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Julio and Luckie

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Hi, my name is Brian Lonergan. I am a high school minister at Northwest Bible Church. Three years ago, I decided to encourage our high schoolers to go on a mission trip, to Guatemala with the rest of our church. Thinking that it would be a good, culturally enriching experience for them, where they could go to a different part of the world, and talk about Jesus. But when we got down there, we realized that the problems were very significant. It was going to be more than just something that could be solved by memorizing a couple of bible verses. We saw some kids interacting on the soccer field. They got into an altercation, and they wanted to settle it later with guns. Seeing all the poverty, and the way of the thinking, and the way the guys were treating the girls and how the girls were treating the guys, just seeing that it was perpetuating this lost, depraved thinking. They were going to need the gospel, and we were able to preach the gospel. We saw some kids cross over from death to life, but they needed discipleship. They needed someone to be in their community everyday, preaching this message and living out the gospel. The people who are doing that are Julio and Luckie. The people who know the community are Julio and Luckie. Hello, my name is Luckie Garcia. We felt God calling us to Rio Hondo almost ten years ago. Since then, we have spent our lives ministering to his community. These kids, they need someone to show them the love of Jesus. When we see those kids showing up twenty minutes before our gates open, waiting and anticipating, that really touches us, because we know where these kids started from. Now we know that they love the Lord. They are like little seeds that will one day, give a lot of fruit to God's kingdom. It has been a blessing for us, and a blessing for these families to be able to provide for this community with food. We know that God is using this community to help kids grow up healthy. You can see the difference in the kids, not just in their bodies and how much more healthy they are now, but also in the way they are more receptive to learning and understanding. The library is something we realize the kids need. With a library, we will have a way to start a reading club If the kids begin learning to read, they will have better opportunities and they will learn to comprehend the gospel of Jesus. If they understand what they read, then they will understand what the bible says, and that is what our main focus is. We want them to know Jesus. I may not have a good voice, or a talent to play an instrument, but I love music. I love dancing, and doing the motions, because it is a way to share the gospel in a way that the kids understand. We love working with kids, because we know we are forming a spiritual generation that will keep working toward the kingdom of God. We want to thank everyone that has been helping with our ministry in Rio Hondo. That is the way that you show us that we are in your hearts. Thank you for trusting us to do this ministry. After seeing what God is doing, through the ministry of Julio and Luckie in Guatemala, you can't help but want to be a part of it. They're just two people, but they do help. But, there is a problem with hunger. They created a feeding program. These kids need the gospel of Jesus, so they teach them. I just get excited to think about how we can help them, how we can partner with them, in participation, in prayer, in finances, how we can help support them so they have the resources to do what God is calling them to do, for his glory, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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