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Osher Lifelong Learning at SDSU's College of Extended Studies

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My name is Evelyn Brent and this is my second year of attending classes at Osher which I think is fabulous. It certainly beats when I went to undergraduate and master's because here you have the freedom of interaction with other students as well as the professor. I find that the instructors in most classes are very willing to let you speak up without raising your hand. And most of my fellow classmates are so bright and so interesting that that adds to it. And I think that probably the professor finds it equally as exciting. I'm looking forward to more classes. I do take about 3 or 4 a semester and if I could do more I would And I don't know what's stopping me as my kids say. Osher is the best! We've been going here since the beginning. We missed the first semester but we've been going ever since. And we've taken so many classes! We've taken art history, we've taken history of California, astronomy, and physics. And chemistry, chemistry in your everyday life- that's just great! And now we're taking philosophy. This semester we took the civil war. We just learn SO much! We just keep learning and learning and enjoying every bit of it. We're getting excited that we're going. We tell everybody that we know that we are going to school. Of course the best part is there is no tests! No homework! Although we do some on our own anyway. But it's just great! I can't imagine anybody not being able to do this and our young friends say, boy, I can't wait until I retire, so I can do this, too! We all just enjoy this, right? We all love it, it's wonderful! My name is Wayne Sander but everyone at Osher knows me by Chicago. That's my nickname. When I finish this course it'll be my 69th course I've taken from Osher. But I can't tell you how happy about the program. No homework, no books to buy. Parking about 100 yards from the classroom, and you can hardly to that on a University campus anymore. The introduction to anthropology with Sandra is even more informative than we though it would be. And we go to these classes because our friends are here. And then the teachers become your friends, or the professors. It's just a great experience. I am a teacher and this is the best way to learn. In my next teaching go-around I will do it the way they do it. Everything is interactive, everything is hands-on, everything is fun. The group in the class is absolutely outstanding. We've got a good group, a fun group. It's a giggling minute. I love the class! She talks about her personal experiences. First she gave us a background into anthropology and now it's her personal experiences and she shares everything she has. She loans out her books, her pictures. It's wonderful!

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The College of Extended Studies at SDSU is home to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, offering university quality courses for adults 50 and better.

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