing to help the bleeding Jew. Hoffman's father didn't want to talk about the attack. It was explained that he experienced the Holocaust, and those from his generation don't speak about things of that nature. Though incidents of hatred and violence are all around us, quite the opposite is taking place in Jaffa where Arabs and Jews are actually coming together. Creativity through the performing arts is bringing an atmosphere of unity. The Arab Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa has a unique social and cultural goal. Their mission is to reach out to a diverse audience to promote cultural understanding between Arabic and Jewish communities not only in Jaffa but also across Israel. Two production companies work on independent projects in both Hebrew and Arabic, relying on the performances of Arab and Jewish artists. Two of their newer plays were invited to premiere at the Israel Festival in Jerusalem. This theater has also been part of numerous international festivals in Europe. Though hatred stirs within some, the hunger for peace and unity is also prevalent. Creativity, whether through theater, music, or artistic painting, can be a catalyst connecting strong opposing forces into unbiased harmony. I'm Ariela Steagall. Thank you for joining me for this week's edition of Inside Israel. Thank you, Ariela, for that update. Many years ago, Chaim, when we were all living in Jerusalem together we moved up to the Galilee, and Judith joined a women's bible study, and it was Messianic Jews and Arab Christians, and this had been going on for 20 years, and this is the second generation of this, and there is so much peace and unity among Jews and Arabs in the land of Israel. And they're believers.>>That's right. When they're believers what makes a difference is when the hatred comes down with Yeshua in the heart. They can't hate each other, because they're brother and sister. They're brother and sister literally. So that's really the answer.>>Ismael and Isaac. Yeah, that's the answer. We have with us this week as our guest we have them on Skype all the way from Costa Rica, ladies and gentleman, please welcome Roberto Umana and Harold Calvo with Un Roodo Despertar. Shalom, Michael. [speaking Hebrew] [Michael Rood] Shalom, gentlemen. [Chaim Goldman] Roberto, shabbat shalom. Chaim, greetings to you, my brother. Make sure that we can see them up here. I need to see. There they are. My goodness, I guess the memo was sent out for blue shirts and khaki slacks internationally here. Well, Harold and Roberto, they play an integral part in our Spanish ministry down there in Costa Rica, and we really go back many years first of all with Roberto Umana. Roberto, give us a little bit of background. We have a few minutes, but a little bit of background on how we got together and really what the result is today. You've got 30 seconds to answer those questions. Wow, that's difficult. It's so rude. Okay, this is how everything started. I received a video of "The Feast of the Lord." I started watching that. I said, "Wow, this is wonderful." "What an excellent teaching. No one teaches like him." I said, "I want this in Spanish." I want this in Spanish because I was doing voice over for many preachers and things like that. That's right, Roberto, you worked for Enlace, which is the Spanish TBN, and you were the voice of many famous American evangelists on television, were you not? That's right. When you said you wanted to be my voice, you took this all the way to the top of the organization, right to the president, did you not? Yes, yes, because I said, "I want this message for my people." "I want to see these people free." When I said that, the guy said, "You know what?" "I have the cell phone number of Michael." "Can we call him?">>"Yes." We called you. You were driving, and you stopped. I really made a challenge to you. "Hey, you have to come to Costa Rica," and then we ended with the meeting at Spanish TBN in Costa Rica. That's where everything started. Then I remember you had to go to Tampa for a Messianic conference, and you met Chaim, and the Almighty started putting everybody together, everything that we have to do. He put everything together, and a few months after that we are in Jerusalem recording all this. We just believe. We don't have money, of course, or anything like that. We have just a notebook that Chaim has, the Avid software and 1 camera. That's all, and we started with that. Then the Almighty started blessing us, bringing the blessing, and then we are on the air. It was wonderful, because we just believed, and now there are thousands and thousands of people, thousands of lives that really changed in a very drastic, root way their life. That's the reason I'm so thankful for the Almighty. I'm so thankful to have met you and to have met Chaim and to make all these things possible, and now we have blessings among the nations. One of the things, Roberto, is that this was the first place where we had a contract to produce the programs in Spanish, but I have to do it in English first, but then you are the voice-over person. [Chaim Goldman] We had distribution in Spanish before English. That's right. In the first place the actual contracts and distribution was in Spanish, and so now you have sitting beside you— introduce the gentleman beside you, and we're going to hear from him and what he is doing for the ministry down there. The guy who is in the same uniform here is my buddy, my friend, Harold Calvo. He's in charge of the office here in Costa Rica. Harold, here's your mic. Harold, what do you do for the ministry? Of course, I know, but tell the world what is going on there at Un Roodo Despertar in Costa Rica. Absolutely, Michael. First of all, I'd like to tell you that I'm so excited. I have so many things to share with you. I know that time is short, but very quick, I handle calls, I handle translations. All of this voice over that Roberto does, I am the person in charge of doing the translation of the transcripts. Then I hand over those to Roberto. He does the voice over, and then we go out to the world in Spanish. As a matter of fact, you go out to the world in Spanish. I get many calls from people. The moment people knew that we were going to be live they started sending out some emails, and a lot of people called us today and yesterday saying, "Please, Harold, tell Michael we love him." "We love the ministry that Jehovah has given to him." "We want to thank you, because the things you have done in the Spanish world with your ministry are amazing." As Roberto said, your materials, your teachings are life changing to the Spanish world. Our program on Enlace has been very successful, and people, like I said, they keep calling, and they keep saying things, and that is because it's very hard to find the type of teaching that you share. Nowadays we get to hear a different gospel, different from what we find here in the scriptures. That's why people are so thankful with you and with Un Roodo Despertar and "A Rood Awakening," obviously, for the teachings that you're sharing with them now in Spanish. By the way, not only the videos are in Spanish, but your books are also in Spanish. Hopefully we'll be able to translate "The Chronological Gospels" eventually into Spanish also, because you have no idea how many people have called us asking for your new material, for your new book, so I keep telling them, "Listen, the book of Michael will be in Spanish eventually." We are still waiting for the book in English. We'll have it soon hopefully, and then once we get it we'll translate it into Spanish so that you can have it. That's going to be a major piece of work. Right now "The Mystery of Iniquity" and "The Pagan Christian Connection Exposed" are both in Spanish, but it seems like we're going out to— for the most part the people that are responding, they're not the people that have the largest bank accounts in the Spanish-speaking world, and it's really tough to stay on the air