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Celebrities - Bono

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CELEBRITIES Good heavens! Today... Bono! 1, 2, 3... 14! Hi, I'm Paul David Hewson, alias Bono. Rockstar. Perhaps... one of the most influential and one of the coolest. BONOOOOOL! And one of the noblest. Noble rockstars like me maybe CariƱos Brown, who isn't either a bad person. Though he's a bit of a pain... I am so f... such a good person that... that makes me cry, for how good I am. I harbor so much humanity in me. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. BONO! Sometimes I am badly dubbed. When I come from the UN, I come badly dubbed. The problems of the world, I mean, I am interested in them all. The most serious ones. We are killing this planet with the warming. Save energy! Now, when you arrive home and turn on the air conditioning... feels good, innit? How comfortable. That makes me commit myself for many humanitarian purposes loads of them. Right now I am supporting a campaign called... Ehh... "SAVE TH... " Well, can't rememeber now, it's about taking food to Africa the brown continent. And I have given my image, and... not much more. Our planet is getting warmer. Ice in the Poles is melting. I really loved 'Dracula' ice cream, which had cola, vanille and strawberry. And I also loved LEMMOOOON crushed-ice drink. I came up with it when I visited "Los Valencianos" ice-cream parlor and they asked me: "What flavour do you want the crushed-ice drink?" And I replied: "LEMOOOOOOOON" I sometimes have anxiety, I take the drink and SHHHHHHHH, bloody hell! Your head gets dizzy, your fucking head. Ayayayayaaaya! I love the world, I love the whole world so fucking much. All the continents, all the races I love equally, maybe even blacks most. Well, when I go to the UN, I cause such a scene... Bonoo, Bonoo! Bono, stay! we'll do an early dinner picnic! BONOO, Bono, Bono! How much did you pay for those glasses? Did you buy them off the Africans? No? Are they any good? People gets crazy. I get out there. People... innit? That's something that makes one shiver, innit? I am Bono, the one from U2. I am Bono. I am Bono! Come on, I'm Bono, bloody hell! I take care of my Rockstar side. Of U2 leader. Independently of being oldy, we still fill halls up. The other three components I notice they are kind of lethargic. You know, this kind of thing that spoils the relationship. Strange things, and I say to them: "let's see..." 'Coz don't you think I distinguish them very well. I know that the one with the wooden cap, that never takes it off like the serious guy from Amaral (Spanish band) that never takes off his hat that is The Edge. But the other two... Dont you think I know who is who. Don't you see that to become a leader you gotta have charisma? Something that I have, and you haven't. My dear sons, accept your gregarious role! You shut up and whatever I say. And if you see me laughing, you laugh. Furthermore, if you said we didn't sell, but we sell billions of discs. ...and people "EEOOH", and I go: "EEEEEOOOO. Everything I say, they will repeat. Because they are fans. EH! - eh! ARSEHOLE! - arsehole! The our last single, Vertigo. That's because I have vertigo when I've just done a good work I get dizzy, I get vertigo So I say: "we're gonna call the single 'Vertigo' ". It started: 1, 2, 3... 14 That was my idea. Rockstar Commited Rock Compromise I mean, two in one same person, One duality. Yes, yes. Bono, that comes from 'Good'. 'Buono' Bonissimo. I am still that little boy that one day went away from Dublin with his head full of dreams.

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Posted by: iburunat on Oct 31, 2009

Parody on Bono

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