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Hey, y'all, it's me Cheryl. And are you ready to see your Mid-December brochure, y'all? Are you ready to share it? All your parties, how your host, all of their friends and family can have quality time with families Well, we can make it happen when they're using our Tupperware products. So let's start y'all with, first of all your brand new date and gift, guys. Now this right here is your 8 ounce serving bowl, and what I like to do at all my parties is I like my host to have the opportunity to earn all four. So they get the first one when I walk through the front door. Another one when I have $100 in outside orders before I get to the party. Another one when there's 10 or more adult guests at the party. And another one when there's a dating at the party before I even get there. They also guide your host to compliment this dating gift. Look at this beautiful hostess special, y'all. Now this right here is called, Contemporary Cozy Serving Collection. Try saying that fast four times, y'all. So what's included? First of all, you're going to get your one-gallon pitcher, y'all. You're going to get, not one, but two of the medium servers. You're going to get a deep server, four 12-ounce tumblers with seals, our four luncheon plates and the condiment server. Now how can you put all this together and show this at a Tupperware party, y'all? Well, you want to talk about it's winter outside. It's cold outside, unless you live in Florida. So everybody thinks, well, when it's cold, what's the first thing everybody wants? Chile!!! It's the perfect set when you're going to be serving chile on those cold winter days. So let's talk about it, y'all. First of all, you can do your homemade ice tea, your homemade lemonade in here or your homemade apple cider right inside the one gallon pitcher. And the great thing about this one gallon pitcher, y'all, is look at the way the way the handle is whether you got small hands or big hands, they fit right inside here. It also fits on the door of the refrigerator! I love this about our pitcher, guys. You see when I popped it up? This is the only piece that pops up. So when you're pouring, it gives you easy control between the handle and the pour spout on pouring out, and you can also [CLICK] Did you hear? Did you hear the click? Now, you're going to put this back in the refrigerator, and your flavors inside your containers, stay where you want them to stay. Well also have, guys, this right here is my chile terrine, if you will. And the great thing about it, is it comes with a ladle. And, y'all look on the back of the ladle, there's a little-notched edge, and inside the terrine there's a little notch. Now watch this, y'all... ... only Tupperware does cool things like this... Watch. It doesn't go anywhere. It doesn't slide into the chile. So it's easy to get it out, and the handle isn't all yucky!! So the handle stays where you want it to stay, y'all, and then you also have on the cover. This is not a seal, it's just a cover. It's notched-out. So now, look how pretty that is. The ladle stays where you want the ladle to stay. Now, I don't know about y'all, but my husband loves to eat his chile over rice. So you can use one of the medium servers to serve your rice. Look y'all. The spoon stays right on top for easy access. You just pop it off. Lift this up. Then once again, have the little notch and voilà! How cool is that? And the cover's notched-out, so now you can leave the spoon but when you're not using it, you don't ever lose your spoon, guys. OK, y'all, you know when you're thinking about chile? I don't know about y'all, but in our house, we got to have some grated cheese!!! And we have the perfect condiment set. You can do your grated cheese. You can do your sour cream. You can do your chopped onions or your scallions or however toppings you like. Or you little, tiny, round crackers can all go inside here. The cool thing about this condiment set, y'all, is you can serve it this way, and they all come with seals. For easy storage in the refrigerator, watch this magic. You just pick up, turn and voilà, look how easy that is to store in the refrigerator. It takes up less space. Matter of fact, y'all, you can put this on the door of the refrigerator too. And when you want to take it out and you want to re-serve, voilà. Now you have you've got your Four Condiment Serving Center. I love this set, guys. You'll notice the color, it compliments any color that you might be setting your table with. It is your brand new hostess special for $602 in the US, $702 in Canada. Are ready to go out and date some Tupperware parties? Say, "Yes," say "Sí," say "Oui." OK, y'all, are you ready to get this party popping? You know what, y'all, you going to be able to do that at your Tupperware party because we have an amazing 16-piece Server Layer Serving Collection you can offer to all of your customers at your Tupperware parties. Now, this is the collection, y'all, and everything will be in this really fun red color. So you're going to be able to use it all year long. Let's start with our Classic One-Gallon Pitcher. You know what? This has been around a long, long time, and it's still one of my very favorite pitchers, y'all. The great about it is you can control how much is coming out of the spout when you control your seal. So simply to put in, guys, you push on the little tab. You push it down, and you lock it in place. OK? It's completely locked in place. Then to serve, you simply push up and then pull. Look y'all. Now if you want a little bit bigger of a pour, you can do it this way, guys. And the seal stays exactly where you want it to be. We're also going to add our 16-ounce tumbler with our seals. You know what, y'all? This is the bombdotcom 'cause