and to get these materials out. As a matter of fact, Harold, I think you make the materials available down there for a tenth of the price that they would be any other place in the world just to get them out almost free of charge. The economies just won't bear it. They can hardly afford anything except for pirate videos, and that's what you see all over that part of the world is they get pirate videos out in the street, and they sell them for a buck or two. They actually sell them cheaper than what we can produce ours for. That is correct, Michael. That's the reason why we had to print these books down here, because right now for the Spanish world their resources, their income is not as good as the American income. We like to think so many people also in the US and the world, in Europe also are supporting the ministry, and thanks to them, we're able to keep providing materials in Spanish to the Spanish world. We also encourage the Spanish world to make an effort, because this is actually an investment. This is an investment for their spiritual life. It's worth it. Thank you, Harold, and I want to point out that the work you gentlemen do every week, and really the deadlines under which Roberto is under every single week as far as doing the voice overs, putting the whole program together and then getting it over to the network, it is a deadline drive every single week, is it not, Roberto? That's right. For example, tomorrow we're going to be on the air by Spanish TBN, and it's going to be episode #7 of the Creator's Calendars. It's going to be part of you. Another part who is going to teach is Nehemia. By the way, Harold made Nehemia's voice. I made your voice, of course. It is a lot of effort, of course. We are planting the seed in this generation, in this culture, in Latin America, also in Europe in Spain. We have really good reports of everybody, but yes, we have to keep praying for resources, of course, and I would like to give thanks to all our partners all around the world. Thank you, because every penny, every dollar you put in this account—we're talking about "A Rood Awakening"— you are blessing many people, not only in the United States. We are blessing people in Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, Spain. I'm so thankful for you guys, because you are doing something great. You are planting a seed that the people who are thirsty for truth, they can get enough to drink. They can get deliverance. They can get "A Rood Awakening" in their life. It can change their life for better to help others, and thank you to all the partners. Everything that you are doing you are doing great, and now you can see that your support is really getting into a wise way of investment, an investment in really good soil. We are very thankful to all of our partners out there for backing us up on this, and gentlemen, I don't want you to go away. We have a short break, and we'll be back right after this word from our sponsors. Thank you. [male speaker] This month, for your gift of $60 or more Michael would like to give you a special gift he's personally picked out especially for you. Michael has chosen gifts that have blessed him and he knows will bless you. Michael could choose for you this beautiful "A Rood Awakening" running jacket made from the best quality materials. This jacket will keep you warm on those chilly mornings that you run or do whatever is your favorite activity. Another special gift Michael could choose for you is the complete DVD video teaching series, "The Jonah Code." Join Michael as he strips away 2,000 years of fossilized traditions to reveal profound truths of the gospels. Daniel's prophecy, the 70 shebu'im prophecy, is fulfilled on 3 layers, and we are going to see each one of those 3 layers. Another special gift Michael could choose for you is this wonderful mini Torah scroll. This Torah scroll will remind you daily of the truth that Jehovah taught to his chosen people. Also, Michael could send the Rood Awakening micro tallit. This elegant yet practical micro tallit is a modern adaptation of the ancient full-size garment worn over the linen haloqs. However, this one is made for modern apparel, and it slides easily onto a belt and comes with tzitzit attached to the 4 corners. A thread of blue has been woven into the tzitzit, as specified in Numbers 15:38. And for one very blessed partner, Michael will send you his manuscript book "The Chronological Gospels: The Life and Seventy Week Ministry of the Messiah." This numbered edition will be signed by Michael himself and will be the centerpiece bible that you'll use to put together the missing pieces of the Messiah's ministry on earth. Call or write today with your gift of $60 or more, and Michael will send you gifts that will bless you in a way you haven't imagined. Or visit our website at Don't miss this opportunity to have Michael pick a special gift for you today. Welcome back, Torah fans. We have with us by way of Skype from our Costa Rica office Harold Calvo, who is the one who runs our office down there, runs the bookstore and does the translations for Roberto Umana, who is my Spanish voice, and he is the one that runs the entire television ministry that goes out in every Spanish-speaking country in the world. Gentlemen, welcome back to "Shabbat Night Live." Thank you.>>Shabbat shalom. [Michael Rood] Gentlemen, tell us, where are we going in the future? Roberto, we are seeing things open up. You had really a divine appointment in Spain a short while ago. We're going to have to keep this one short, but tell us what happened in Spain and what happened in Israel because of that? Okay, wonderful. Only good things, Michael. I was in Spain last month just before the tour of Israel. That's right, you were coming over on the tour to help out. Yes, I made a call to my friends at TBN in Europe, in Madrid, and I said, "Hey, guys, I'm going to be a few hours over there." "Roberto, you're coming here?" "No, no, you stay here, please." "When is the tour going to start?">>"In a few days." "Okay, make everything possible. We need you here." "Why, guys?" "Because our director, Paul Crouch, is coming here with his family, and of course, they are going to do some things, and we need translation." "Can you help us?">>"Okay, that's okay." I went over there. The result is that I ended up translating for the TV show for TBN "Praise the Lord," and I was doing the translation with headphones and all that, and all the audience immediately were "I recognize that voice." Then when I finished, many people came. We're talking 250 people were there in the studios, and people said, "Are you the voice of Michael Rood?" "Yes," and I became a celebrity for everybody there, because people really love you, man. They really love you, and it was amazing. It was a divine appointment, everything over there. That was on Sunday. The next day, Monday, I'm traveling to Israel. When I was traveling to Israel the result is that I was in the same plane with the same engineers. We're talking the lighting guy and the sound engineer, because Paul is going to Israel, and he's flying in his plane, because they get a new studio and a new TV channel in Jerusalem. Wow, it's amazing, so I share with you everything. I remember on Wednesday over there that day I talked with you, Michael, we're going to see this guy, because I think something is going to happen. I believe in good things, because we go to the hotel, of course I want to say hi to the sound engineer and the lighting guy. Of course, the guy came down, and we'd been there before. It's Matt Crouch with his sons and the vice president of TBN. We stopped. "Hey, hello, guys." It was very cool, and we met these guys, and we talked about our shows and all that. Right, but then what happened right there, right at that moment, Roberto and I are dressed in our suits over there. We're looking for the appointment, and who walked in at that moment? Paul Crouch.