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Celiac Disease (for CC)-SD

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Now, this is called De Novo Celiac Disease. The patient after surgery, before the surgery no Celiac Disease or gluten free...or gluten sensitive enteropathy. Then after pouch surgery the De Novo Celiac Disease. Look at the small bowel mucosa, like a finger like. Healthy, full of the inflammatory cells then after De Novo Celiac Disease the mucosa becomes flat. "Which ones are the inflammatory cells?" These are the inflammatory cells in there. Mainly mono nuclear cells, plasma cells and lymphocytes. Then, after gluten free diet and then the mucosa look normal. So we have a dozens of patients that develop uh called De Novo, new Celiac Disease after pouch surgery. So for the people with the diarrhea things and um, weight loss, anemia things you need to at least start with the celiac serology. And if the celiac serology is positive take the biopsies. "So is it beneficial for patients that do not have a diagnosed Celiac Disease to avoid gluten or would that make, would that not make a difference?" So I would check the Celiac Disease Serology first. Why? Celiac Disease is diagnoses, firm diagnosis is important because Celiac Disease does carry informal risk. So there are two forms of gluten sensitive enteropathy. One is the Celiac Disease it's IGAIGG mediated. Other one is just allergy to gluten free and is IGE mediated. So its like allergy to peanuts. No bad consequences except if you have just allergy. No informal risk There are two arms, one is Celiac Disease related to genes, other one is IGE related like an allergy to some drink.

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Celiac Disease (for CC)-SD

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