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GlobalEnglish Coach Video 5

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Rescheduling with GlobalEnglish Coach is easy. First, pick the session that you want to reschedule. I'm going to take the next session from my homepage. At the bottom of the Session Details screen you'll see a Cancel Session button and a Cancel and Reschedule button. If you're not sure when you want to reschedule your session, you can just hit the Cancel button. But if you know when you'd like to reschedule the session, you can cancel and reschedule in one step. First I have to explain why I'm canceling, confirm that I do want to go ahead and do this, and then I will be presented with a series of trainers. The trainer that I normally do my sessions with is presented first. If I select this trainer, I'll then be shown their availability. So looking at next week, I can see that Aishah has very good availability, so I'm going to schedule my session for 10:00 on Thursday morning. I can confirm the details of my trainer and the time and then confirm my booking. There is one other thing you need to know about rescheduling. If you find your normal trainer doesn't have the availability you need, you can do things the other way around. So instead of choosing a trainer and then a time, we'll choose a time and then see what trainers are available. I'm going to schedule my session for 9:00 at night on Tuesday, and I can see the trainers that are available at this time. Simply select the trainer of your choice, review the details as before, and confirm your booking. That concludes this short video. Thanks for listening.

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Posted by: globalenglish on Feb 24, 2014

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