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How to bypass Internet censorship? – Censorship

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So Internet censorship means preventing people from communicating the things that they want to communicate on the Internet. For me it is sort of against the basic purpose of the Internet, which is to let people communicate what they want to with the people they want to communicate with. The worst situation is where you have the Internet and you have no access, or very limited access or access which is shaped in a particular way or even changed. It looks like a lot of different things depending on how it's done. The way it sounds is also different if you were to picture it that way. In some countries it would be: You're trying to speak to someone, and there is a bunch of people around you that are shouting. Or it could be white noise that drowns out everything. Internet censorship maybe like just silence. If I imagine the smell of Internet censorship I think of burning electronics. When electronics catch fire they produce a very acrid smell of burned plastic. And that would be the smell of Internet censorship for me. You can not express yourself freely. There are topics that people are afraid to talk about in the public sphere, because they are afraid of the consequences in the real world. When we use the Internet it feels like it's a kind of thing, that we either have or we don't. Like: "We have Internet access." And that's somehow a kind of thing. But in fact the Internet is very fragile. Any particular network could be programmed by the people who operate it to spy on things or to drop things or to interfere with things. And so our experience of the Internet as being reliable and just being there and usable is basically our good fortune that we normally use uncensored networks. So the sound isn't silence, the sound is a noise. But it's a particular kind of noise, it's a filtered noise. Or it could be trying to switch channels on an radio and all you get is one station. Internet censorship is when you find a new link on a Web blog or on a search engine and you click that link and you get an error message like "This site is not available in your country." Internet censorship is any time that someone blocks or filters content that they don't agree with. This can be done ever by technical means, by making it look as if the content doesn't exist, or sending an error message. Or it can be done through social means: If the only access you have is at an Internet café than somebody may be looking over your shoulder. Or you may be free to post and read whatever you want but someone is monitoring that. If I want to tell you about the sound of censorship it's like I will imagine it just as a red line, no sound in my mind.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 22 seconds
Country: Germany
Language: English
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Posted by: bypasswebcensorship on Mar 8, 2011

How to bypass Internet censorship? – Censorship

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