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Stonehenge - Ancient Mysteries

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A circle of giant stones lies in ruins on Salisbury Plain in Southern England: Stonehenge, the most enigmatic prehistoric monument on Earth. It was shaped over centuries but with what purpose? Was it a temple to the sun and the moon, an astronomical calendar, or a shrine to dead ancestors? It was built about the same time as the Great Pyramids in Giza in Egypt. It was the biggest and most complicated building project in all of Europe and it’s intrigued and fascinated the world for centuries. It’s now believed that Stonehenge was built on the side which originally held a wooden structure, and it was built in four phases. More than 4,000 years ago a small ring of stones stood for around 200 years. Then came a single ring of huge standing stones into which a ring of smaller stones was inserted. Then another outer circle of smaller stones was added before the circle of massive stones enclosed the whole thing. This was the final phase of construction, Stonehenge's heyday which last around 200 years until 1900 BC. Well over a hundred stones some of them weighing over forty tons were used to erect the structure. But how did the local people do it? There were no stone quarries close by. The first stones to be brought into the circle were the small so-called bluestones. The mystery is that this type of stone is only found in the Preseli Mountains in South Wales, nearly a hundred miles away. So how on earth did these bluestones get here? One theory is they got here without human help. According to this theory a glacier dragged the bluestones from the Welsh mountains and dumped them near Stonehenge at the end of the Ice Age. The trouble with the glacier theory is that it would have left a trail of bluestone fragments in the streams of Salisbury Plain but none have been found. Most archaeologists think they were put on a raft and floated around the Welsh coast up to the Bristol Channel and along the river Avon to Stonehenge.

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Stonehenge - Ancient Mysteries

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