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HOM 10 - Creation and Design of Human Form by Annunaki and Atlanteans

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 10 - Creating Human Form (Jack) Ok so, the Atlanteans use common sense and sugested, why do I have problem with the word, 'suggested' that, they designed the form in it's entirety have 'the eyes' have, yeah! have the eyes, first! 'only the eyes', designed the eyes so that when you walk into it You are that, which fills the Life into it, and then you see 'through it as it' The Annunaki went (overload) 'brain-freeze' didn't know what the hell they're talking about they said: How! we're going to do this? because now of course they're looking inside themselves they're going What makes me 'speak'? what makes me 'think'? what makes me look at things, and what makes me consider? of course now if you look at the Atlanteans, you can see right 'through' them! If you look at the Annunaki 'same thing', there wasn't a 'brain form', there wasn't organs things like that, No. it was just a 'form'! that's why they designed 'a form', as a vessel, as just form and then, well that's where the skeleton came and, now the eyes! Now they said: How are they going to 'do this'? and so, it was more the Atlanteans, that stepped in and they said: Ok You're going to need, 'a place', inside this 'form' where, you're able to do what you do now which is 'think' Manifest, 'forms', of that which you see That you're doing, in other words thinking, or looking or wondering, ok? Now manifest those three points, into 'one form', speaking! manifest that into one form etc, and of course they did 'experience', like what you call it? like 'feelings' and anger and resentment, but they didn't have 'words' for it, they'd said: that's what you'd experience when this and this and this and this happens put 'that' into one point! So they all said: Now that's a good idea! So, they went and they looked: Ok. what would be the most 'obvious place', where you can put 'that which' 'thinks', that which look at things, and they put in this, the 'head area' they said: That would be a nice place. and now they said: Ok. now you have to look at, now, that's where the 'brain' pla- placement came now, the 'brain placement' So what they did? how they designed the brain? Ok What they did was the followings, so Anu, went and he said: n-How am I going to 'actually design' this, and manifest this? Firstly, of course he went, and he looked at what you'd call the book of Ani and knew, maybe there was something that his forefathers realized that could assist him now and indeed! of course, they did they, actually already did what the, Atlanteans were sugest- suggesting to them 'they do' Where was- where you could see, the 'eyes', where you could see the 'brain' where you could see, the eyes and the brain that's all! 'not the organs yet'. Why did? why was that drawn already? because these forefathers asked the same question: What makes me speak? what makes me 'think', look, wonder, 'what makes me See'? and so they started playing with 'different options', different, 'perspectives' So they had, basically, this 'picture drawn' inside the book of Ani which is eyes the 'brain' actually as it is manifested here in this world, how it would work and, but it was more like a round 'shape', and then that's it! that was all there is so, the Annuaki went: Yes! we've got it now. so they tried again They went into now it was now only 'the brain', and the eyes and they try to go in again, and they said: No. it's not working. it's manifested but now it's just this 'thing', standing. eyes, looking at nothing you can't see anything, the brain is just there and, so they went: Ok. Maybe, now we must connect, 'the brain' point, that point I, 'to the eyes' because How do you usually think and wonder and look at things 'when you see something'! So 'maybe'! we should connect the eyes to the brain! but it was not called 'the brain', it was called 'the space that - I am in' In other words the Annuaki, and the Atlanteans, 'placed themselves' as the brain That's where "they are", that's where they think, look at things wonder speak "everything"! just that, round 'place' in the head, they said: Connect it to the eyes! That's what they did! Now they've realized: Ok. This this brain is was just one manifested form, and these 'two eyes' Now they wonder: How's it going to work? Can they connect this 'one brain into two eyes'? what will happen? They said: Ok. cool. they'll do that (smile) So when they did that, and then when they look through that that that 'form', vessel! What they saw was like a teles- you know when you look through a telescope you see 'one point', it goes to one point and (laugh) make, it was like looking and seeing, just, it wasn't seeing 'everything' as when you are now looking and see everything, you saw like a 'round circle' said: Problem Anu said: Ok there's Two Eyes, maybe we should have two, 'brain' - spheres! and that's what they did! so they connected, the 'left eye' to the left sphere of, left of the brain area, dividing the brain into two pieces, and then they went in look again they saw 'beautiful', this works. Ok but still now they can only look 'into it', and 'see', but this form is still just 'nothing'! it's just there. and they were running out of time as well because as time goes by, this place is starting to 'manifest' and, so they said: Ok, let's make, about ten thousand "shapes", just quickly and so we have a 'manifested shape' so this shape, can manifest! as long as earth manifest and then we can just, all around this planet manifest, so then we can be certain that you know: We're prepared, for what may come. If for in- if we don't make it you know we don't we want able to manifest. So what were, the Annunaki trying to do? they were 'actually' trying to manifest themselves, in a separate form, basically and the same with the Atlanteans, so the Atlanteans were pretty much in it too So they made about, ten thousand designs of the same you know, the form Now you're asking me probably: but what 'did' the form consists of? Where does the 'form' come from? The form, was placed by these, what do you call it? the Annunaki, who was also 'involved' with Sirians but the Sirians come a bit more later, so the main groups that I'm going to be talking about is the Annunaki, the Sirians, Serpents the Martians, and the Livuitiuukus yeah, Livuitiuukus, yeah, them So they were all involved but in the beginning where I am now it was only Anu the Anu! only Anu Enki and Enlil, Marduk would only coming later, and then the Atlanteans Ok I'll continue in my next interview thanks Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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History of Man 10 - Creation and Design of Human Form by Annunaki and Atlanteans

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