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Hitler and SNS

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Absolutely seriously Adolf and Slovak National Party ...both Hungarian parties will probably enter parliament at the south they started strong campaign and have billboards completely everywhere even they spread also to Nitra and Bratislava; what is worse helps them also Budapest with dual citizenship but it does not matter, they played into hands of ours in Slovak National Party Chief... ...ehm... with that dual citizenship started to deal leftists their leader wants to change constitution if someone here is friend with any Hungarian let immediately ride on back of small ugly horse away indeed he is impotent! hopeless political impotent! could someone say to me what about was doing that lose-in-drink nationalist that he missed this? I will cut off head of that Johnny and he will enter alcoholism treatment! damm it, I will sent SS to him! such a famous name of national party and is lead by that absolutely completely incapable bumpkin, blockhead! Chief, I must take John's side, membership fees he sends to us in time and rich I could bugger membership fees from such fool! Chief, do not speak this way, he baptized my child, ... how it is related to that, you muffin querulous? he was mistake! years and years I pretended that I do not see how his nose becomes red and eye muddy that every moment he crashes with even more expensive car and has flown more than whole Luftwaffe together but it can't continue forever, I'm not blind nor stupid, I have eyes in a head and something more between ears not like that what after that years of political helplessness and clumsy stealing are still ready to vote him! already no forgiving! if I will sell all his 'sorry' I'm Rockefeller! if he is not secretly Hungarian

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 28 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: Slovakia
Language: English
Genre: None
Director: Samo Trnka and Lukáš Kodoň
Views: 204
Posted by: real_name on May 16, 2010

part of "What would Hitler say about Slovak National Party" parody describing political situation in Slovakia before parliament elections 2010 from "Absolutely seriously" series;

based on keeps original german film sound and adds satiric subtitles;

this is english translation for;
original slovak version

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