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Meninas de Sinhá

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Brave Festival in Wroclaw / Poland Meninas de Sinhá (Lord's Young Women) So then I met Maria de las Mercedes, Lourdes, who is my neighbour, and she told me like this: there is a group at Valdete's where people meet to do phisiotherapy sing songs Let's go, who knows, you may get better - July 5th 7:00PM Venue: Synagogue Square and streets in the city center Event: Musical Festival together with Mamatucada Group Theme: Happiness (Introduction to Meninas de Sinhá in Polish) Meninas de Sinhá perform the late 1980s by Valdete Cordeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brazil Meninas de Sinhá July 6th 9:00 PM Venue: Centrum Sztuki Impart (Art Center) Event: Show Theme: The therapeutic power and happiness of women found through music When I was in pain, so much pain, my legs, my arms, I couldn't stand it Then slowly they took me there This woman, Ms Valdete, lifted my arms up, I cried, it hurt so much and we started working doing therapy, exercise I was doing everything she was teaching me and with time, with time, I started getting better the girls, my daughters, Valdete invited me to join the group and then my daughters said: "I'll have clothes made to you, so that you can participate in the group" Bi Kibude - She is considered the unquestioned queen of Taarab and Unyago When she was young, she was chosen for her voice and, in 1920, she sang with popular cultural groups combining an understanding of music with an equally important initiation in traditional medicine. - - Then I felt good, I felt happy, I felt joy, sadness was gone, Only joy in my heart ANd my kids were not a reason for me not to survive And my house was not a pretext either My job, the one I was working at the time, was not a problem My life became another life I do not feel pain in my foot, nor my arm or anywhere else It was my mind that was sick it was sick and my soul as well My heart was sick - The result of these sad women getting together women who were taking medication that were hospitalized in Mental Health institutions from time to time And we now show that singing, culture and art renew life, the soul and the heart. Bye Poland, bye Bye Poland, bye I was not expecting to be so welcome Thanks God Very welcome Thanks God Very Warm, very... wow! the attention... Everything was great, what we had, right? We came with the impression I came with an impression..., I was very scared! Because I did not know what was waiting for us here, in a city outside of Brazil a very far place How would the people here be? How are we going to be welcomed? But it was so warm! With love! And the people who took care of us, wow! Incredible! I do not know, I do not have not even words And I am feeling... like a queen? A queen I felt here And I am already missing this place! And me too Production: Meninhas de Sinhá Cultural Group Sponsorship: National Fund for Culture Sponsorship: Government of Minas - Culture Sponsorship: Ministry of Culture - Brazilian Federal Government - Wealthy country is a country without poverty Support: Quero Mais - Art and Culture Support: Voices of Masters - International Festival of Popular Culture Support: Videos Foca - Thank you Government of the city of Wroclaw and all the women in the Meninhas do SInhá group. (Applause) Edition and finalizing: Foca Videos -

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Meninas de Sinhá

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