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Veno Comedy: Atheist at the Pearly Gates

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Atheist Funny - Veno Hi all this is Veno speaking. and! I've got another entertaining story for you. So! I was, in heaven, or in the dimensions. You know, checking up on, the human beings who corssover. What is their self-statement, self-standing, self-composure, do they understand, where they are, who they are, what they're doing, everything they've done in process, of a 'clear', and then you know, send them through, to a specific 'processes' of self-forgiveness and self-application, that we have setup in the dimensional existence. Prepare themselves! to able to assist and support human beings, in this world. as they assist and support themselves, in the dimensional existence. To be able to 'effectively' direct human beings, so that human beings, is able to 'Self-direct themselves'. Now I got this one (laugh)..this one..story. A human atheist, had..was on his deathbed. It was about five sec- 'five seconds' before he died, I got to him. and I saw, Yes! here is an atheist, I can 'really' fuck with him in the dimensions. So what I did now five seconds in the dimensions existence, is..'a reasonable amount of time'. So what I did I setup like 'a heaven', ok? I had goddesses, 'huge big white light'! shinning with these, you know like 'a sun', but it's, but with..with like It's like, it's like a 'white silverly glowy sun', shining these bright stripes all over! and then I had..white white white, so white so white that, your eyes kind of even squint in the dimensions. I had the 'clouds', I had the angels, and I had the big big huge huge gate, ok? In front, I placed 'myself', so I placed 'played' all the characters of this entire manifestation of a heaven. and I've placed the..placed myself as this huge big, white angel - this 'massive wings' on a podium front. So this atheist (laugh), this..atheist dies, now I've got my book here, in front of me so I see him coming up. and I put there 'beautiful white- stairs' for him to walk on, so this atheist (laugh) starts walking on these stairs. Now he's (laugh) look around, and he's seeing these gates, and he's seeing this 'Huge ~ Massive', white silvery All, shinning thing. Seeing the gates. (aghast) he's like standing there, he was at the bottom of the stairs. So I said to him: You ~ Come ~ Here (laugh) This being! literally 'shivers' in the dimensions, he was going shivering now, remember it's an this atheist is going: Oh! My! God! God Exists (doom) Now you can imagine for an atheist going through something like that, to realize, what the f- you know, in that moment, you realize: Oh shit. god exists..everything, that that people on earth say about, christianity is actually 'true' or, about a god that exists is true. You don't know "what to think" you don't know, you saw the angels the gates, there is a big voice speaking from above. So he goes he takes steps, by step, by step. So now me as this..huge angel in front said: Walk Faster! Come Here - Now! (laugh) So he (laugh) 'trips over one stairs', starts running up the stairs, like crawling, and he stands there and he’s literally standing like this (feared shrink) like looking up, going- goes down on his knees, bends his head and he said: Dear lord (laugh) I prayed and stand here before you I asked, for you to forgive me because, I know not, what I had done I- have defied you my lord and I'm this 'Huge Big' angel standing there and said, said to him: Do you really think! you deserve, to be in heaven! After, you defying god! (laugh) he's going: Yes sir, I do. because- this is, Now this is the atheist: Yes sir I do, because Because, it's not my fault. it's not my fault, I don't- I didn't see you, on earth and then like, and I said: Just Because You Don't See Me! Does not mean that I Am Not There! So he goes: Sorry. please forgive me It was my eyes' fault, my eyes deceived me. you may take my eyes from me You may take my eyes to hell, but don't (laugh) take me to hell (laugh) Then I as this angel said: Do you think you can make an agreement with god? and this, atheist 'falls down' on those stairs, now on top of stairs, falls down, he starts crying he said: 'I am so sorry, please don't send me to hell' and he's going Insane! and I just couldn't. you know, I had this, whole white hood on sight, like, kind of, now me as this angel in front of by this podium, and.. I was literally, on the blink of laugh, so I just said to him: You! Hell! I am condemning you to Hell! So you may Infinitely learn you lesson to not Define God! (laugh) So of this being (laugh) we are opened up a gap there in front of me, just see these 'flames' shooting out, from (laugh) from beneath, and this (laugh) poor being, he starts 'screaming', 'all in the dimensions stop', everyone just stop. and just 'heard' this poor being, he 'falls down' and at the bottom I was waiting for him, so he falls down, and he kind of just floats down, and he goes: (look around) 'this isn't hell.' so I just laughed, I was- all my fu- for I was laughing, this being just wanted to punch me but in the dimensions you can't 'obviously' punch, so he just went: Waahhh! he's just a bit angry at the moment, but after that he was laughing with me he said that it was 'pretty well done!' Veno! very well done! so I said: Ya, thanks So, all fun and games in the dimensions, occasions, but 'that was my best'! Best one I've ever done before, he was 'completely fooled'. and.. That's how we occasionally have fun with beings that crossover. Depending on how extensive, their mind- consciousness system is though. How much I can, 'influence' them. Well 'influence' them for a moment you know, like really fucked with them. When they crossover. Ok! this is Veno, with my- funny experience with 'the atheist'. Thank you very much. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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