>>Paul Crouch Sr. I'll tell the very short thing, because he walked up to me, started shaking his finger trying to figure out what's going on, and I said, "I'm Michael Rood." "I'm on the Church Channel with you," and then I told him about how great things were going on at the Church Channel with the prison work, and he was so excited about that. And then he said to both Roberto and I, "When I get this studio finished, anytime that you want this studio it's yours." That was the great thing that happened right at that point, because that is what I've been praying about, this trip to Israel, so that I have a place I can broadcast from right from Israel, and that all came together right for that very thing. In closing, I want Harold to give us one last thing from your perspective there at the office. Absolutely. Michael, I'd like to encourage all the Spanish viewers, because I know there are plenty tonight watching our program, to contact us. Go to Get our information, get our materials. Also go to Make sure to go to this website. Which is "The Red Sea Crossing." Request your cards for "The Red Sea Crossing" in Spanish, and Michael is making a big effort to take these out for you. These are for free, so please feel free to contact us and request them. This is a great tool to share the wonders and the great news of the gospel and "The Red Sea Crossing," of course. Amen.>>Thank you very much, Michael. Gentlemen, thank you so much for being with us, and continue on with the work of getting the gospel of the kingdom out to the Spanish-speaking world. We'll see you gentlemen before long now. Shabbat shalom. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we invite you now to join me in the tent of Abraham for the kiddush, for the bread and wine, and then we will be back for "The Future Ain't What It Used To Be." The composite of the gospel records tell us that before the Passover lamb was sacrificed the following morning that Yeshua had his last supper with his disciples in which he took bread, arton, leavened bread, and he took wine, and he said, "This represents my body, which will be broken for you." "This cup represents my shed blood, which will pay for the iniquity." It is this very thing that the Melchizedek shared with Abraham. As Yeshua said, "Abraham saw my day and rejoiced." And when the Melchizedek brought forth bread and wine, he shared with them about the coming of the Messiah, about his broken body, about his shared blood, and Abraham gave a tenth of everything that he owned and laid it at the feet of the Melchizedek. He saw Yeshua's day, and he rejoiced. And so now every time we do this, every Sabbath, every meal in which there is bread and wine, in which we take this and we bless the most high. [speaking Hebrew] Blessed are you, Jehovah, our Elohim, king of the universe, who brings forth bread from the earth. Yeshua said, "This is my body which is broken for you." "As often as you do it, do it in remembrance of me." And then Yeshua took the cup, and he said, "Blessed are you, Jehovah, our Elohim, "king of the universe, who brings forth the fruit of the vine, the creator of the fruit of the vine." And every time we do this, we do remember his death and what he did for us until he comes. One day, at the marriage supper of the lamb, Yeshua will lift his cup and say, "I have not had a drop of this, as I promised, at the last supper." "I've been waiting for you. Now, l'chaim." "To life everlasting." Bring you the year 2000, when we had accurately ascertained the month of the aviv in the land of Israel, and then it could be calculated when the first sliver of the new moon of the seventh month would be seen, and we knew that at the earliest date and the latest date, because of a 30-day month, it would be sundown September 28th of 2000. It was then in the spring that I said that violence will erupt in Jerusalem before sundown September 28th of this year. Now, I made that statement not by revelation from heaven but by simple calculations, because realizing that the creator still runs the universe according to his calendar and his time clock I then was able to reckon that exact date 6 months in advance that this was when violence would erupt in the land of Israel. Why did I make that statement? Because it was in the year 1993 that Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat made a covenant, an agreement together on the White House lawn with about 3,000 people in attendance in which they entered into the Oslo Agreement. Oslo in Hebrew means toilet seat, and this covenant that they made was a precise fulfillment of the covenant with death that Isaiah prophesied nearly 2,600 years ago, that Israel's leaders would do wickedly against God's covenant with Abraham. They would enter into a covenant with the world government for the promise of peace in which they would give over land that was promised to Abraham and his offspring through Isaac and Jacob, this covenant that would last forever, that they would give over land, and the Almighty said that he would annul their covenant with death. He would disrupt their agreement with hell. Now, this was in the year 1993, a 7-year peace plan. But yet that 7-year peace plan, according to the pagan calendar, was going to be much earlier in the month. But yet, knowing the biblical calendar, I said that this covenant with death, this would be annulled, and violence would erupt in Jerusalem before sundown September 28th. Well, it was on that date, September 28th of that year, after an entire summer of peace, that is when the gentleman who was not yet prime minister, who is now in a coma, that is when he went up onto the Temple Mount, and that morning when he went up on the Temple Mount with his entourage he then opened up his bible, his wife's bible, and he read of the last days prophecy of Ezekiel, and Ezekiel prophesied of the 2 sticks coming together, that Israel and Judah would come together as 1 stick in the hand of the Messiah. It was at that very point that violence erupted in the land of Israel, and the covenant of death that Israel entered into was annulled by violence before sundown September 28th. Why did they use that pagan date? Because if I would have said that it would be Tishri 1, that it would then be annulled before Tishri 1, before sundown, which begins Tishri 1 on that year, no one would understand what I'm talking about. But to say September 28th, the entire world could understand, but yet I overestimated the ignorance of the entire Christian community. For 6 months people were saying that I was saying Jesus was coming back before sundown on September 28th. That was never the case. I always said that the covenant of death would be annulled, but in the mind of most people out there that really don't read the bible the only thing that they can think that's going to happen next is the rapture. That's just 1 event that's going to happen on planet Earth. It's the rapture. Nothing could be further from the truth, and that's what I detailed in my book "The Mystery of Iniquity: The Legal Prerequisites to the Return of the Messiah." Because there are things that must take place, and until these things do take place, the Messiah cannot and will not return, because the Almighty has given us his word. And when he gives us his word, there is one thing he cannot do, and that is to break his word. He has chosen to restrict himself to his word, and when he gives his word, he will back it up with all the power of the heavens and the earth. Now, I really expected that this would go full blown. I would have been surprised for global thermonuclear war to take place at that time. I had no idea how this covenant of death would be annulled and the intensity that it would take to do it, but now well over 5,000 people have died from what is called the Second Intifada, the second Arab uprising at this point, but this is just the very beginning, ladies and gentlemen, because now we are seeing the earth shake once again, and the last few days that I was in Israel, which is just