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Funny Halloween Prank - Fake Trick Or Treater Prank - Trick Or Treat With Timmy

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(doorbell rings) -(woman) Oh! Oh, my goodness. ...that thing is not moving. -(man) Thank you. -(woman) Bye! Oh, my God, you're pretty scary. My dog's gonna freak. Who are you? You're pretty good. Okay. Trick or treat? -(woman giggling) That's really creeping me out. -Hello, scary, scary, scary person. I'm not gonna lie. You're kinda freaking me out. Wow, you guys, this is spooky. (indistinct conversations) That is freaking me out. Wow, you guys, seriously, take a look at our trick-or-treater here. -(woman inside) Are you not even moving? -(woman) No. -(woman inside) Can I take a picture of you? Is that okay? Can you nod, at least? -No... Are you a person? (mechanical moaning) -I don't think we're gonna trick or treat with this one. (indistinct conversations) -(woman) ...'cause his hands aren't... -(man) Joe, you're the biggest guy here, so you have to touch him... -(woman) I mean, they're both skeletons, so skeletons will understand each other. -(man) Someone will give him more candy... -(woman) Ooh, scary! Trick or treat, huh? Okay, here. I gave you already. (chuckles) You scare me. (chuckling) You're scary. -(man) I'm not gonna go touch it. -(woman) Go poke it. -(woman) Yeah, poke it. -(man) No, I'm not gonna go poke it. You poke it. -(woman) Get the fireplace thing. -(woman) Get the fireplace poker. -(man) That's not a good idea. -(woman) Just the brush. You don't have to use the poker. -You're scary. (laughing) Stop, you're freaking me out. -Grab one. No? Hello? -(child) Trick or treat. -(woman chuckling) He doesn't come with us. -I know. He was with that last group. -(woman) Oh, he wants maybe the whole bowl. That's what it is. Oh, my God, he's scary. -Alright. He is creepy. -(speaking Spanish) -Whoops, excuse me. -What the hell? (laughing) -(woman) What is that? -(man) I don't know. -Oh, you're not gonna open the door? -I don't know...(laughs) What do you say? -Talk, make it do something. -(chuckling) You are scary. (laughs) Here you go. (laughs) Have a nice time. (laughing) -(man) Wow! -(laughing) -Are you with your parents? Are you with your parents or by yourself? Answer, skeleton man. Show your face. -(laughing, chuckles) -Thank you. -Happy Halloween. (chuckles) -Oh, my God. That's great. -Trick or treat. (chuckles) He wants more candy. (indistinct): He's got the Halloween and he won't leave. -I've gotta see this. Hold on. Ah! -Yeah. That good? Okay, bye. Is that good? The Halloweener won't leave, dude. -Hmm... -(woman) Just take the candy out. -(man) Oh, yes. (laughter inside) -He's not real. -(woman) What the hell? Are you serious? -Yeah. There's a guy with a camera outside. -(man) Very good. -(woman) No way. -(man) Very good. -(woman) That's rad. (evil mechanical laughter) (laughter continues, thud) -(laughing) That is awesome. (laughing) I've been Punk'd. -Oh, dude! (laughing): There's a guy... There's a dummy, dude. A dummy Halloween costume. Captioned by SpongeSebastian for

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Duration: 7 minutes and 1 second
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: ExFilms
Director: StagNews
Views: 226
Posted by: spongesebastian on Mar 29, 2010

In high definition - For a Halloween Prank we dressed up a 4 foot dummy to look like a trick or treater complete with bag of candy (and a hidden microphone). Then we went door to door with our fake "Timmy" to see what kind of reactions we would get. We called it Trick or Treat With Timmy but it's been commonly referred to as the Fake Trick Or Treater Prank. If you see this video posted elsewhere please report it to us. (Captioned by Sebastian for

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