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Il nostro

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Many communities that are...that are moving very strong energies, can they go against this globality that looks so stupid? Because it's hard to define intelligence, it's also hard to define stupidity. But, well, it's clear that we are all living a choreography that ist still since at least 50 years. We can't update our way of living and adapting to the requests of time. And so, I'll quote a thing that David said. He said that we will be able to with this...becoming cyborgs that are more and more sophisticated, more and more integrated, to have an immediate result between intention and action, between desire and action. The problem is that many, many people in this world don't know what they want. So: what is the part that activate inside ourselves, to give a meaning to our existence? It's located before the technologies. It's in our ability to look inside us, and to have the courage to see the darkness, to go through that darkness. So it's a commingling of...there is a spiritual dimension for he said before: separated at home. We are simply separated at home, meaning that our mind doesn't communicate with our heart, the hart doesn't communicate with the will, the floors of our being seems separated, right? But they are part of a whole. So, I'm interested in investigating this: the communication on television helps a lot to make us curious. But sadly, the messages that are too short aren't enough to give the necessary informations. We need from the era of information the era of consciousness. We need to continually keep this curiosity inside so that we can...we can go deeper in this.

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Posted by: hoepli on May 20, 2015


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