a couple weeks ago, the last 2 days the earth was shaking. You could feel the house shaking, because the Israelis were pounding over in Syria. They were pounding these missile emplacements, and I want to show you something here, because these are photographs that have just gone up within the last 24 hours of this teaching, and this is what we are seeing right now that is in Syria. These are Russian missile launchers. The Israelis found these Russian missile launchers and 50,000 Iranian troops over in the land of Syria, and here, one after another, I'm going to show you. These are not backyard rockets, ladies and gentlemen. This is what the Russians have moved in ostensibly to keep any outsiders from intervening into the internal affairs in Syria. But these things are ready to launch against Israel, and Israel had to take them out. They cannot allow these things which can reach any place in the land of Israel. They can reach all the way to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and so that is why the earth was shaking, because they had to take these out, and you can tell the concussion of 500-pound bombs plus. That's what it took to take out these units. And so, ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is the beginning of what is going to be as prophet Isaiah said that Damascus would become a ruinous uninhabitable heap. Now I want to take you to Israel for the fall of 2001, and that's why I asked Chaim Goldman to be with me for the opening of the program, the opening of the teaching, because Chaim was there for that. And our friend is still in a coma. Yeah, Ariel Sharon. Ariel Sharon still in a coma over in the land of Israel. That's because of the whole Gaza thing, pulling out of Gaza and agreeing— That's right.>>And he went into a coma. That's right. See, he did take a stand on the covenant with death when he wasn't prime minister, and then when he became prime minister he bought into the lie he was fed by the US government that the US government would give Israel $1 billion for the Israelis to evacuate part of the land of Israel, turn it over to Palestinian terrorists down in the Gaza who immediately went into the area and disassembled everything and then started launching rockets at— now they're closer to Israeli towns. Just like we knew they would.<<Yeah. Israel knew that would happen, but again, Ariel Sharon did this, and the United States got immediately hit with Katrina and Ariel Sharon ended up—and he is still—in a coma today. Ladies and gentlemen, you don't mess with the Almighty and what he has committed to Abraham by a covenant forever. You don't mess with that, or you will find yourself in a very bad state. The apple of his eye.>>That's right. The apple of his eye will actually see that. The word apple is literally the pupil. When you say apple of the eye, people think of a red delicious apple. No, it's the pupil of one's eye, and you can try this. Anyone can try this at home. Take your finger and quickly move it and stick yourself in the eye. You can't do it. Your whole body will react to it. You can't touch the pupil of your eye. Try poking your neighbor in the eye. See if you can get to it. Everyone try that at home. By the way, our lawyers have said we are not actually advocating this behavior. We just got handed a note from the legal department. Do not try it. No one touches the pupil of the eye of the Almighty, and that is what he refers to Israel as, the pupil of his eye. You don't touch the pupil of his eye. And so now here we are. You've gone over to Israel ahead of time. Chaim and I have already made the plans to start the production of "A Rood Awakening" from Israel series and to do the pilot. Chaim, you borrowed the equipment from CROSS TV. Yeah, where I had been working. They were very nice. I had been working there for a Christian television channel. I left there right before I met you. I went back, and I said, "I'm going over to Israel to do this production." They had been very nice to let us come in and edit in their edit suites at night to do "The Feasts of the Lord" and the "Solomon's Temple" video to reedit them for broadcast. I said, "Could I borrow a camera?" and they lent us a small DB camera that we could go over there with, and I had some other equipment, and we went over and said, "Let's keep the feasts." I had never done this before. "Let's keep the feasts in Jerusalem." And then after the last great day after Sukkot we'll launch and go out and shoot "Sodom and Gomorrah." That's what we did. Let's go back there, because that was a very momentous time period. You went over there and got yourself an apartment. I got stuck in Iceland because of planes hitting the World Trade Center, and so then I got over there, and it's 2 days before the Feast of Sukkot. We build a sukkah. Yeah, and it was beautiful. I had never spent that much—I had been in Israel once before very quickly, but now I was there for a couple of months, and we went over and set up and found this very old area that I was actually told this was one of the original apartments that was built outside the old city when Jews finally went out of the old city. It was about 100 years old, and we heard the history of the place, the person who owned the whole courtyard, but I went in, and this courtyard hadn't been cleaned up for years, and I went and landscaped. I cleaned and took away dead wood, and we built a gigantic sukkah, and I was single at the time. I ended up meeting my wife when I came back to the States, so this was my last time single, and we were hanging out every day in the sukkah, feasting, getting food at the Jerusalem market. That's at the shuk, Mahane Yehuda shuk. Which was right across the street and just opening up and studying the word. And one of the things that was really fun every night is that we had to decide what language we were going to use and who was going to have to translate for whom. Right, because of all the people stopping by. Yeah, Messianic Jews from all over the world. Because it's the feast. People were there. Yeah, just coming to Jerusalem for the feast, and so it was at the beginning of this feast, and you remember Joshua Cohen. He didn't stay with us there, but he stayed up on a rooftop in the old city, and the first day he came out and said, "I was reading in the Prophets," he said. I think it was Jeremiah, and he said, "What is this situation "with this woman that she is so evil that they put her in a basket and then put a lead lid on it?" And I looked at him incredulously and said, "I just got through reading the whole Book of Jeremiah "just last week, and I don't remember anything about an evil woman with a lead lid on a basket." And he said, "Well, it's been bothering me for days, and I just can't shake it." "I just don't know what to do with this thing." And then we got interrupted. So many people were coming around, and we got interrupted, and so now it is at the end of the feast, and it is shabbat, and it is the last great day, the last great day, which is the 8th day, which is the High Sabbath, and it's also the weekly Sabbath. And so it was at that time I went up to my room, and I decided to stay in my room the next day. I had about all the fellowship I could handle for one feast. It was like just leave me alone. Let me be in my room by myself, and so outside you were there with our friend who was going to Aish HaTorah who will remain nameless at this point, and Joshua Cohen. You 3 were down in the sukkah. You were reading scripture and fellowshipping there, and something amazing happened for me upstairs, and I want to tell this story, because you were there, and you witnessed this thing. And so a lot of times when people speak about getting revelations and all, there is nothing there to back it up, but I want you here so that you can say from your perspective on this. But what happened is that that night I went to bed, and I was reading the prophet Zechariah, and when I read the scripture, I retranslate