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interview robert downey jr

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and Guy Pearce who place killian has really come out of the game and i think is going to uh... remind people why he's one of our great uh... national treasures uh... he's he's on loan from australia but he's a great american national treasure i really felt that the the big idea here was he so central to the story he is aside from roti he is the closest person to tony because john and i are close in because everybody has such a familiarity with him that we thought he can't just come and and do it he used to do which issued everyone else's coverage maybe crack a joke maybe just stand there and be this kind of non-entity it´s was a waste of talent so this time we're wasting none of his talent he's central to the story and when he comes in he's just brings everyone to school because he has the freedom of not having to worry about what's on the call sheets he's just someone coming to plate and have a good time so i think, a) for the fans, b) for the all of us who love him so much, c) for Shane, d) for the rest of the cast, who has uh... neither direct experience with him or not understanding that he' kind of uh... the grandfather of why we're all here anyway uh... it was super important and uh... i think you'll probably wind up with some of the most touching and definitely the most uh... entertaining moments in the story uh... to me it's the perfect balance of not too far and not not far enough hu... and again a lot of this happens just by kind of like dialling in the servers as you get closer to shooting and all of the great departaments we have, and everybody has a take on what should we do next uh... i remember in the extremist uh... series at a certain point tony internalize this extra mess and i was a kind that's where this has got to go and it's not impossible they it could but the other thing is always have to think is how far is too far? at what point if you take all your toys out and you just actually burned out any possibility of ever having another one at same time how do you wanna make each one feel like it's definitive and you're not uh... you're not keeping your best cards you know on the table. Sir Ben brought the trifecta of extremely accomplished artist who also came uh... with a lot of very strong ideas which were necessary and had to be implemented and then third decided to absolutely cut loose and play in the sandbox like a improvisational five years-old and uh... i think probably the most fun that i've had shooting the film has been watching what he's done that you never could have imagined would be scripted before they said rolling, so! and coming from me, who price myself on off-the-cuff stuff, i guess that's saying a lot so, in a way! this movie would not have worked at all and wuold not be the movie's going to be if sir Ben hadn't done what he did

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Posted by: lalo2013 on May 21, 2013

interesting interview

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