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His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Manchester giving lecture on spirituality 5 of 7

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Those souls which are inside (spiritual entities) when they worship that is Tareeqat. The shariah (law) of Holy Prophet (PBUH) was that He (PBUH) used to conduct prayers in the mosque and the people used to pray behind Him (PBUH). This was the shariah. So the Tareeqat was that He (PBUH) went to Meiraj 'the Night of Ascension'. Now those people also try to reach Miraaj. Some people reach there. The only difference is that Holy Prophet (PBUH) reached there with His body other people cannot reach there with their bodies. They can reach over there through those souls. This is called Tareeqat (Mysticism). In the shariah you only go to mosque and offer your prayers in the fellowship. But the Tareeqat (Mysticism) is that, there in Arsh-e-Mo’alla you offer prayers behind Holy Prophet (PBUH). This is Tareeqat (Mysticism). There are more stages beyond this as well, there is haqeeqat (reality). Now you are asking about Tareeqat, then there is haqeeqat (reality), Mua’rifat, Fanna, Baqa, Laqa. There are so many stages. Question: When will we know that we are proceeding further, towards the next stage? Answer: When you will chant Allah-Allah! You use to go to mosque, you are aware that I offer prayers. When your heart will start chanting Allah-Allah, then you will realize that my heart is chanting ALLAH ALLAH. You will realize that you wander here and pay attention towards the other, you will definitely realize it. Thereafter you will realize here (on the right side) also the heart like ticking has been started. You can feel ALLAH ALLAH over here. Same way you will feel for other (entities) in chest. Then you will realize that in my forehead as well the sound of Allah-Allah is being heard. That’s how you will realize. In addition to this, like now you see satanic dreams, then you will start seeing holy dreams. You will understand that you have reached The Shrine of The Holy Prophet (PBUH). You have seen Khana Kaba’. I am going to the Shrines of the saints. So like this you will keep on realizing. Then your spiritual master will keep guiding you. Well now about this, that (word Allah) has gone in the eyes. Now while sleeping, consider this finger of martyrdom as a pen that you are writing ALLAH on the heart with imagination. Whoever is your Murshid/spiritual teacher! Call him, so that with spiritual power he may write 'Allah' upon your heart. This is the actual task of Murshids (spiritual guides). They come to connect people with Allah. They come for Allah but you people take worldly works from them. They come for ALLAH. If you haven’t got a spiritual guide or your Murshid is not strong enough. Nowadays many are powerless. There was a saint and then he had a son and then he had a grandson. Since thousands of years this sequence is continued, so everyone can’t be a saint. Those people who came into the trap of (so called holy successor/representative) they can’t achieve this thing. So if he is powerless and cannot reach then the shrine you visit if that is a perfect (kamil) then take his imagination, that one whom that shrine is dedicated he may help you. Those who are perfect Guide, the way during their life time they were beneficial for the people, in the same way after their death they can be beneficial for them. After this, if they also don’t then imagine the shrine of Holy Prophet that I am one of Your follower and now I have chosen this path so help me in finding Allah. Then wherever your fate will be, that face or shrine will appear to you. When you get up in the morning, whether you have the ablution or not, the ablution of heart is not performed with water. If you be in the water for whole day the water is not going to get into you. Keep on doing secret Dhikr (remembrance). The day your heart beat called out 'Allah Hoo' that day you should comprehend that your vehicle has started moving towards Allah. This is Tareeqat (Mysticism). Tareeqat (Mysticism) is related with this heart. While keep on chanting Allah-Allah when one is reached to Allah, Then this is called Haqeeqat (Reality). The connection of Haqeeqat (reality) is with these eyes. One day you can see Him, whom you do call upon. Anything else Question: Is this the Sufism? Answer: This is the Sufism. It is since the time of Holy Prophet (PBUH). It existed even before the time of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Question: Few people say that it came afterward. After few centuries? Answer: No. It was in the time of holy prophet (PBUH). In the time of Moses there were such kind of people, who left their homes & everything in order to seek God; they were called Rahab (Monk). Those who left their homes & everything (in order to seek God) in the time of Isa/Jesus A.S are called Hawari (Apostle). At the time of Holy Prophet who left homes for ALLAH, they are called ASHAB-E-SUFA. It started from Ashab-e-Sufa; it is since the times of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Ashab-e-Sufa used to do Dhikr practice; they learnt this practice (Dhikr). As they were very poor and used to wear torn cloths, the practice of charity (zakat) started from that time. Give them charity (zakat), because they are eligible. When Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to sit with them, other companions said that "other people will make laugh of You PBUH that You PBUH sit near to hungry and needy people. It is not according to Your PBUH status." Holy Prophet (PBUH) refrained from sitting with them for few days. Then a revelation was sent and (ALLAH) asked (Holy Prophet) to sit with them as well. Then Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to sit with them as well. Sufism started from there actually. There are some sects in Islam who don't believe in it. They say whatever is, it is just apparent. But we say that Allah said "apparently go to mosque for pray, people will see you." It is to show off to other people and show how is your behavior, how you pray, so that they can be attentive towards you. Go over there and socialize with people. After praying, people hug and handshake each other and so differences should be resolved. Then (Allah) said about another type of hidden worship which only I (Allah) know and you know and no other person should be aware of it. It is such type of worship (i.e. commemoration by heart). Who knows this person's heart is chanting ALLAH ALLAH. The other persons can't be aware of it. This is Tareeqat (Mysticism) which is hidden. Those who don't believe in TASAWUF (mysticism), you just ask them this if the outward recitation (using beads) of ALLAH is correct, then instead of this apparently chanting the name of Allah, what’s wrong with commemoration with heart. This outward practice needs ablution but inner chanting can be even done without ablution. This outward worship requires obedience whereas in this (inner worship) the inner souls will obey automatically themselves. People do argue with us but on this explanation they get agree. Do you want to ask anything else? Question: Is it that by doing the dhikr of Ana, the veil will be removed and everything will be seen clearly? Answer: There is one creature over here by virtue of which you reckon. Why animals don't reckon although their brain bigger than you (in size)? Then why don't animal reckon? When Animals gets water also in the jungles, grass is also available there, then what’s the reason they are here (in cities) as a prisoners? If they can reckon, they would have run away. The only reason is that animals don't have that (particular) creature, through which they can reckon whereas you (humans) do have that creature by virtue of which you reckon. People become Hafiz because of that very creature. How can one be Hafiz by this brain? Actually that creature becomes Hafiz and human recites by the tongue. There is a method by which Divine light is given to it

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi giving talk on spirituality in Manchester, UK.

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