it. I'm reading King James to begin with, but I sit there, and I make notes, and I retranslate it. I reword it, because I want to make sure I understand the words that I'm reading. If I can put them in other English words, that helps me to know that I know what I'm talking about and I know what the prophet was giving revelation on. We called it the Marine infantry version at one point. Yeah, I call it the Marine infantry version. Let's get right down to the guts of this thing. What does it mean? And so I am laying in bed, and I've got the bible here, and I've got a pen in my hand, and I'm writing, and I fall asleep. And I wake up the next morning, and I've still got the bible in my hand. I've still got my pen in my hand. I slept the whole night like that, and I wake up, and I think, "Ah, I've got nothing that I have to do today." So I pick the bible back up, and I start going at it. And then I'm dealing with Zechariah, because I've been studying it for 28 years, and I still don't understand it. I have to admit that. Sometimes it's very difficult. And then I came to this verse, "And behold there was lifted up a talent of lead, and this is a woman that sits in the midst of the ephah." And I thought, "Ah, there it is!" This is what Cohen was talking about. And as I read this, then I shouted out, "This is not a woman!" "This is a fire!" This is not a woman. This is a fire. And I saw this picture unfold before me, and it was so vivid, I then quickly got up. I sat at the table, and I wrote out the whole thing very quickly, and I put that down. Instead of woman, I put the word fire in there, and then I went downstairs, because I had to share this with you guys. To test it out on us. That's right, and so I came down there, and the 3 of you were sitting in a circle around the table. You'd been reading the scripture and praying that morning, and then I said, "I want to read something to you." "I'm going to read this portion out of Zechariah, but I'm going to change the word woman and replace it with the word fire." Do you remember what happened? We were like, "What's the basis of this, Michael?" "We're studying. Let's look this thing up." "What do you mean you're going to replace it?" Right, and our friend Ashator, he's a lawyer, and so he said, "Well, what's the Hebrew word?" I said, "I don't know what the Hebrew word is." Because you hadn't been researching this. It just came to you. No, I was reading the King James, and he said, "Well, let me look it up." He's got his Hebrew bible right there in front of him. "Let me look it up." I said, "No, just listen to me." "Just listen to me," and you guys remonstrate with me for 2 or 3 minutes, and finally I said, "Just let me read the thing and see if you see what I see." And so I read the whole thing, and I remember you guys were sitting there with your jaws dropped down, and then the lawyer said, "Okay, okay, I see what you're saying." It makes sense. "What does it say in Hebrew?" He opened up his bible, and he looked, and he said, "It's aisha." "It's a fire offering." He was going to the Aish HaTorah. Right, which is the fire of the Torah. Fire of the Torah, Aish HaTorah, Yeshiva. The flame of the Torah, the fire of the Torah. He recognized the word. It's aisha. It's fire. And so at that moment, I knew this was revelation. It was on the Sabbath. It was on the High Sabbath. And that evening at sunset we were to begin with our first meeting of Last Great Day Productions at that point, and this is the revelation that came at that time, and this is what I want to take all of you into right at this point in time. Because there is a reason why it's been translated as woman. That's right, and we're going to take them into that. This is where we are. Zechariah 5:7. "And behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead, and this is a woman that sits in the midst of the ephah." "And he said, 'This is wickedness,' and he cast it into the midst of the ephah, and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof." Now we're going to take a step back to really understand how we get there and what this is all about. As we see in the scriptures, the words of the prophets were received and preserved in Jerusalem. The prophets did not just write a scroll and then say, "This is the word of Jehovah, the word of the Lord." No, if a prophet had a word, they went up to the Temple Mount, and scribes wrote it down. If they said they received a word, then it was written down, because you don't know if this is really the word of a prophet or not. They say they have heard from above, but how do you know? There has to be some kind of proof, like Isaiah. They didn't like what Isaiah said. They wrote it down, but finally they took Isaiah down the Kidron Valley, took a rusty lumberjack saw, and sawed him in half trying to get him to recant his words. He refused to recant his words, and finally when they cut through his backbone and his life was gone, he was dead. But why are his words still with us today? His words are with us because the things that he prophesied in his day came to pass. That's why we know when he says that Israel, the nation, will be born at once in one day, that that is a word that can be relied on, that Damascus will be a ruinous, uninhabitable heap. We can depend on those words, because they were true in that day. That's why we have his words to this day. The words of Amos. He was a herdsman in Tekoa. This is how Amos 1:1 starts. "These are the words of Amos, who was among the herdsmen of Tekoa, which he saw concerning Israel 2 years before the earthquake." Now, how could it be written that he wrote 2 years before the earthquake? Because the earthquake didn't happen for 2 more years. Well, he prophesied. They wrote the words down. And very likely what Amos said and the proof that this is the word of Jehovah is because 2 years from now there will be an earthquake where this will be the repercussions of that. When it happened, they said, "Okay, the words of Amos are the words of a prophet." That's why we have these words here. And then, of course, in Isaiah, "Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap." And as it says in Hebrews 11:37, "The prophets were honored in their day." Well, that's kind of a new age version, and it actually says the prophets were stoned, sawn in half, and slain with a sword. [Chaim Goldman] That's an honor.>>[Michael Rood] Yeah, that's quite an honor. They were taken out. They were not treated with honor in their day, and so to be a prophet, to have a prophetic anointing in the days of the prophets probably meant that you were going to be dead at a very early age, because no one wants to hear the words of someone calling the nation or anyone to repentance. They want a nice, easy, greasy grace, sloppy agape. They don't want a hard word. They want the message to be changed. Lighten up a little bit. Don't tell people to go to hell. You go, girl.>>You go, girl. Now we go to Zechariah 5:1. "Then I turned and lifted up my eyes and looked, and behold a flying roll." Now, when I saw that, I immediately in my mind see a flying roll. What is a roll? To a sushi chef, it's one thing. To a carpeting specialist, another, to a baker, it's jelly-filled something. When I looked at this, I thought of a scroll, like the Megillat of Esther. And a couple days later I looked it up, and sure enough, it is megillat. It's a scroll. It's a flying scroll. In the course of several revelations that Zechariah sees, he looks up and sees a flying scroll, which is a tube he sees flying in the sky. And this is how he describes it. He saw something, and from his context of what he could put into words, to him it was a flying roll. He didn't say it was a California roll. He didn't say it was a Monsanto plush carpet roll. He said it was a megillat, a flying megillat. This is what he sees flying in the sky. "And he"—the angel—"said unto me 'What do you see?'" "And I answered, 'I see a flying megillat.'" "The length thereof is 20 cubits," and the cubits in the bible is 20.62 inches, which this equals about 34½ feet. And the breadth thereof is 10 cubits. Now, when we see the word breadth in Hebrew we've got a word that could be used for— we would think of diameter, dia-meter, a measurement through, which is Greek. But that's not what this word is. This is a line cast about. As we read in First Kings Chapter 7, that Hiram, out of Tyre, cast 2 pillars of brass of 18 cubits high each and a line of 12 cubits did compass either them about. So it's a circumference.