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PLEs & mobile learning Pecha Kucha Mar Camacho

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Personal Learning Environments. Mobile? Mar Camacho, Universitat Rovira i Virgili CALL EXCHANGE. ♫♫♫ Macaco – Moving Time of small movements, movements in reaction. Emerging Technologies Digital Natives: My PDA is connected via wifi. I'm listening to a podcast. I've got a new homebrew pack. Mine has more pixels. Look at my screensaver. Can I send via Bluetooth? A drop along with other makes waves, then seas .... oceans. m-learning: ubiquitous exploitation of technology to facilitate, support and expand the scope of the learning process can occur at any time, anywhere ... from traditional environments to more casual or formal Learning beyond the classroom mobile as opposed 2 elearning A law was never so simple and clear: action, reaction ... repercussion m-learning => mPLEs: learning centered on student and in the context of student direct publishing of content, comments and reflections, social media empowers us to be researchers of our own environments; possibility to capture learning moments upon which there will be discussion and debate, distributed collaboration, possibility of groupwork mPLE: access and manage information to convert it into knowledge; customize a set of tools to collaborate; generate, organize, share knowledge by constructing significative scaffolding with the aim to learn Pedagogical implications 1.Distribution of educational contents which promote interaction and exchange of knowledge wherever and whenever we need it. 2.Distribution of educational contents which promote interaction and exchange of knowledge wherever and whenever we need it 3.It’s necessary for us to be competent and know how to adapt ourselves to changing environments when it’s necessary 4.Remember that emerging technologies will play an important role in the learning process Murmurs are screaming join, together we are evolution audiobooks social networks mobile communities WE ALL HAVE A mPLE that helps us to learn the future is at our hands!!! Thank you!!!

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Posted by: marett on Jul 19, 2010

Presented at the PLE Conference in Barcelona 2010

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