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Matrix 7 on Secret of Thought Creativity

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Desteni interdimensional interview: Structural Resonance, part 7 - veno This is Veno and I am here to continue about the Structural Resonance. In the previous interview, i was explaining thought now, i'm going to be.. explaining exactly how Thought is Designed and Manifested in the Mind So I described that in the Mind there's an Interdimensional 'container' a 'box-like' container, which has three layers within-it, which is your: unconscious, subconscious and conscious Mind. and that within..the occipital bone points, at the back of your Mind, the..subconscious and unconscious mind 'plug-ins' plugging-into both sides and..this occurs..while you are still a baby in the mother's womb, then..from here, your left representing the mother matrix system, and your right representing the father matrix system. in other words, all the information of your mother and your father: as who they are in this world.. and of..this entire consciousness existence, is downloaded into your..subconscious Mind. Your unconscious Mind is that which connects and inter-connects you into this entire Consciousness Unified 'Field' of this world - which basically allows you to become a system... a Mind Consciousness System - that becoming a basic 'certainty'., all the information is downloaded into your subconscious Mind, literally all the information..and, then from there, it's actually from the subconscious Mind that you develop your conscious Mind. which is your..personality..your behavior.. and 'who you are' as what you have defined yourself to be, in and of this world. and..thoughts are fascinating creations. so within this subconscious mind, you's..fascinating, it's like little..'layers'? but it''s like blind manifestations, in other words: the information from both your mother and your father which is 'downloaded' manifests as 'information-lines' in the Subconscious Mind, ok? and... So, as you grow up in this world, this is now after you are born.. electricity move through your entire Mind Consciousness System. Now what is electricity? electricity is actually You in Movement-Sound, and.. which moves through your entire Mind consciousness system. So it's that which actually powers and generates the Mind Consciousness System.. to be able to exist. And that is basically through your participation of thoughts and emotions and feelings. So, now this 'electricity' as you are born, and I've described when you start working with the with the word and the picture, which start activating the 'Thought System' that's when electricity starts moving inside the Mind Consciousness System and the moment that activates is when a Thought Manifests - so you that have now activated this Thought-Activation Construct inside you move as 'electricity' through the Mind Consciousness System, which is starting at the Subconscious Mind. then what happens is, now the electricity that is you, that powers and generates the Mind Consciousness System moves-through these information-lines in the Subconscious Mind, and the moment it moves-through one 'information-line', so what is 'information-lines'? First, 'information-lines' are for instance: memories, past experiences.. it could even be a past life experience, literally.. all the information of your mother and your father, of 'who they are' in this world, in this life and the lives before them, manifest in your Subconscious Mind - it is massive. So, each and every single moment experienced that your parents had in this world, is then Manifested as a 'line' inside the Subconscious Mind. So as I've said: you as that electricity now move-through this Mind Consciousness System. Because of your activation in your participation of linking a word to a picture and, the electricity move through one line, ok? the moment the electricity moves-through one line, a light beam is basically shot up from the center of the subconscious Mind..and it shot up but now there is also a 'metallic-ball' in the center of this entire Mind consciousness system inside you, which is the three layers: the unconscious, subconscious and conscious Mind. there's a little 'ball' in the layer that generates the electricity inside the entire Mind Consciousness System - which is in your brain - and which..infuses itself from your entire Human Physical Body. So, now the electricity is moving-through there from that center point and it actually absorbs the information, the electricity, inside the Mind Consciousness System, from that center ball, actually absorbs the information from that line, from one single line which is one singular moment that's experienced in this world, absorbs it..shoots it up, from that ball center..into your conscious Mind. your Conscious Mind then Manifest that Information as a Thought which is basically in a two dimensional picture, and then you have a thought and..whatever the thought might be.. it's usually..relates to something that you see, actually.. and then when your eyes see something, it goes: 'ok, i know'.. ' i've got that picture experience inside, i've had that before' but that is.. when such a moment arrives, your mind goes: 'ok, wait, let me go check in the subconscious Mind'.. 'where is that information of an experience that is similar like that' that your parents actually had but it's now 'inside you', and then it Manifest a Thought, and you probably go: whereas you see two people fighting, and you have a thought. you go: 'oh my god, i hope relationship doesn't end up like that or something' that's not you that's thinking that..that was because of a past experience.. your parents might have had..and your mother probably had that thought - with that moment experienced of herself, and then that thought came up in 'your Mind', and so, it's interesting that people think that the thoughts 'are they' when it actually (was) your parents and those that have gone before them, and those that have gone before them. So, that's how Thought Manifest. Now, just to..go back to the 'ball' that 'ball' that I spoke about - the 'metallic-ball' exists in the complete center of that 'box-like' Structure in your Mind, which is the Unconscious, Subconscious and Conscious Mind. It is..that is the center point of the entire Mind Consciousness System Inside you. Now what you must remember is: your Mind encompasses your Entire Physical-Body Your Mind is not just 'here' (head). the Mind Consciousness System Exists In Your Entire Human Physical Body- and though, the 'center point' is within your Mind. and that's How Thought Manifest -ok I'm going to continue in my next interview. I'll give you guys some Practical Application methods to Support You in this World. Thank you. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Edgar Cayce, Oscar Wilde, Karl Marx CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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MINDCONTROL, IMPLANTS and PREPROGRAMMED Life Veno through the Interdimensional Portal talking about humanity's enslavement as Mind Counsciousness Systems to keep Consciousness existing without realizing we are LIFE as One and Equal Desteni Productions Desteni

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