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Save Your Life: The Making of The Photos

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[AARP® Real Possibilities] [screeching, crashing sounds] [gurgling and heartbeat sounds] [Save Your Life] [The Making of the Photographs] [Brent Humphreys, Photographer] Hi, my name's Brent Humphreys, I'm a photographer based in Taylor, Texas. We're working on a story for AARP Magazine on crisis moments and how to survive them should one of these moments occur. The 4 moments that we are working on are car collision, car in water, animal attack, and plane crash. This is as big as any commercial production I've ever done times 4. Let's try to do something pulled back and like— holy cow, how did they pull this off? My producer and assistant, Phil Kline— he did an amazing job of tracking down all the items necessary. The list was very long. [Phil Kline II, Production Assistant] Lots of good stuff at the Corner Shop. Need a bear. [Brent Humphreys] Yeah, we're here in Bastrop State Park in Texas, just outside of Austin. Unfortunately, this park was ravaged by wildfires a couple years back, so it felt good to write a check for the location permit to a park we know can put it to good use. ♪ music ♪ [Brent Humphreys] We have 2 moments that we're going to chronicle today. One is a collision—an automobile and a wild animal— a second being a bear to simulate a bear attack. Right now we're roughing in the lights—we've got all the props set. We've had very good luck so far in the production. ♪ music ♪ [Phil Kline] That smoke filling in the back looks really killer. [Brent Humphreys] Yes, that's exactly what we need. Out of the 3 locations, this was definitely the most simple. ♪ music ♪ The least simple would be the car flying off the bridge shot. [footsteps sounds] While it would be great to have a stunt man and a big, Hollywood-type production, I think we're going to have to cheat that a little bit. We'll shoot the bridge on its own, shoot the car suspended over the body of water— we'll merge those 2 together. It's almost the calm before the storm— it's that moment right before the car hits the water and—and all hell breaks loose. [engine sounds] [buzzing sounds] [Brent Humphreys] You want to put the outriggers down? >> [male speaker] Put your outriggers down, man. [Taylor Jones, Key Grip] So what we're doing today is— we've got the—the headlights for the Jetta. We have to physically remove all of the original lamps and everything, because we're going to put in our own strobe units, which are these units here. [Clark Mansion] [Austin, TX] ♪ music ♪ [Clint Reynolds, Modifications] We hung this car in the air and welded this pipe to it. This pipe is going to be sunk in the mud. Hopefully it works. ♪ music ♪ [scraping sounds] [water sounds] ♪ music ♪ [Brent Humphreys] Yeah, we definitely ran into some problems. What are his limitations at this moment? You've got to lower it. As soon as possible. During that day when we were on set, the fabrication tacoed. I mean, there was a moment where I thought, are we going to be able to pull this off? And had to walk it off, you know? What did we do—we pulled the car out of the water, disassembled it, re-welded, and ultimately we made it. We pulled it off. Good as new. All right. [Clint Reynolds] We could just take all the electronics out and then just place them— [Brent Humphreys] That's fine—that looks—that's perfect. The older you get, the more seasoned you are, I mean—you dream of an opportunity like this to reach into that bag and—hey, I want to try this— we want to get a fog machine, we want to get a crane, we want to do this. I couldn't be more proud of the project— the photography, the level that we were able to pull off as a crew— but I'm also proud of the fact that it's an article that people out there can read and become more knowledgeable about how to potentially save themselves should a moment of crisis like this arise. People need to be prepared—we all need to be prepared, because crisis is coming. ♪ music ♪ [Film: David Lackey] [Photographs: Brent Humphreys] [Creative Consultant: Todd Albertson] [HUMPHREYS] [Brent Humphreys Photography]

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Watch photographer Brent Humphries and his team create dramatic photos as seen in print.

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