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3, 2, 1... Action! So we can start now? Yeah it's OK. OK. All right. For your self-introduction please give us your name and where you live. OK, I'll introduce myself. I came from Akihabara, Tokyo in Japan. My name is Yukiko Onisawa. -Nice to meet you. -You as well. Please tell us what your former job before networking was. OK. Before I started a networking business my husband ran a restaurant so I helped him out with the restaurant. OK. Thank you. What do you find appealing about the Youngevity company? Well it's healthy... The company? What you find appealing about Youngevity. What I find appealing Youngevity... Right? OK. The fact that they are aiming to bring an even healthier lifestyle to people all around the world. Yes. And the idea of helping give each person a better life. I felt those things were very appealing. All right... Please tell us about any of Youngevity's products that work for you. OK. I've continuously used the company ViaVente's The ViaVente Miracle. I've been using it for about 10 years. It restored my family's health and is an amazing product. Youngevity has acquired the product so I plan to continue using it. Also, I just started using Youngevity's CM cream. An anti-inflammatory cream. It helps with my muscular pain So when I put some of the cream on it really seems to give me relief which is why I like it. Thank you. All right now... What do you like about the networking business? I didn't know it was an opportunity until coming across this business. I like that you and the people around you are granted good health. It's also really nice that you have a lot of freedom and can work whenever you feel like it. I find that very appealing. You are also granted economic health. Due to that your dream lifestyle and things you want can be fulfilled. No matter your age you can still obtain your dreams. I think that truly makes a wonderful business. OK. Thank you. What do you expect will come from Youngevity? What I expect from Youngevity? It's only been 2 months since I joined this business. This time I'll meet the top executives and top leaders. I'll be able to experience the passion they bring and their hospitality... Together we'll promote good health and a wonderful lifestyle to people all across the globe. And of course nature is very important. I think the products are derived from natural ingredients. It would be nice to expand that policy to people all across the world. Thank you. If you have something to say to the people interested in joining or trying Youngevity's products please go ahead. Sure. Those of you that want to join the business or try out the products by all means we would love for you to take that step forward! There is nothing to and Feel free to take that step forward and try it out. Interact with lots of people and by doing so you'll see what's so good about the business and it's products. Thank you very much. We're finished. Thank you.

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