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CIP Welcome to the Coaching Intensive Practicum

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>> Hello there and welcome to IIN's Coaching Intensive Practicum. We're so glad that you chose to continue your education with Integrative Nutrition to enhance your coaching skills. This course will complete your education requirement to sit for the certifying exams to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Whether you're here to work toward becoming certified or you're simply here to deepen your coaching skills and connect with an experienced mentor, this is a really exciting next step in your coaching career. So before we get started, I just want to acknowledge how amazing it is that you're committing to your coaching practice and your education in this huge way. Later on in your orientation, we'll explain how to apply for the certifying exam and provide you with some helpful background information on the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching or the NBHWC for short. But for now, let's take some time to get acquainted and go over the features of this course and what to expect. So my name is Lindsey, and I'll be your primary guide through the pre-recorded content in this course. I've been an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach since 2014, and I have a master's degree in counseling. Together, my education has provided me with a really solid foundation in working with others to guide and inspire change. I've worked with both individuals and groups, and I've also put together workshops and educational events in health and wellness. As a curriculum developer for IIN, I work with the Education Department to deliver content to you in a way that's easy to understand, practical, and easily applied. This was my goal when working on this pre-recorded lecture series for you, to take all of the key points and core competencies that need to be covered as a prerequisite for the certifying exam and present it in a way that's interesting and straight to the point. So let's begin with an overview of course structure. The Coaching Intensive Practicum is a six-week interactive online course. Just like in your Health Coach Training Program, a new module will open in your Learning Center every Monday. Now the only exception is that there might be a holiday break week during which a new module will not be released. Your course schedule lists any break weeks along with all of your other important course dates. So be sure to review this important document which can be found under the Documents tab of your Learning Center. Another important document to check out while you're over there is your course syllabus. This reference also provides a breakdown of the major details of the course and outlines of what you'll be learning in each module. We suggest printing it out and keeping it handy while you're taking the course. Okay, so let's talk about what you can expect each week. Like I said, you'll receive access to new modules on Monday mornings. Every Monday you'll also receive an email from us to remind you that new content is available along with a checklist of what you need to complete that week. Each module in this course contains several short lectures, much like the one you're viewing right now. Some modules may also contain handouts. Handouts are typically brief reading assignments, helpful forms and worksheets or reference information. Now we know that life can get in the way sometimes, but we highly recommend setting aside time and making an effort to review your lectures and handouts prior to attending your live calls for the week. That way you'll be able to fully participate and make the most out of the class discussion. I'll talk about these calls more in a moment. But for now, let's take a look at what else you can expect in each module. So in each one, you'll find a Module Recap handout, which is essentially a study guide of all the key points, terms, and major ideas from each module. Now I want to be very clear that the module recaps are not a comprehensive study guide for preparing to take the NBHWC exam. However, they are a very helpful resource to use toward your studying efforts, and they'll help you with the final exam for this class. We suggest printing them out and keeping them in a binder for easy reference. Next, to help you assess your learning, each module contains a five-question self-assessment quiz. The format is multiple choice and true/false. These quizzes are not graded or required, they're just a resource for you to gauge if you're absorbing the material and making sense of the key concepts. At the end of each module, you'll see a skill-building activities page. This page contains a handy checklist of what you need to get done that week. There's also an optional reflection or practice assignment to help you apply what you've learned in that module. And again, it's not a graduation requirement to complete these but it is true that you'll get out of this course what you put into it. Lastly, the skill-building activities page also contains a list of optional suggested readings if you'd like to go deeper on the topics presented in that section of the course. To round out your learning experience, we also include learning objectives and references in each module to help organize and deepen your learning. All right, so now that you know what's waiting for you each week in your Learning Center, let's go over those group calls I mentioned earlier. So twice a week, there are live group calls that you're required to attend. The calls are led by your primary course instructor who is a skillful practicing Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who has successfully taken the NBHWC exam and has been through this process themselves. Awesome, right? These calls are an opportunity for you to connect and speak live with your classmates