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♪ music playing ♪ [7x7 Experience] [Keep Your Eyes Moving] >>Keep your eyes moving and your brain thinking. This is a safety issue. It's really important to look all around you, so make sure you are in a good habit of keeping your eyes moving. Look ahead, check your left mirror, look ahead, check your right mirror, look ahead, check your rear view mirror, and then do it all over again and think about what your looking at, too. If a car is hanging out in your blind spot, maybe it's time to change lanes. Another reason to keep your eyes moving is that it can help you stay alert while you're on the road. Obviously it's very important that we are attentive and focused when we're driving, but did you know that according to the Center of Disease Control, drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving? Both alcohol and sleepiness dramactically affect your ability to drive. You wouldn't go out for drinks before Ubering, right? So you don't want to be driving while you're sleepy either. One way to check if you're too sleepy to be on the road is to ask yourself if you can remember the last mile you drove. Did you miss your exit? Are you drifting too close to the lane edges? Are you easily irritated with your riders or even other drivers? If any or multiple are true, it's time to take a break. In fact, the app now limits the amount of time we can stay online in a single day. Maybe you think this is a little annoying, because it cuts you off when you have planned to make money during this time, but we recommend that you plan around these in-app limits by taking your breaks when it's slow. That way you have the opportunity to maximize your earning potential when there's more requests anyways, and you still have time to take care of yourself. This means that you and your rider will be safer and you'll be earning more money when you are online. [Keep Your Eyes Moving Review] [Tired driving = drunk driving] [Know when it's time to take a break] ♪ music playing ♪

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