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At my sister's

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oh, it must be Laura! Who is there? It's me, Laura! Hi Laura! Hi there! How are you doing? I'm doing good, thank you! How are you? I'm fine. And what about mum? She's great too, thank you Take off your coat, please. Put it there Come on in. I made some coffee. Have a seat. Ok, thank you. Oh, you're welcome. So tell me. How was your weekend? Oh, my weekend was OK What did you do on Saturday? Well, on Saturday...What did we do...? Oh! We went shopping And where did you go? We went to the city centre And who did you go with? Well, of course I went with my boyfriend So, did you buy anything? Well...not really I didn't buy so much I just bought this T-shirt and these pair of trousers. Do you like them? Yes, they are cool! I couldn't buy anything else. Everything was so expensive! Yes, I know...I know... And then...after that what did you do? Well, ...We went to the cinema, we watched a movie But the movie, in my opinion, was a bit annoying So, after that we went to a restaurant and we had dinner with your boyfriend... Of course, with my boyfriend And it was so romantic... There were all these candles all over the was OK And what about Sunday? On Sunday...well..We didn't do so much... We just went to Barcelona Really? Yeah, we met some friends and we went to China Town, in Barcelona, of course and...we had dinner there We ate some Chinese food It was great It sounds fun! Yeah!It was, it was... And what about you? What did you do last weekend? Did you go out? Yes, I went to a party! Oh, really? Which kind of party? my friend's party birthday party? Yeah and did you have fun? Yes, it was great and what else? What did you do then? on Sunday...? On Sunday I didn't do much I stayed home... I did some homework and then I went to sleep. Oh, really? That's it! Yeah, that's true. You didn't do much on the weekend... I know...student life is hard, isn't it? Yes, indeed.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 4 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: English
Producer: Laura Martínez
Director: Laura Martínez
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Posted by: lmp on Jan 4, 2009

This is me at my sister's having a conversation about last weekend as part of a didactic unit.

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