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Questions and Answers with Hossein Derakhshan I Part 4

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PER has written: ... It's too noisy there... “ Chalghooz and Gooz Online were two childish newspapers, how did you convince yourself to put such nonsense on the internet? ” I did not create those two websites for personal issues. There is a kind of journalism out there which is based on lies and emotions that take people for idiots The titles they use for most of them are based on lies and exaggeration. Keyhan (a ultra-conservative newspaper), in its worst times was 100 times better than these newspapers. They sometimes play with people’s emotions, are not so accurate or reliable in their writings. For example they will write things like this: “ Look, you voted for Ahmadinejad, but see what a horrible person he is ”. Chalghooz was a satirical newspaper made to criticize the opposition. Because it's a taboo to say things against them. Where can you find someone who has dared to criticize Shirin Ebadi or Akbar Ganji? Or to just tell them what they did was wrong or even joke about them? They have become saints that no one can criticize. For example, we are mocking Ahmadinejad for his comment about his halo of light. But you see that everything he does and everywhere he goes people criticize him all the time. You see as some people have created this halo around their head, and no one can contradict them. So, I did this sartiric thing to dare the critic against central characters like Shirin Ebadi or Ganji who have this halo around their head and no one can contradict them. I made Chalghooz to break the taboo. And I think I have been successful. Otherwise I wouldn’t get so many negative reactions. For example they boycotted it, Jahanshah Javid is not publishing it on and it is on black list in So this was the reason behind Chalghooz.

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Country: France
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Producer: Hossein Derakhshan
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Posted by: internet sans frontières on May 6, 2009

A couple of days before his return in Iran, the journalist and blogger Hossein Derakhshan posted these videos from Paris. Few days after, he was arrested in Tehran. Please, sign the petition for his release: ** - Internet Sans Frontières http://www.internetsansfrontiè

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