they're not just for using for drinking, guys. I love this container. If you're going to be going out to a soccer game, baseball game, if you're going to be out in the heat later on - I know it's cold now - fill whatever you want in this tumbler 3/4 of the way full, put the seal on it, put it in the freezer. Then freeze it. The next morning, just top it off with the rest of whatever that drink is, put the seal back in, stick this in your bag. Now you have an ice block. When this melts, you've got pure lemonade. How awesome is that, y'all? So just a little tip to share at your Tupperware parties. You know what, y'all, the next time we get together, I'll teach you what to do with homemade cookie dough in this tumbler. Not only do you have your 18-ounce tumbler, guys, with the seals, but you also have a set of four of your 16-ounce bowls with the Instant Seal. And you also have, not one, but two of the fan favorites, and that is our bring-back of our 10-ounce classic Server Layer Bowls with the Instant Seal. It also comes with the 17-cup bowl which also comes with the Instant Seal. At your Tupperware parties, y'all, you're going to want to make sure that you demonstrate how awesome this seal is. So the great thing about this seal, y'all, is how easy it is to get it on, and how easy it is to take it off. So let's talk about first of all, removing the seal. All you do, y'all, is just push in the middle. OK, push down and pull up. So once you do that, guys, the seal comes right off. Then to put the seal back on, you take your thumbs, push in the middle, click, it's on. Or you can take the seal, take it off, and you can use the palm of your hand, click, it's on. Or if you have customers who might have a little bit of arthritis in their hands, guys, then the great thing is, you can use your elbow, click, it's on, guys. Okay? So three different ways to apply this seal. So love this, guys. This right here is your party-poppin 16-piece Classic Servalier Bowl Set. And you know what, y'all? The great thing about this is, when when your customers purchase this entire set, it give them the ability to add on extra pieces. So they can start with the P with P at the $50 dollar order in the US. They can add another one-gallon pitcher which brings their order to $102 dollars. They can also add the $70 dollar P with P in the US which give them the opportunity to purchase two more of the 10-ounce Servalier Bowls which brings the customers spend to $109 dollars. And they also could add the attendance offer on the back of the brochure which is our 17-cup Servalier Bowl which brings the customer spend to $124 dollars. You know what, y'all? When your customers are purchasing all of this and getting not one, but two pitchers, not two but four of the 10-ounce bowls. And not one but two of the classic 17-cup bowls. This is a "got to have" for all your customers 'cause you can take this through all of the holidays into the summer and then all the way into next year during the holiday season. So it's a "got to have" for all your customers at your Tupperware parties. OK, y'all, you know, this time of the year everybody's talking about making memories, but, honestly, we make memories all year long with our families and friends. Some of my best memories are in the kitchen with my grandma when she was baking. And you know what, y'all? She used this, our classic Mix-N-Stor Pitcher. That's right, y'all, this is the first Mix-N-Stor Pitcher. So we've just updated the color, but everything else about this is the classic. So you're going to get the 4-cup and the 8-cup. So whether it's a small job or a bigger job, these are a "got to have." And the great thing, y'all, they have the measurements, both in the US and Canada on both your 4-cup and your 8-cup. So love these guys. And it has your classic, and it is the classic, little pour spout. So when you tip, pour this open, look how nice and fine this is? It comes to a point. So it makes even pouring, and it's the bombdotcom, guys, when you're filling up your cupcakes. This is the best, and it clips down [CLICK] Did you hear that? So you can put this in the refrigerator and store in here overnight, y'all, and take it back out. And did y'all know if you're doing your pancake batter, if you add one teaspoon of... it makes that pancake batter come back just as fluffy as it was the first time you made it. Do you know what that is? Well, the next time we get together I'll share it with you. OK, y'all? OK. Another one of my favorites. It is our Silicon Spatula, and it's on sale! I know, y'all, everybody needs to have more than one of these in their kitchen. First of all, y'all, you can put this on top of the stove. You can use this up to 400 degrees. So if you're doing your stir-fry or maybe you're doing something in a double-boiler, you want to stir, you can use your spatula. Now what you can't do is go walk the dog and leave this one the stove. But just for stirring and being with it, you can use the spatula. It's also the perfect spatula, guys, for getting out all of those extra brownie mix, cookie dough mix, cake mix. Guys, it's going to clean the bowl clean. So I always tell people at my parties, "No calories!" How awesome is that, y'all? But did y'all know, you can take this and pull this off, and now you have the best cake spreader ever using this right here, and when they're cutting on something, like our UltraPro, guys, you can use this to slice all of those brownies, all of those lasagnas, those cakes that you're mixing and making in your UltraPro, guys. So if you're going to cut, you never want to use a sharp knife on the UltraPro. Take this out and share this at your Tupperware parties that they can use this to actually slice inside, and then you're not going to have any markings or