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Eye of the Storm

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EL OJO DE LA TORMENTA Have you ever warned what they were doing, whith those cameras? ACTUAL FOOTAGE VIDEO SURVEILANCE If this would be germany in the 1930s would you want adolf Hitler, to have these pictures... of you? these people are expressing discent against the US government look at these faces how many of these are people you know are they your children, your parents, your grandparents some of these faces belong to people that I care about i don't want the government having this kind of information about me i don't want them collecting this kind of information about me or the people that I care about but they are collecting this information... why? SGT. ELMORE: "GET TO THAT GUY RIGHT THERE, HOLDING THE SIGN" SGT. ELMORE: "HE'S ONE OF THE LEADERS OF THE LAST ONE I WAS AT." COP 2: "STOP SUCKING AMERICA?" SGT. ELMORE: "THAT SIGN, RIGHT THERE. IN FRONT OF..." SGT. ELMORE: "HE'S THEIR LEADER." SGT. ELMORE: "HE'S TURNING AWAY FROM YOU. HE DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE HIM" ELLIS: "HI." ELLIS: "SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ..." COP: "GOT IT." MOMENTOS DESPUÉS, Y SIN NINGUNA RAZON APARENTE: Dejenlo ir! Dejenlo ir! Dejenlo ir! Dejenlo ir! Have a look information officers have stand--- line for video like this they like to say that video camera just captures one perspective one angle, that it doesn't really show what happenned o what precipitated what happenned but this is their footage this is their side of the story and their side of the story is more daming even than ours Their behavior is very suspect look at the way they zero in on people faces at political demostration why? what are they gonna do with this information they see this guy and they assume that he is a leader because he has a megaphone they walk all the way down here and turn the camera to get a better angle on his face is very dangerous to have them assume that your a leader, because even when they're wrong the consecuences can be disastrous look at the --- they go to to indentify this person, look at the details they try to pick up here something to think about: if you ever feel like you're beeing targeted by police in the middle of a political demonstration it may be wise to disgaise yourself maybe change your clothes, but don't forget your shoes Some people see the writing on the wall they have a sent of history and they understand what's probably coming and so they take the steps to protect their identies but when you try to protect your privacy, it just makes the police state --- much more curious if you listen carefully you can actually hear them talking about who they want pictures of and why. "Get the People with the masks" COP1: I'M GETTING VIDEO OF COP1: GO TO HIS FACE COP: WHANNA GET THIS GUY RIGHT HERE? BETTER GET THIS GUY HE WAS... COP:2 I GOT HIM COP1: "HE WAS UP ON THE BURNSIDE BRIDGE..." COP1: "CAN'T SEE HIM NOW. HE DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE HIM." COP 1: "SEE THE GUY THAT'S PEEKING AROUND?" THE GUY BEHIND HIM COP1: MASK AND HOOD COP2: ILL CATCH HIM IN A SECOND YOU KNOW HIM? YES, ELIAS KNOW HIM [THE CAMERA TRIES FOR A BETTER ANGLE] COP 3: "YOU KNOW WHICH ONE THAT IS?" COP 2: "YEH, I THINK I CAN GET HIM." WHAT COLOR SHIRT AGAIN COP: "IT LOOKS LIKE AN OLD PRISON.. YOU KNOW LIKE, BLACK AND WHITE" what are they gonna use that information for? Fuck you cam, want a picture? fuck you asshole I believe in democray motherfucker of this crime we have the right to be nervous about these kind of abuse of power we already know that the police state is brutal in our city we remember that the police pepper spray babies THE POLICE RIOT OF AUGUST 22ND, 2002 VIA THEIR OWN LENSES Every time I see that I wondered why we didn't fight back why we didn't defend ourselves why we didn't have baseball bats in our hands it scary to me that they will do that to us and it scary still that we will take it and it terrifies me that someday we may not fight back when they're driving us away to the camps Only when the --- police is pepper spray pepper pellets along with reports The corporate media told us that this --- happen because someone throw a bottle "something was thrown from the crowd" police use pepper spray "they respond with pepper spray when someone throws a bottle" something they pepeated that --- for days after this police riot everything was fine, everything was peaceful but then someone threw a bottle and that's what started this in pointed fact, that was a lie what really happen is that the people inside the hilton the people with all that money they could hear the protest outside and they didn't want to people inside had pay thousands and thousands of dollars to grab the presidents ear but the people outside on the streets hadn't paid anything and so, they were silenced here are the police officers in they own word from two different cameras discussing what's really happening "EVERY OTHER GUY'S GONNA PICK UP.. · "TILL WE GET EM TO THE OTHER SIDE." "AND THEN SET UP THERE" now look at the crowd in the background do you see any bottles being throwed? do you see anyone doing anything except excercising their first enmend rights under the US constitution? now listen again "ODD EVEN, AS BEST YOU CAN..." "WE'RE GOIN' IN FROM THAT SIDE..." "AND WE'RE GONNA RUN ALONG THE FENCE LINE..." "AND MEET OSP..." "WHO'S GONNA COME IN FROM THE OTHER SIDE..." "BUT IN FRONT OF IT.." "SECOND PART OF IT..." "WE'RE GONNA GIVE THE COMMAND TO LEAVE..." "THEY'RE NOT GONNA LEAVE..." "WE'RE GONA PUSH. PUSH PUSH PUSH..." "THEY'E GONNA DO SOME INDIVIDUAL OC SPRAY..." "AND IF THEY HAVE TO, THEY'RE GONNA GO TO 'STINGERS'..." "I MEAN TO UHHH... PEPPER BALL GUNS.." "PEPPER BALL GUNS ARE THE LAST... IF THEY DON'T MOVE. ALL RIGHT? "THEN WE'RE GONNA GO TO OC..." "STICKS IF WE NEED TO..." "AND THEN... PEPPER BALLS. YOU GOT IT?" it should be notted what the cops are - discussiong right here is in fact torture they're talking about - the crowd with chemicals weapons that have the potential to actually kill people they're talking about hitting people whit sticks and shooting them with painfull projectiles and in their own words the reason why they're doing this is not that someone throw a bottle but just that they're here because they won't move and why should they ? after all no one is breaking any laws here all they're doing is excercising their first enmendemt right under the US constitution to speak out and the cops know that by their own words they know they gonna pepper spray them they're gonna hit them with sticks and they probably shoot them with projectile weapons not because they have broken any laws just because they're there that's the reason that's the only reason why the police attacked a peacefull crowd on august 22 2002 in portland oregon we've been saying this for three years, and now we have their footage to prove it. ther was no bottle throwing nothing precipitated this this was a cold calculated decision that they made and this is form the perspective on their own cameras guess what? this IS fascism SHOT BY THE SS OF THE PORTAND POLICE BUREAU AND THE BEAVERTON POLICE DEPT ALL THE POLICE FOOTAGE USED WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. SUBTITULADO POR

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