>>That's the circumference, 12 cubits. But this says it is 10 cubits, so it's about 6½ feet in diameter. It's about 34½ feet long, and he sees this thing flying in the sky. "Then the angel said to me, 'This is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth.'" And when you see the words "goeth forth," you've got to look at it and what does it mean? It's talking about this thing that's flying. It's flying. It's going forth or flying. And this is the curse. "For everyone that steals shall be cut off "on this side according to it, and everyone that swears shall be cut off on this side according to it." And in the context, you can see those who swear falsely by my name, which it states in the very next verse, in verse 4. Those who steal, the thief, is going to be killed by this, going to be cut off, killed, and those who swear falsely by my name are going to be killed, and this is why I say I'm very careful and conscious whenever I hear someone around me saying, "The Lord told me this, and the Lord told me that." And after a few minutes of this, I take a few steps back, because I don't want any stray lightning bolts getting misdirected and hitting me, because I don't think if the Almighty is speaking to you that he probably didn't tell you to tell everyone else how chummy you are with him and how often he asks for your advice. If he speaks to you, then if he tells you to tell somebody else then tell him, but if not, keep your mouth shut. No one wants to hear how chummy you are with the most high, because it's probably a bunch of hockey foddy, and that's what it sounds like to me, because when the Almighty speaks, it's a life-changing thing. The people I know that hear from him don't hear from him that often, and when he does speak to them, it's not about whether they should put jam on their peanut butter sandwich or not. There is something significant that he's communicating with them about this, and so he's talking about people being killed by this flying scroll that's 34½ feet long, 6½ feet in diameter. "And I will bring it forth, said Jehovah Sabaoth." "I will bring it forth, and it shall enter into the house of the thief and into the house of him that swears falsely by my name." It's not saying damn, which is judgment. That's a King James word. No, it's swearing falsely in his name. Saying you're representing him and you're not doing it. This is what a false prophet does. Take a vow, an oath.<<Yeah, that's right. Right, right, one who swears falsely in his name. Says, "As Jehovah lives," and then makes the vow or someone who says they're speaking for the Almighty and they're not. They are pretending to speak for him, and they are mouthing their own denominational nonsense or what they heard from somebody else, and so you get into this prophetic roundabout where everyone keeps on blowing smoke up each other's skirts how great each other is, and nobody gets around to doing anything. I was down in Peru with a group of people like that. They were late for every meeting because they were so busy prophesying how great each other was that they'd always be late for the meeting, and at the end they never did one thing that they prophesied. It's like just prophetic nonsense is what it was. It wasn't prophetic at all, and so you learn these things sometimes the hard way. And it says, "It shall enter into the house of the thief "and into the house of him that swears falsely by my name, and it shall remain in the midst of his house." "It shall consume it with the timber thereof and the stones thereof." Ladies and gentlemen, what are we talking about? A flying container 4½ feet long, 6½ feet in diameter that kills people. It incinerates entire buildings including the lumber, including the stones and leaves behind a deadly residue. Something Zechariah could have never conceived. This was 400 years before— 400 years before the Common Era, and then it says, "Then the angel that talked with me "went forth and said, 'Lift up your eyes and see what is this that goes forth, what is this flying thing?'" And I said, "What is it?" And he said, "This is ephah." Now, an ephah is either a measurement, or it's the container or receptacle for measuring and storing. In this case, it's a flying receptacle. It's not the measurement. An ephah is a very small measurement. No, it's a container that goes forth. We've already had the dimensions, 20 cubits by 10 cubits around, and he says that this ephah that flies is a container, and he said this is the resemblance to all the earth. This is what it looks like in all the earth. "And then I beheld there was lifted up a talent of lead." This talent of lead, which is a kikar, kikar is a round, spherical weight of lead. And so it was lifted up this kikar, a round, spherical weight of lead, and then it says, "And this is a fire that sitteth or is positioned in the midst of this flying cylindrical container." Now, what is this word fire? See, this is where all the problem has come, because it's been translated into the word woman. So now we have a woman sitting in this ephah. Now we've got an evil woman in a basket that's going to have a lead lid put on it because she's so evil unless there is another answer on this, and this is what we looked at. The word ishsha is woman. The word aisha is fire. You can hear they're very close. What is the difference? There is one vowel pointing. In ishsha the vowel pointing for the aleph is kamatz. Kamatz makes it ishsha, but the vowel pointing segol makes it aisha. But there were no vowel pointings in the scroll of Zechariah. The vowel pointings were not put into any of the Hebrew scriptures until around 400 of the Common Era. The Massorites were the ones that put in the vowel pointings. This is after the destruction of the temple by over 300 years. And still Torah scrolls and everything today, you have to know what the word is. That's right. The Torah scrolls, and not only that, we secured the minor prophets, what they're called, the Book of Zechariah for Reggie White. When I got it, no vowel pointings in it. What does it read? It reads aisha. Now, why would a Massorite in the 4th century of the Common Era put a vowel pointing to pronounce it as ishsha? A mistake. He didn't know. What sense does this flying cylindrical container flying through the air that's going to kill people, it's going to incinerate entire houses, leave behind a deadly residue, kill those who swear falsely in his name and the ones that steal? This could only be—maybe he had a bad marriage. A bad marriage or— Maybe he had a mother-in-law that was a little trouble. The only thing you could think of, "Man, if I could just put that woman in a basket and put a lead lid on her my problems would be over." Because just to get clear to understand, in the Hebrew without the vowels it's the same word for woman and fire. It's the same exact word, 3 Hebrew letters. So 800 years later the Massorites were actually interpreting it. They interpreted it as ishsha because a fire in a basket? Because that's what they used to measure things back then were baskets. A fire in a basket with a lead lid on it? That doesn't make any sense. To their ideas back then, what they could envision. And so from that vowel pointing, and it's such a little difference, 3 little dots instead of 1 little dot, that's the difference in it. And he said, "This is wickedness," or this is evil. What? This fire. This fire offering in this container is evil, and