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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~18:46:58 - 19:01:59

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-Can you put your heads this way? -Which way? -This way up. -Auntie, I think it's better facing this way. -No. -This way. -Which way did you face yesterday? -This same side. Did I tell you to face that way? -Have you ever seen anybody facing their heads downward? -Wake up and face that way! -Which way? Facing this way feels weird. When you face that way? You argue for nothing. Facing this way feels a bit slanted. Facing this way is better because it's elevated. It's true, isn't it? But this end is even more slanted. -Where's the wisdom in that? -She can't understand. I'm going to sleep now. Edith, she said you should sleep like this. It's not comfortable sleeping like that. -Isn't it slanted over here though? -Where? -Towards the head. It's very cold. Face this way up. -This way, Aunt? -Yes, against the corner. -Let's go, I'll check that out. -Against that corner. -This way is good... right there. -Just like that... -I think it's better if we avoid this spot. -Let's turn. -Just like that, put it right there... -That's a pillow. -That's perfect. I need the pillow. Look. This side is really bad. I'm used to the other end. Like this? Look here. I'll turn in this direction. -I still find this end a little too slanted. -Which end? I should turn in this direction... Memory! Why do you need this whole blanket? You keep pulling at it... Pull a little bit more! You're trying to have a bigger share of the blanket. Awesome! Look? Wow, we sure did stare. -Stare at what? -The kerosene lamp. Do you realize that when you stare at a lamp so hard, you get tired? Until you fall asleep. I'll keep staring at it. Remember how they did it yesterday. I thought that these things were outside those ones. They go inside. They go inside the lamp. It's very western. You're just ignorant. -Did you go and do your sweeping chores? -Yeah. You even escorted Lindi to school? I walked her the whole way. They were pushing me... You just enjoy the filming... -I don't know, ask her. -Memory, you liar! Want to bet? So, umm... Have a look at this, it looks beautiful. Don't lie. Who should I ask? -Ask Maggie. -No way! -What? I thought I'm the one telling you... -Patuma is the one asking you? No, Josephine was asking... Look here, Edith, it would be better if it were this smooth. Look, it's just straight. This spot is rough... not there. The other bit is also better than that end. -You have ruined it a fifth time. -Where? 1, 2, 3, no, 4... Not 4... You ruined the lower bit... You ruined the lower bit. There! Did you pass over there? -Eh, you've confused the 5th, which is it? -1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14,15... -There are 15 of these in total. -All together like this? -Count them. -5, 6, 7, 8...12, 14, 15... Those look like these. They look like bangles. Here you go, you didn't finish. There are about 20 or 16 or so. -Where? The ones you're counting. -These? -Hey, which ones are you counting? -These here. -Which ones? -These, these. -Ok, I thought you were counting these. -Which ones? -These. -Yeah, those ones. -You were counting these, weren't you? Over there...over there...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9...12, 13, 14, 15, 16. You missed one. -That's the broken one, right? -Yes. I'll turn over if I start feeling sleepy. I'll still be looking at it. -I'd drawn some people. -Yes. -Up there. -Where? I said we should stop up there. Let me ask Munena. -About what? - About a pen. Munena! Are you the one who brought the pen? -Which pen? -The black one. -Black? -Yes. -Is it there? -Yeah, I found it on the table... -Bring it here! -Memory, maybe it's not hers. -No! -So you're the one who took it? -Thanks. -I just found it on the table... -I don't have a pen. My pen... -I found it... -Maybe it's not yours, don't pens look alike? -Let me see it. -Here it is. -Hey, maybe it's not yours. Hey, whatever. Hey Memory, I thought that was your pen? -Yeah, it's mine. -Where's the one you found? -It's here. Give it to me, Memory, I thought you had a black one. -Hey, I thought I gave you this pen? -I thought it's this one? A blue one. I thought Auntie gave it to you? Auntie, I thought I asked you to give me? Let's exchange. -Hey, didn't I give it to you? -You said you'd give Memory the blue one... I thought you said you'd give Memory... Memory was given one today. Did she found that one on the table? -On the chair, I think. -On the table? Yes, that's the one. Auntie, give us the other one then... I thought they were both Memory's so you're quizzing... You're quizzing her like they were yours. Someone also took my pen. So you've been taking it to school? -I lent it to the little one. -And got it back? -I'm lending it to you. -No... -What! -Who do you think you are? -What! You're stepping all over it. -Two? Two? -I really want that pen. -We do it like this... -I'll buy it after I buy the mathematical instrument kit. Somebody found a ruler in that set. Then we turned this side. Then, while deep asleep, you heard some say... Lindi! -Turn that side. -Yes, come here. Lindi, okay, foiling? Lindi, you're better off. Can they see us? Just sleep. Do you know that they'll tell us? You're sulking! I still sleep right here. I'll just look away when I get up. It could be the fourth. Maybe the third. Come on, face that way. I like it this way. I'll do it like that. -Edith, don't do it like that. -I'll feel good that way. Have you repaired your shoes? When will you learn? While asleep. -Wanda wears something like this, but brighter than this. -Which one? -They had to scrub it. -Which one? Ok. -It's as big as the rosary. She's going home today... Memory, you're going fast. -I quit. -Yes? -Yes. It's stopped. Mine's still moving. It's as if it was skating down the slope... Like the way kindergarten kids do in TV shows? Mine's stopped. It's just still, playing some music. -You must be forcing it... -You? Mine's still going. I've tried until it's straight by itself. If you want it to stop... -Then it must be like this. -It says... Is Aunt sleeping? -What? -I'm saying... What? The sun's shining. You're slowly coming toward me, I can beckon you. I thought it was flu... This is flu season. Edith, I'll pounce on you. -Keep motioning. -Thanks a lot. These bricks look like those the ones in Naomi's kitchen. -Which ones? -These muddy ones. -They're fully burnt... -They're still muddy... -Still not fully burnt. -Which of Naomi's kitchen? -The inside kitchen. -Ok. -It's built from muddy bricks. -I thought they weren't burnt? -I thought they were from the oven top. -No, they just mold them and sun dry.

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