any scratches in your UltraPro or anything else which you might be cutting on that is a no-cut surface. And then for easy clean-up, y'all, this goes inside the dishwasher. This right here, you can put on the top rack of the dishwasher and take it out. Make sure you dry it well. Put it back together, guys. It simply goes back on and voilà, you have your spatula all over again. So multiple reasons why people need more than one spatula in their homes. So you want to pair that and put it together with these two. And you've got a great little set. But you know the best set you're going to want to have, guys, is adding this. This is my memory-making set, y'all. And this right here is our Quick Chef. And this right here, guys, does so many things. First of all, it will... If you want something that you're going to chop up, and you want it to be more coarse, this is your little workhorse in the kitchen. And it also comes with the funnel. And one of the things, I love the most about this funnel is when you put it inside here, guys, you can actually have it closed all the way. And look, y'all, the handle goes all the way around. How awesome is that? Now, you want to add some liquids. The cool thing about this is, you take your funnel, and you just simply turn, and the more you turn it toward noon position, like on a clock, is more than the opening will open. So it allows more of whatever your putting in the funnel to go inside as your mixing, guys, OK? So you want to make sure you share that little tip at all of your Tupperware parties. Then, of course, you can take this off. Right? And then just close it down, and you don't even have to use the funnel. Another thing that I love about this, our Power Chef, guys, is when you take this off, guys, and you take the blades out, now you have a little colander. You know guys, how many times do you just have those raspberries, those blueberries or maybe 10 or 12 strawberries? And you want to clean them up nice. And you're doing a salad for one. This is amazing 'cause now you just put your little colander in, guys. Put your cover back on. OK? And then look! Oh my Gosh! You've got an instant salad spinner. How cool is that, y'all? So whether you're using it as a salad spinner, whether you're it as a chopper to chop or whether you're using it to mix with our mixing blades, this is the workhorse in the kitchen, guys. And all of your customers are going to want to have it. Now another little tip you want to share at your Tupperware parties is with the handle. So listen quickly and listen. Are you ready? Shhh... [CLICK] Did you hear that? If you don't hear the click, then nothing's going to work, guys. OK? So you got to make sure at your parties, you share with your customers when you put the handle on, you hear the click, then everything is going to work just fine. And you know, y'all, one more thing I forgot to mention, is not only does it come with the colander and the blade, and our funnel, but it also has your whipping paddle. So whether you're making your homemade whipped cream, guys, or you're making this amazing no-bake layer cake recipe, this Quick Chef Pro is the workhorse of the kitchen. And you know what, y'all? While we're talking about the workhorse of the kitchen, and we're talking about making memories, take the Quick Chef, take the two Mix-N-Stor pitchers, take your spatula, put all of this together and make this your Cheryl Memory Making Set. But put your name in there. Right guys? So you know what, y'all? This complete set. That's what I would do, your Memory Making Set. OK? Sell it as a set. In the US it's only $94 dollars. And it's everything you and or your customers are going to need to make memories in the kitchen. And you know what? Talking about memories, guys, you have that favorite recipe that grandma or your mom used to always make during the holidays? Well, we have an amazing no-bake chocolate layer cake that you can date Tupperware parties using this right here guys. And guess what? When you're making this recipe you're going to use the Quick Chef. You're going to use your spatula, You can use your Mix-N-Stor Pitchers, and you also have in your brochure a call-back to the catalog, and that is our UltraPro Lasagna Dish. A great thing about the UltraPro, guys, is it goes in the oven, it goes in the freezer, it goes in the refrigerator, and if you have a big enough microwave, this one will fit in the microwave. And you can also tandem cook using your UltraPro. So start something in the microwave and finish it in the oven. Cut your cooking time in half. OK, y'all, speaking of making memories, remember this recipe I shared with y'all just a few minutes ago? It is our no-bake chocolate layer cake. You can start making new memories, and you can share with your customers how they can make new memories with their family and their friends. And this no-bake chocolate layer cake is the bombdotcom, y'all. And you're going to use all of these pieces to make it, and you're going actually serve it, bake it and serve it in your UltraPro. Now, the reason I love, love, love, love, love. Did I say "love" UltraPro, y'all? Because it goes in the oven. It can go in the microwave. It goes in the refrigerator, and you can also put it in the freezer, y'all. It truly is everything you need for all your baking needs in the kitchen. Now, this recipe, guys, uses all of this, and then you're going serve it in here. The great thing about this recipe, guys, and the great thing about our lasagna pan is your host can qualify for half price or free by hosting a party. Or say yes to the Tupper opportunity before the end of the December sales month, and you can this entire set, two pieces, as your "Say Yes Offer." Check out your party perks for all the details as your "Say Yes Offer." And