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Eli Jaxon-Bear. The Nourishment of Silence _st

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| | Welcome... My experience of Silence is so sweet, so nourishing, and the deeper it is penetrated, the deeper you surrender into it – the more nourishing, the more fulfilling, the wider, the vaster, the more profound. The tendency is to search for noise, for stimulation, for something – to move away in some way, that’s the habit of mind. But if what you love is the silence you don’t follow the habits of mind. That’s what become the tests, that’s where the deepening is. And each time instead of following this habit of mind you stay true to yourself there is a deepening integrity, a deepening capacity, deepening fulfillment. Then it’s like the mind becomes trained – this is where the nourishment is, this is where the fulfillment is, this is where true happiness lies. As you sink into this you can start to discover for yourself: who is sinking into what? Who am I really? We have to start with the pre-supposition that I am this body, I am this name, I have these relationships, but then you start to examine them. What if you are not - this body, what if your not a man or a woman, what if this name is just something that was pasted on and peels right off. Then who are you, what are you and what are you sinking into? This is self-inquiry. Just find what’s real. When you find reality – when you know for sure what is real - this is the fulfillment of life, this is why we are here, this is what makes everything else worthwhile. . All the billions of incarnations it took, life-form after life-form after life-form, continually surviving and reproducing, to get to the point where you can stop, realize the truth and say, ‘I’m free, I am consciousness, I am love, I have no name, I have no form, I inhabit all names, I inhabit all forms. I appear as this body, I appear as this mind, , I appear as you, I appear as me, and I appear when there is no you or me’. This realization burns, it’s a holy fire, it can be very uncomfortable as it catches fire, as it burns up all preconditions, previous understandings, all beliefs, all ideas. And this fire is a fire of truth, it’s a holy fire and it’s not dependant on anything. Reality is not dependant on appearance, and it shines through all appearance.

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Posted by: orchidee on Jun 8, 2013

Eli Jaxon-Bear dedicates his life to passing on his Master Papaji's transmission of silence, traveling the world to share his unique psychological insights into the nature of egoic suffering in support of Self-Realization. Eli teaches through the Leela Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to world peace and freedom through universal Self-Realization. To find out more about Eli and his schedule of upcoming events, please visit:

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