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Candidate Free Air Time 2008: Richard Dollinger

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Hello, my name is Rick Dollinger and I am the Democrat running in the 56th Senatorial District, which represents Rochester, Greece, Brighton, and Parma. I've lived in the Greater Rochester area my entire life. My family has been here for more than 100 years. I love it here. I'm running for the State Senate to make sure my children can stay here and enjoy the same opportunities I had. It's no secret that we're in a crisis. In Rochester, less than half of the high school students graduate, and it's no secret that crime is high as a result. Across upstate New York, we are paying more and more in taxes, but getting less and less in return. And perhaps most devastating of all, our children, my children, are leaving because they can't afford to live here, or find a job here. I'm running for the State Senate because I've had enough. What we have now just isn't working. Instead of playing political games, we need immediate solutions to lower our property taxes. We must stop giving tax breaks to companies that oursource our jobs, and we must invest that money in new technologies and research to create good paying jobs. With a crumbling infrastructure in the Greece School District, and catastrophic graduation rates in our city we need to invest in the future of our children by ensuring our schools get every dollar of support they need. Here in Rochester, we have always valued hard work and fairness for more than a hundred years. My name is Rick Dollinger and I'm running for the State Senate because I want to bring those Rochester values to Albany. This is a critical election year for our city, our county our state and our country. On November 4th, I'm asking you to join me in forever changing how Albany does business.

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Posted by: wxxi on Oct 27, 2008

Candidate Free Air Time is WXXI Public Broadcasting Council program. Richard Dollinger is the Democrat running in the 56th Senate District.

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