check out your "My Sales" website under your "Mid-December" for your recipe for your no-bake layer chocolate cake! Are you ready to go out and party?!!! OK, y'all, we have smart-packing solutions for the new year using Tupperware. So let's start with, what do we have sale, guys? Our luncheon containers are on sale, and the great thing about this is if you're packing a lunch for those little ones as they're heading back to school, your going to have one for every day. And the cool thing about this is it's the perfect size as you're packing a lunch for the little kids, guys, because they have the three dividers in them, and it also has a tab that's easy for little hands to open. But you know what, y'all? This is also a great snack size for the older kids or even for adults. We also have, guys, a set of three of our two-cup canisters. Once again, this is a great size for snacks that you want to have on hand that are healthy for you and the kids. And who doesn't love our fun little mermaids and pirates? They're on sale. That little set as you're sending kids back to school or back to pre-school, guys, these are the sets that you've got to have. I would take this entire page, y'all that you see right here, and sell it as the entire Smart-Packing Solution Set both in the US and Canada. OK, y'all, we also have our tear-offs that goes from December 15th to 28th. And we have some amazing storage solutions on your tear-offs. Let's start guys with your large storage tote. Now, y'all know this is one of my favorites. Because I have probably a hundred of these, y'all. So whether you're storing away those holiday memories or whether you're using this for those keepsake boxes, guys, or you're using it for a shoebox underneath your bed, it's a "got to have," guys. And it's on sale for the next two weeks. And we also have one of my favorites, and it's our keep cab, guys. It's the best for storing those non-perishable items, like batteries. How many of y'all make sure you always have batteries in your house? Well, if you go to the big box stores, and you're buying those large quantities of batteries, did y'all know your AAA batteries, the whole container will fit in here? You can also fit your AA batteries in here. The next size, guys, I also use this one for my Cs, Ds and 9-volts. They all go in here, and they're stored together so I always know where my batteries are. And I actually love this one because it is our "go to" whenever we lose power. You know what, y'all? You don't have to have a storm coming to lose power. Sometimes it just goes off for no reason at all. So inside here, y'all, we have two flashlights. We also have a lighter. We have some smaller candles, and also a flashlight that folds down, y'all, and pop it up into a lantern, and they all fit right inside here. So now guys, I have my "go to" emergency kit when I need it. You can also you these, guys, for your craft box. It's perfect for that. You know, your smaller napkins fit right inside here. Your cocktail napkins are perfect. If you're doing your large specialty napkins, they fit inside here too for easy storage, y'all. It's easy to get the seal on and off. And they nest inside each other. They stack on top of each other. It's a "must have," y'all. And we also have, it's a classic, and it's a bring-back, our Stow-N-Go. Whether you're using this for all of your crafting needs, like all of your beads can go on the top. You've got bigger beads down here. You can put your little strings right inside here. Whether you're using this for a tackle box 'cause this is great for all those fishermen. Right, guys? All the hooks, sinks, weights, and all that other stuff you need when you're fishing. It's the perfect size. I will tell you I had a customer that actually used it for a bait box too. You can use it for different kinds of bait. You know what else, guys? If you're ever doing those inventory events or garage sales, it's perfect because you can put your dollar bills and your checks down here. Put your change all inside here, guys. So whether you're crafting, whether you're going fishing, whether you're using it as first-aid box, whether you're using it as your bee keeper, guys. It's a "got to have." And it's on sale! For the last two weeks of December. I would put all of this together, guys, and I would use this as my Simple Storage Solution from Tupperware and sell it all as a set. OK, y'all, to help you close your 2018 strong, we have a host bonus on the back side of your tear-off. So this host bonus is for the last two weeks of December. When your host has 350 in sales in two datings in the US. 450 and two in Canada, they can qualify to purchase the 16-piece Servalier Collection. Now take those parties to 600 and two in the US. 700 and two in Canada, and they can qualify for this brand new host gift special, but you know what, y'all? For the last two weeks, your host can qualify in the US with a $600 party in two datings in over $300 worth of Tupperware for a $30 co-pay, and in Canada when they have $700 in sales in two datings, they can qualify for over $400 worth of Tupperware for a $40 co-pay. And y'all remember, as you're sharing your I story at all of your Tuppeware parties, you can also share Jean-Philippe or as we call him at TSS, JP, his amazing story. How he said yes to the Tupper opportunity. And he took that opportunity to new heights. So he quit his teaching job so he could dedicate and work fulltime in his Tupperware business. So you never know where the party will take y'all. And in closing, guys, we want to wish each and every one of you a very, very, very happy holiday from our home to your home. And until we see you next year, think big, start small. But party now!!! See y'all.

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