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Sarah Riggs Amico

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Recently in our race for Lt. Gov. one of my republican opponents unfortunately has had accusations of sexual harassment lobbed against him from a long time lobbyist under the Gold Dome. He was cleared of these charges by a committee that investigated in fact using and outside investigator But the AJC yesterday, Atlanta Journal Constitution released information that I previously didn't know which is that Shafer made thirty thousand dollars in campaign contributions to the legislatures who sat on that committee take a minute to let that sink in. The committee that was tasked with determining whether or not these allegations were true the members of that committee received $30,000 in campaign contributions from the subject of their investigation. and look we live in an era where people are distrustful of government they're jaded they don't believe their elected officials represent them and their best interest They don't turn up at the poles because of that and look, this is why. This is exactly what makes people question the effectiveness of our government. and the thing is we need government to be effective there are families across this state who are counting on our elected officials to get the job done. They're counting on the elected officials in Georgia to put their interests first. and it's impossible to believe that they can do that when this kind of nonsense goes on. $30,000 in contributions to people investigating whether or not you sexually harassed a career lobbyist under the Gold Dome. Unacceptable. Demand better. Ask David Shafer for an explanation.

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Posted by: gregory.bieger on Apr 25, 2018

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