he put it in the midst of the ephah, and he cast the weight of lead upon the opening thereof. Now, what is this describing, ladies and gentlemen? This is describing right here what you see before you. This is a scud missile. This is 34½ feet long. It is 6½ feet in diameter, and inside of this is an evil fire offering of U-235 uranium which is encased in lead. This is exactly how a thermonuclear warhead is made. Non-critical masses of U-235 held in suspension, encased in lead, and then at the critical moment before it strikes the earth then explosions impelling the non-critical masses to reach critical mass in the center and then is released an evil fire offering that will incinerate entire buildings. Wood, stones, everything and leave behind a deadly radioactive residue. Ladies and gentlemen, what Zechariah saw concerning the last days, what's happening in the land of Israel right now is why you need to be aware of what is going on. Surely the Almighty will do nothing except first reveal it to his servants, the prophets. The prophet has spoken. He's spoken, and he spoke 2,400 years ago, and now these words are coming into play, and this is the time that we need to open our eyes and realize that those who mess with the creators, covenant with Abraham, that all the land, from the Euphrates to the Nile, belongs to the sons of Israel. Those that would attempt to circumvent this, those who would try to pressure Israel out of it, will find themselves on the battlefield against the Almighty. We're going to take a short break, because Chaim, you have a project that you're— I'm going to run, if you don't mind. I've opened up a little congregation out in the rubble here of Charlotte. We're calling it Beth Armageddon, the House of Armageddon. It's a Hebrew roots, Messianic zombie congregation that's in what's left of the Bank of America building, and if you are a zombie and you'd like to come down, we're having a little Shabbat mixer tonight. Isn't it a little tough getting the zombies on a kosher diet? Yeah, zombies don't like a kosher diet. It's even harder then what you're dealing with trying to get them to follow Torah, but you have to go where the people are, at least what remains of the people in this ministry. Go you therefore. Work, for the night comes when no man can work. Chaim, thanks for being with us. What we're going to do right now is, ladies and gentlemen, this is our opportunity to allow you to give to be a part of this ministry. Last week Chaim did the introduction, and we did not break 1 time during the entire evening, because I felt it was so critical to get this message to you, last week's message, because I feel it's one of the most important teachings I have ever done in my life, and it's taken a lifetime to even get to that point to where this could come out. And so we didn't give you a break to give last week, and because of that, we are actually on a moratorium at this point here in the ministry because we cut it very close to the edge every single week, and we need you to stand with us. We are giving it out as fast as we can to put this word out to the world, and we need you to stand with us to be a part of this ministry. If you appreciate what we're doing, then just because I don't ask doesn't mean that we don't need it, and Chaim, you remember that this was our first mistake. We were on Sky Angel. We're on other networks. And we never asked for money, and what happened? People didn't give. They didn't give, and where did we go? Off the air. We couldn't afford it, and so ladies and gentlemen, we are hanging it out there just as much as we can, but if your lives are being blessed by this ministry, we need you to step up and to be a supporter, to be a part of this ministry. If you appreciate that we're getting this message to you, then please, help us get the message to somebody else. Please, stand with us. Be a part of this ministry. This is your time to make your stand with us to pledge and to be a part of "A Rood Awakening." Thank you. We'll be back in just a few moments. This flying cylindrical container that Zechariah looks up and sees in the sky, the angel is asking him questions. The angel has to answer the question for Zechariah, but he's describing in his words what he sees happening in the last days. What he describes is something that can be understood by anyone in modern civilization, but how could we be taken into the future by at least 2,400 years and then describe something that we see now? As Zechariah could have easily said, the future sure ain't what it used to be, and now we're going to see exactly what he saw and what is recorded here. I have before you this graphic here, which shows you I actually left a Strong's number there for you, even though Strong's numbers aggravate me. People use them as if they are holy writ. They're just a way of referencing. It's like a page number. But here is ishsha, and look under the shin. Under the shin you see the kamatz. That makes the aleph pronounced with an "e," "eesha." E, eesha. And now you look under aisha, and there you see the triple dots underneath the shin, which then modifies, again, the aleph to be aisha. That vowel pointing is segol. Now, this means an offering made by fire, whereas a woman, a wife, a female is very close to a fire. She certainly sets a man's heart on fire, and after they're married, sometimes she can fire things up. It all depends on how she's treated, whether she's on fire for you or sets you on fire in a way. But very similar, and of course, these vowel pointings are not in the original text. They weren't put in until 800 years later. Now, I want to share with you something. Right after this discovery was made Chaim and I were down—as a matter of fact, it was that evening we had our first production meeting, and then the following day we were down in the city of Gomorrah where I picked up this. This is a piece of brimstone. It's gopriyth in Hebrew. It's 95.72% pure sulfur, 3 other trace metals. If we take a match to it and light this, it will immediately turn into a black, oozing mass with purple flames that will melt stainless steel. This melts right through the windshield of a car now 4,000 years later. Well, when we were down there filming this particular episode, part of the filming of this I needed to be in Washington, D.C. to film in front of the Capitol, in front of Jefferson Memorial, which is one of my favorite places in America, Jefferson Memorial, and watch this video, and you'll understand why. As I came into Union Station, I saw there "Scientific America" glaring at me, because on the front cover was a thermonuclear mushroom cloud that looked very much like the cover to "The Mystery of Iniquity," which has a thermonuclear mushroom cloud on the front of it. I picked it up, and then I turned into the middle, and I saw these missiles represented here, and when I opened this up, this, again, is just a couple weeks after the revelation concerning the thermonuclear war, Zechariah's thermonuclear war, and this evil fire in this container, and so I opened it up, and here they have a man represented beside the Shaheen missile. Now, this man, assuming him to be 6 feet tall, I took out a dollar bill, I marked it, and then I measured out the Shaheen and the one next to it, the M-11 or the scud missile. I found the scud missile to be about 6½ feet in diameter and about 35 feet tall. What are the chances of this, ladies and gentlemen, of running into this right after this revelation? And so now I had the dimensions of the Arabian Shaheen and the Russian scud right here before us, and then you see the tallest one, that is called the Agni, which in Hindi—it's an Indian missile— in Hindi it means fire, and this is the Agni 2, or the Agni 2 Fires. And again, here is a recent photo of a Russian scud right here. What a monster. Hit anything in Israel. Now we go to Verse 9. "Then I lifted up my eyes and looked, and behold, there came out 2 women." Two women, nasheem in