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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~19:20:29 - 19:45:14

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Oh, yes. This is mine. I should take this. And this. That’s it. I’m off. -Bye. Ceme, you’ll drive behind me, you’ll see. You can park across the street. Here you are. What? Change of plan? -Change of plan. Something broke down. -Stay in touch with my Milos, and you’ll see if he needs anything. He’s here. There he is. You can send Djokarino for that if you want. -Never mind, I’ll go. - OK, OK. So, I took the keys, I’ve got everything with me. No insults. (sighs) -Dule? -Yes? Come in. -Do you have a translator? -Yes, there’s one... two of them. -What, they’re all Englishmen? -Yes, the others are. Actually, what do I know... There are also some... Take a look at this. You’ll try it out a bit. Sit down somewhere, Ceme. I think you should sit over there. -Just let me leave my case. What is this going to be? Mushrooms? Dule? -No, no. Those are my beehives. -Silly me, you’re into bees, and I’m asking you this… -Those are cases for hives. -Silly me. -Maybe you can put that away. Or maybe we should wait for Pindzula. Yes, we’re not in a hurry. Where should we put this mixer? -This is? -Some fake. Makes good music, and that’s it. -I bought a fake, too. If I’d known, I would have taken a Fender. (starts playing the guitar) ♪ Brazil ♪ -There’s one girl here from Brazil. -From Brazil? -Yes, yes, the blackhaired one. Where are we going to put this thing? So it wouldn’t be in the way, there we’ll put some… Up there’s good? Why don’t you say so. We’re going to set it up now... We’re going to set it up now, best way we can. Can I... Is this heavy? - Does it have two inputs or…? - It has all sorts of things. Give me a hand, will you? Leave the guitar and take care of the cords. That's it. Just follow the cords. Up here’s good, it’s out of the way. Now just to set those cords. - Let me see. - See to it. - Is this an amplifier? - It’s going to be a mini bass, amplifier. - How do you pull this out? I don’t have the strength. - If it’s not necessary, don’t. - So we have to put it up now, till they come. - I’ll put this from underneath. - Have I… Yes, I have. I have another extension cord. I’ve brought it. - Why didn’t you say? I have dozens of them. But, basically, it’s not necessary. - Just let me see, where to steal some electricity from. Is there any here? - Dule, we don’t need electricity from there. - No? OK. - Give it over here. - Here you go. - Put it down, and plug this in. - OK, OK. - Done deal. - That’s right. - Let’s put things into order. This is going to be the bass amplifier? - Yes, yes. - Old guy, are you a musician? - Here you are! Do you know this old guy? - Old guy. (laughs) - Bendzo, you go there. That’s going to be your seat. - My seat? - Yes, yes. - If we are short on seats… - What for? - One box from up there. - What for? - To put it there. - Bendzo, put that amplifier down and sit on the chair. Maybe we’ll need this chair, too. - Are we going to play sitting down? - Sitting down, of course. - This one’s softer. - I know, but… All right, whatever you arrange with your neighbour. (starts playing guitar) ♪ Come on... ♪ - Why don’t I speak English… Why didn’t you tell me, I should have… - We’ll teach you English. - Yes, you should have revised a bit. You should have revised a bit, man. - Dusko, there’s no electricity. - Really? Wait, let me see what’s up. What about this switch? - Not that one, it’s the one down there. - That’s the one. - It’s crowded a bit, but what can we do. - Is Pindzula bringing his guitar? - Yes. - This is not on. When he comes, he should plug in over there. The microphones are over here. - Those are the microphones? - Yes, yes. - Should I put the mixer here in a big box then? - Or over here. - We have two inputs. - You two can come here. You and Pindzula. - OK. - That’s settled then. Wait a second, let me turn some more lights on. Here’s some more light. (checking their guitars) - Is there any more electricity over there? To turn more lights on? The cord’s too short. Plug this in here. - Hey, Nidzo. Hi. Come on in. - How’s your English? - Leave it. - Very bad. - We should be communicating with these people, but no one speaks English. - There’s no need. - Nothing? - No, no. No use, I don’t have where to plug it in. - Why didn’t he bring the other box? - One’s enough. We didn’t want to crowd the place. And we can be more quiet, play for us only. Have a seat there, if you want. - It's OK. - And put that up. Is this yours? - Yes. - Leave it here, till we get comfortable. Milivoj already put those microphones up. Put it on the back of the chair. - Dusko, are there any mice here? - Could be, could be. It’s enough, this is a small room. For us to hear ourselves, that’s enough. Nikica will come a little later, he’s taking his kid somewhere, to some school. Yes, we have. We have it, it’s over there, if you need anything. We have. There it is. I’ll try this. There you go. That’s better. To see each other better. There, there... Yes. You could have plugged the amplifier in over there also. - No need. - OK, OK. - OK, OK, we’ll tune up some more. I suggest you put the amplifier down and sit over there. - Dule, how’s it going? - What? - The process in general. - Well, it’s doing OK. Everything’s normal. Like we don’t know anything. We do our thing, and that’s it. The process is going its own way. That’s right, you’ll sit over there. - It’s just that this chair is nicer. - All right, don’t be picky now. - Ceme, hey, Ceme! - Ceme! - Ja, bitte? - How come you’re here anyway? - I’m here because of the Brazilian girl. - Good, good. - I asked Dule whether I was supposed to bring another amplifier, and he said no. - No need, really. - Do you want to play here? The sound is louder. - Who is more important? You play the solo, right? - It doesn’t matter. - You’ll swap places. - Is somebody else playing the guitar, should I take mine? Mine is maybe a bit… I’ll try both of them and see which has a better sound. - Don’t be picky, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, really. - I’m kidding. - This has to go. Take a look at this box. - It was working today. - How many guitars do you have? - This one’s not mine, this one is. - This one is yours? - I just recently bought this. It's nothing special. - How does it sound. - We'll see now. - Where did you put that cord? The black one? - It was right there. - Tuning? - It needs tuning? - This string is no good. - "I am sorry." You know that joke? It's with William Tell, Robin Hood and Mujo. You know it?- No, do tell. A girl puts an apple on her head. Robin Hood comes, throws an arrow and splits the apple in half, and then says “I am Robin Hood”. Then comes William Tell, throws an arrow and it also splits the apple. And he says “I am William Tell”. And then comes Mujo and hits the girl straight in the forehead, she falls down and he says “I am sorry”. (everyone laughing) - How’s it going? - I’ve put some new strings… - These strings are newer. - I have three sets of strings but I’m missing a B string. - No kidding? - Really. B is always the problem. - Take out the plectrum, maybe then it’ll be better. - How much did you give for that guitar? - Well, I had the previous one I got from Radulovic, and then I swapped. I didn’t pay for it. I had the old one for six years. That's enough. - Dule, where’s the coffee? - Who said rakija? - Rakija, coffee, where are they? - What’ll you have? - I’ll take some scotch, if the ice is from Alaska. - I have some mineral water and juice. - You’re nuts! (laughing) - Pinduzla, mineral water, juice? - Mineral water. - Pinduzla, you don’t drink any alcohol? - No. - Nothing? Why? - Are we going to drink something? We don’t want people to think we’re some frigid people. - There’s only beer. - So what? - Pindzula, you plug it in. - This? - The Fender. - I don’t like this at all. - The equalizer.

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Country: Serbia
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Posted by: globallives.serbia on Jun 29, 2009

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