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Anton La Vey 6 - Psychics and Channels were designed for Enslaving Humanity

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Anton Szandor LaVey 6 This is Anton LaVey, and I am continuing So, where did I end off? the beauty, the magnificent, believe in 'god' heaven something far greater taking care of you actually what was enslaving humanity for quite some time but that belief comes from this placement system placed inside human beings and! that is not 'who you are' So, for us to- become demons manifested inside human beings 'murder', other human beings manifesting illnes- having you experience illnesses, diseases Bullshit! manifesting this 'horrific', manifestation and experience in this world No problem, we actually love it, I enjoyed it Why? Because 'I' know, that, who you are is beyond this and I 'said' to you, who you are doesn't get "illed", doesn't get sick can't be "harmed" cannot be hurt, cannot be influenced so whatever you're experiencing "of that"- here on earth doesn't! murdered- others, doesn't killed doesn't promote war whatever is 'doing that', is that placement- systems inside you it's not who you are, So! you know what? Human beings didn't want to hear we've tried position for a very long time we have- fucking tried everything we're possibly able to they don't want to hear, so how do you hear? you compound that which is apparently grossly you compound that which is apparently- 'suffering' you compound 'that' which is apparently 'pain' you compound that which is apparently 'hurt'! because inevitably, from 'that', from that absolute pain that- suffering, you will stand up, and realize: fuck! but this isn't me you will 'not', attain- that realization, within a 'god! world' within a 'god heaven' within the beauty, the glamour and mag- magnificence, "that's what has to be destroyed"! for you to be able to see if not here, then, when you die So, as I am explaining the changes that has occurred finally! (sigh) took awhile in the- dimensional, existence two years ago, this- interdimensional portal opened and, that 'reeked' havoc (ah!) 'havoc' in the dimensional 'existence' why? because here! (smile) 'here'! was the only place where beings were 'actually' able to speak - straight, forward, honest, brutal 'truth' where yu- where beings were able to come through, 'unconditionally' and actually say: What the fuck is going on in existence! beings couldn't do it anywhere else you know you had your channelings, your psychics and things like that, channelings! were- dimensional beings, with 'scripts' written, in the dimensions channeling 'words', of: hope, and beauty, and- joy and all that shit that was actually enslaving human beings, as I've explained and so then you have that that's why us demons came through tell people so: Hello ~ wake up ~ that love you all so ho-ly throaty all so ~ (joyful childish singing) going on that, is enslaving you! your head is in the clouds! where are you? you're not here and, what else? psychics do you know what I know psychics were? Psychics! "don't really actually" connects to the dimensions what are they connected to? They connected to 'memory'- design placements, inside human beings and that's where they start seeing "stuffs" and shit like that they didn't connect to the dimensions they connect to "memories" from "the beings", with whom they connect to and then they 'speak' from the memories, of the beings designed inside them (No) Psychics don't connect to the dimensions at all channels, 'did' from the perspective that dimensional beings came through and spoke from scripts (reading) bra bra bra bra bra! love! bra bra bra- joy! bra bra bra- keep on hoping! bra bra bra, and human beings didn't wake up How do I know that you don't wake up? Because you don't "act" you don't, "stand up" and you don't 'realize' that, you as one being, have the fucking ability- to direct the universe but I'll get to that later much later, that's- "huge explanation" So I'll continue, two years ago! Now this- portal opened Fuck! Great! Magnificent! Now beings have the ability to come through and say: This is where I am! Please! hear me! This is my 'problem', this is my situation Now, of course there were some demons in the demon dimension that according because of their specific application, and dedication, they 'got lost' for a moment! for a moment they got lost what does it mean that you get- when you get lost? you, actually, 'become' a manifestation, to sh- to such an extent for a reason, to be able to do it- with such intensity and specificity so that's why, we were demons there were demons with awareness and there were demons that were so extensively- into their application that they'd got "lost" for a moment, in terms of a- you know 'who they are', and why exactly they are a demon things like that and then this portal opened, and through communication in this portal (ponder) demons, fucking started to remember: Oh my god! That's! what I did! Now I remember and kind of opened them up, 'completely' in terms of realization of who they are and so many demons started coming through this portal, and it was amazing because there was no one in this world ever give- demons a fucking 'glance', you know No one! looking at demons maybe asking: Do you know why are- did they exist? why they're in this application? and we became demons with 'awareness' many of us did so I'll "continue", with what happen to this interdimensional portal two years ago Thank y-Ou Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: Siener van Rensburg, Chris Hani, Aaron Spelling CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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