Hebrew. Nasheem is the plural of ishsha. It's 2 fires, 2 fires. Now, it's interesting that the Septuagint, instead of it speaking of 2 nasheem or 2 fires the Septuagint, which is how the Jewish rabbis translated the Hebrew into Greek, they put in [inaudible]. [inaudible], which is talent, 2 talents, of malibu, which is lead. I wonder if Malibu Beach in California is Lead Beach. Well, this is malibu in Greek. Now, notice they didn't translate it as 2 women even, because they knew there is something peculiar about this. They didn't translate it as 2 fires. They translate it as 2 talents of lead, and this is how the Hebrew scholars translated it, so they are not really doing a translation. They're doing an interpretation, because they don't know what this means, and so they should have translated it at least as 2 women. That's how they should have done it, but they didn't. They said 2 talents of lead. But let's look at this. Then came out 2 fires, 2 fires, and the wind was in their wings, for they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heavens. And so what is this wings of a stork? Well, we happen to have lived over the Sea of Galilee in the Great Rift Valley, and all of the birds that come from Europe fly right down the Great Rift, a 3,000 mile Great Rift right down into the continent of Africa, and that's where they winter, and in the summer they go back up, and the storks travel in groups, and they don't flap their wings much. They hold them out, and they let the updrafts carry them, and they circle round and round and round, and you see them. Storks don't flap their wings. They just hold them out there, but he's seeing something that looks like a stork, and it has 2 fires, and they are able to lift up the ephah between the earth and the heavens. "Then I said to the angel that spoke with me, 'Where are they taking this flying cylindrical container?'" that is the dimensions of a modern-day scud missile, which in the midst of it has an evil fire encased in lead. Where are they taking this? "And he said to me, 'To build it,'" to build this flying container with an evil fire offering that destroys entire buildings, incinerates the stone and the wood and leaves behind a deadly residue, "They are taking it to the land of Shinar," which is modern-day Iran, Iraq, and Syria. "And it shall be established and set there upon her own base." Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly what we see in the world today. This is what is sitting right now in the land of Shinar. The Iranians have them. The Iraqis right now don't have them, but they got their weapons out of Iraq into Syria before the US made their last attack on Iraq. Everyone knew except Americans that Iraq was going to get hit again. Everyone knew. In Israel we all knew. The Iraqis knew it. The weapons of mass destruction all of a sudden aren't there anymore, but what do they do? They find a weapon of mass destruction. They find a chemical, biological bomb in Amman, Jordan, and they know exactly where it was produced in Iraq, in the capital of Iraq. They know where it was done. Even though they did not release it, it would have killed at least 20,000 people if they were successful in releasing it in Amman, Jordan. But they caught them beforehand, and this was quickly forgotten. Where did it come from? It came from Iran. But when they were hauling these weapons out of Iran, how we got involved in knowing some of this is because Saddam Hussein wanted all the Torah scrolls destroyed that were left in Iraq. But the lieutenant he put in charge figured out how to make money instead of destroying them, and so they put these scrolls, dozens and dozens of them, they broke off the skeins or bent them severely, wrapped them together and put them in the tires of large vehicles that were hauling weapons out of Iraq into Syria. When they got into Syria, they opened up the tires, the wheels, got the scrolls out, shipped them up into Turkey where Jewish businessmen purchased them and then brought them into the land of Israel where I purchased several. There are many people that purchased several of these ancient scrolls. We have 2 of them here in our office that actually came out of Iraq originally and went out. Ladies and gentlemen, these weapons that are now there are set to do the job, and it is in the hand of the Almighty how this all comes down. This is why we have to trust him, because the earth is going to shake when this happens, and this is why we are going to go into the Gospel of the Revelation and the demise of the new world order, because we can be confident that the Almighty has his hand on his people, that we are the pupil of his eye. He will not allow anything to touch us, and so now when is this going to take place? Zechariah 6:1. "And I turned." Let's not even put a chapter marking there, because he just turned. "And I lifted up my eyes and looked, and behold, there came 4 chariots," which are war machines. These are not taxis. These are not common carts. These are war machines. The things that Israel was told not to do, don't have chariots, these are 4 war chariots that came out from between 2 mountains. And listen, the mountains were made of brass. What is brass? It is a man-made alloy. These are not National Geographic formations. They are 2 man-made edifices. Ladies and gentlemen, what do you see before you? You see the 2 largest man-made edifices at that time that got hit by planes, and both of them disintegrated. And out from between them came the war chariots that are still all over the Middle East. That is where it started. That's not where it is going to end. And now I would like to read something that I will give you more words on later. It was written by John Kay back in the 60s. "America, where are you now?" "Don't you care about your sons and daughters?" "Don't you know that we need you now?" "We can't fight alone against the monster." He's talking about the beast government. He's talking about what is happening in America, and we are going to see that those words that were written into a song back in the 60s are even more pertinent today. The Almighty inspires people from all walks of life to communicate where we are and what is wrong with civilization and what is wrong with this world, and we are going to take a look in the Scriptures to find out where we are from here to eternity. I invite you to join us again next time for "Shabbat Night Live" as we take you into the Book of the Revelation as we begin our series on "From Here to Eternity." Now I would like to leave you with this blessing. [speaking Hebrew] In the name of Yeshua the Messiah Jehovah bless you and keep you. Jehovah make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. Jehovah lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. [speaking Hebrew] Shabbat shalom, shavua tov. Have a good week, and we will see you back here next week for "Shabbat Night Live." L’hitraot. Good night. It takes a big team to be able to bring this broadcast to you and to be able to bring our videos up to YouTube and the other venues and also to 127 nations worldwide every single week. It's a big team effort, and we need you to be a part of this team effort. If we are ministering to you, we are asking you to stand with us as we minister to the world. Support "A Rood Awakening" financially, because we are getting the gospel of the kingdom to the world, and that is where we need your help. Stand with us so that when the harvest comes in you will be rewarded accordingly.

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Posted by: arai on Jul 16, 2013

From Here To Eternity: Episode 1

After 15 years, Michael is bringing back his most intensive and important teaching on the book of The Revelation. New information reveals just how deep we are into exactly what was foretold in the Messiah’s revelation to John.

Kick off the Sabbath with a journey into Scripture with Michael Rood.

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