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Along with France and Germany, Spain is one of Europe's third world countries. Here in Majorca, Carol Beer is the friendly face of "Sunsearchers Holidays". Sunsearchers. Ah, this must be us, dear. Morning Hello, my name is Carol, I'm your rep, welcome to Spain! If you look to your left, you'll see Spain. If you look to your right, you'll see Spain. Now, I'm here to make sure your holiday is fun, fun, fun... fun. Any questions or problems, come to me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Yes, old man? Sorry, sorry. My wife's feeling rather nauseous, do you think it would be possible just to... stop the coach for a moment so she can get out and get some air? González ¿puede parar el bus? Thank you. Yeah, thank you. Excuse me. Ok? All right. González, ¡vamos! Ok. Yeah? Must be something you had on the plane or.... Hey! hey, hey, hey, hey, hey... It's alright. After a Continental breakfast to fizzy fruit, sweaty cheese and some other stuff you don't know what it is, Jerry and Evelyn are off to see their holiday rep. Good morning. Now we're... It's not nine o'clock yet, I haven't started work. Sorry... Right. Uh, well, we thought it might be rather nice to book an excursion You're a bit late. Most people booked theirs last night Well, if you hadn't driven off without us... Are there any tickets available for the concert in the square tonight? Computer says No... What about the boat trip, any places left on the boat trip? There's one place left. Would you be prepared to swim alongside? I'm not a very strong swimmer Naah.. What about the monastery? There's a lot of steps Oh, well You're quite old. I don't want you dropping down dead on me Well, that's very thoughtful of you Are there any trips still available? Legoland Windsor Is there anyone you could call? I could try the Spanish rep, see if there's any cancellations She must be busy ¿Si? ¿Tuvo alguna cancellation por una de las excursions? La camputadore dice que no It's half past four, x's at the piano, and Carol Beer is on the war path I had a call from the head office this morning Yes? Apparently you've made a complaint about me That's right Saying that I've been rude and unhelpful Well, we have been... A little disappointed A little disappointed with your attitude so far I'm trying so hard to make you people have a good holiday. That's all I want. And yes, I want to say that I've been rude and unhelpful. It's like a dagger through my heart. I could never forgive myself. I'd rather die! Look. We certainly didn't mean to upset you like this We'll withdraw the complaint Good. Dirty shitters

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