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The Free Will Defence: A Good God vs The Problem of Evil

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We live in a world festering with moral evil The world of wars, torture, rape, murdering, other active meaningless violence. In every city in the world every day there are people deliberately inflicting pain on humans and other animals. And even enjoying other's suffering. There is also natural evil such as disease, famine, flood and earthquakes. This is terrible, but undeniable For anyone who believes in the existence of the benevolent God who is also all-knowing and all-powerful this presents a powerful challenge. A problem. The problem of evil. How could a good God allow anyone to do such terrific things? If God is all-knowing then he or she or it is completely aware of what's going on. And if all-powerful can easily stop it. But the thunder balls don't come. Many atheist have taken the existance of so much evil as conclusive proof that there can't be a good God. And there probably isn't God at all. The problem of evil seemed to be a genuine problem for anyone who wants to believe that there is. One response the free will defense is this. God could have created human beings that always did the right thing, never harmed anyone else, never went astray. But that would made us automata. Preprogrammed robot. It's far better to have free will with a genuine risk that some people will end up evil. Then to live in a world without choice. That's the claim. Victims of Caligula, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein and the rest might disagree. And even if you accept the free will defense... it doesn't explain natural evil.

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Posted by: irarmy on Feb 27, 2015


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