and primary course instructor. Think of it like being in the classroom. Group calls are time to reflect on and discuss the information you learned that week in your module lectures and handouts. They're also a time to ask questions and receive mentoring and support. And most importantly, this is where you'll do your live coaching practice and demonstrations, which are a requirement to pass this course and sit for the certifying exam. Let's go over a few important points regarding the group calls. First, let's talk about how to access them. These calls are lead webinar style through GoToWebinar, and you are automatically registered for the series when you enroll in the course. So you have nothing to do except look on your course schedule or under the Connect tab of your Learning Center to write down when these calls are. You will receive a reminder email from GoToWebinar within 24 hours of each call. This email contains your unique link to join the webinars and will go to the account you used to enroll with Integrative Nutrition. If you don't see the emails, check your spam folder. And if you still don't see them, send an email to [email protected] and our support team will help you. Next, please keep in mind that your attendance on these live calls is a requirement of the NBHWC. It's not just something we put in place to keep you busy. Therefore, it's critical that you mark these dates down on your calendar and make every effort to attend. If for some reason, you're not able to attend a call, please notify your instructor in advance. Now, let's talk about connectivity. The best way to join the calls is with a computer. This will allow you to see the slide deck presented on the call, you will have the option to switch your audio over to telephone if you'd rather listen that way. But unless you have the GoToWebinar app downloaded on your phone, you won't be able to see the slides or use the webinar features. Next, let's talk about sound. All students will be muted on each call unless unmuted by your instructor. There will be multiple opportunities during each call for him or her to unmute your microphone allowing you to speak live and participate. Keeping that in mind, please try to join from a quiet place whenever possible. In order to hear you clearly, we recommend using a headset if you have one. Lastly, all call recordings will be made available within 48 hours and will be stored under the Connect section of your Learning Center. These recordings and all of your module content will be available for two years after graduation. So you'll have plenty of time to go back and to review and study for the certifying exam. Now we're almost done here but we still have one more important topic to cover, your course Facebook group. So at the time of enrollment, you received access to a private Facebook group that's open only to members of your class, and it's moderated by your course instructors. Outside of your scheduled live calls, this is your forum to seek support, receive helpful links and reminders, connect with your classmates, and engage in discussions around what you're learning. I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of it, even if you're not into using Facebook socially and here's why. In this course, you're required to pair up with several classmates to do what we call Buddy Coaching sessions. Now we'll break this requirement down in the next lecture. But the point I want to make right now is that the Facebook group is your primary way of connecting with your classmates to make arrangements to do these assignments. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can make one up just for your IIN courses. You don't need to upload a picture of yourself, keep your account viewable to the public or even fill out your profile or add any friends. That way, if you want to socially stay off of Facebook, you can. We verify your identity when you request access to the group by asking you for the email you used to register for this course. So keeping that in mind, we encourage you to take advantage of this super helpful resource. The link to join your course Facebook group can be found on the Connect page of your Learning Center. So to sum up communication, we encourage you to use the course Facebook group and your live group calls as your two forums to ask questions and seek support from your primary instructor. If you have any general questions about your Learning Center, technical support, other IIN courses, the alumni or ambassador experience, billing and payments, these questions should be directed to the Student Success team at [email protected] And finally, but importantly, any questions about your NBHWC exam application, scores, anything related to the exam must be asked directly to NBHWC at [email protected] Legally, we're unable to answer any questions on their behalf. All right, so we covered a lot of ground just in this first lecture. By now, you should know what to expect in this course, in your modules, on the group calls, and in your Facebook group. We hope you're feeling excited, you're really going to blossom as a coach as the result of taking this course. Again, give yourself a pat on the back for taking this significant next step forward. So for next steps, take some time this week to familiarize yourself with the Learning Center, review all of your orientation materials, mark all important dates in your calendar, and join your class Facebook group and say hello. In the next lecture, we'll talk about the requirements for passing this course. If you have any questions about what we went over just now, feel free to ask for clarification and support over in your course Facebook group or on your first live call. Thanks for joining, and I'll talk to you again soon.

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CIP Welcome to the Coaching Intensive Practicum

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