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Damas, le volcan a été éteint.

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Damascus, the volcano has been extinguished We are July the 23rd. It is 7 p.m. and we are on Mount Qassyum, the mountain that overlooks Damascus. As it is a sprawling mountain, the city of Damascus is sprawled as well. It’s a city of about 6 million people, certainly a bit more now that the fightings have forced many people from different towns around, to withdraw to the capital to seek refuge. But the capital as well was attacked a few days ago, by a wave of Contras, most of them coming from Jordan. But others came through Lebanon, came through Irak, came through Turkey… each time they rushed to the border crossings, they took control of it, and then they tried enter up to the capital city. Often they have been arrested on their way by the air force. which has bombed them in the desert to prevent them from reaching this place. But some of them made it. Therefore they attacked the capital city while a terrorist attack was beheading the military leadership. So where are we now in this battle of Damascus? Well, actually it's over. Currently there is only one place left for the fightings, which is the Jobbar district, that we do not quite see from here since it is really far away. It is in this direction but far away. You can not see anything of it because it's a street fight and there is no use of artillery, or in exceptional cases, from time to time, there has been some mortar attacks there. The rest of the city is absolutely quiet now. Just behind me, you see the Omeyaddes Square, which is the largest square in Damascus and on the slightly right side of the square stands the building of national television which is today - as you know - the object of all protections since we know that NATO absolutely wants to destroy it. There was a major battle yesterday which has put an end to the threat of the Contras who were in the orchards of Mazze. Mazze is a district where we find the embassies, if you will, and there is this wooded area, located right on the edge, and which extends until the Kaffar Susse district . It's like having the Bois de Vincennes within Paris. And there are mainly prickly pears, but all sorts of other trees are there as well, not only that kind of cactus. So there, yesterday and the day before yesterday, there was a major battle there which resulted in the surrender or the death of the attackers, who were essentially Egyptians in this case, as well as Jordanians, while in Jobbar those who have been trapped are mostly Somalis and Sudanese. We can see a bit of smoke because the orchard is still burning. You know, you can not stop the fire ... the fire of these prickly pears, that are actually giant cactus. You notice that there is no planes, no helicopters, nothing that kind. Everything is back to normal in Damascus. The Syrian army can savor its victory and the Syrian people can finally rest after several terrifying days that have been imposed to them by foreign powers who sent their mercenaries here. I moved slightly so that you can see behind me, the Great Mosque of Damascus, which is the symbol of the damascene civilization due to the fact that for centuries the different religions prayed together. In this mosque, there are the relics the head of John the Baptist, who was considered by the Jews as one of them, by Christians as a prophet and also by Muslims. So for centuries, all these religions prayed there, daily. Of course, since the creation of the State of Israel the Jews left Damascus to move further and they are no longer present in this mosque. But other faiths still pray there every day. Besides, the "Syrian Free" Army program the Contras program, is to end this kind of society and and establish a sectarian dictatorship in which a religion outweigh the others. And therefore, in this mindset, the leaders of the SFA have announced their intentions to reconquer Damascus and that they would come to pray here on the 15th of the month of Ramadan. So we'll see ... but for now, all the Contras forces have been kicked out of town.

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Posted by: meeme on Jul 24, 2012

23 juillet 2012, Thierry Meyssan fait le point sur la situation en Syrie.

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