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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~12:53:43 - 13:10:07

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Besides, each of us has our own individual way of making music. Each person perceives it in their own way; we here have 5 different perspectives on the same subject, on each song... When we talk about love, there are five different viewpoints without duplicating any, Beause each one of us, since we're unique, each one comes with their their cultural heritage, their personality, their way of expressing themself and that completes us, thank God! Thank god. I came up with a style too, that day I told you about. I was playing live there at the CEU, and I got the lowdown: dude, shot down, Iporanga and whatnot, so forth and the guys fill me in on the details, and then I made a groove, like a style, know what I mean? Like, the guys told everybody to lay down on the ground, there was a guy going for a knife, he said, "No, it's not worth it." Totally humiliating, you feel me? and it's like a huge hold up. So, I made up a part kind of... I met up with my boy, he said the well was dry He cut his cigarette with scissors cause the man pressed it down and only Ding-dong wanted some, the hustler we talked about who didn't have anything out there, and moves weight it was a sunny, hot Sunday game on the field, pastries at the market Operation Fine-toothed Comb running through the pines only breaks needles, they killed Iporanga the cops were so tough, he was just coming from the newsstand the tires that sing to surround suspects and evil would lay down and roll over a bunch of neighbors who were there got pissed but there's a good side, that this is over and done and that before I go to sleep I'm gonna tell you, sir before I go to sleep I'm gonna tell you to enlighten and bless the hearts and minds The people's minds and take away their toubles from the people's minds because before I go to sleep, I'm gonna tell you, sir this is crazy but won't fail to be a place for everyone, who wants to live the hood the hood that's why I go on, and that's where I'll stay the hood And that was the hook. So I did that, I still had to finish it, but... like, I wanted to portray that aspect there, then at that time, I was working with a beat like that, my mom is very religious she said: "Hey, how come you don't do music talking about God and stuff?" I said "Ah, there it is!" 'Cause like, I believe in God, but I don't believe in the church, know what I mean? But it's good to give praise, you know, in the moment. I believe in God too. Who's your God? My God? Um, he's the one who reigns over this universe, man. And that's what it is, I believe that God... I don't think it's explainable, man. But, it's a massive force that, like, brings me positivity. I think it's sort of a... it's a firm point by which you can calibrate yourself, you know? As much as people don't believe in Him, I know He exists, 'cause I've had proof from the other side that He does, you know? ...and that negative side, can't stand to hear that word: God. Can't stand to hear it, and like, no one is more powerful than Him, you feel me? And I believe in Him, I don't believe in the Church, because of the way it imposes things, like, this thing about even having to keep talking about your personal business to people who are just like you. There's a bunch of cases of pedophilia too, a lot of people are making money off that. Therefore, I'm able to find my God within me, around me, in my home, I kneel here, exchange a thought and I calibrate myself. Do you want for anything? I, sort of, thank more than I want. I give thanks for the life I have, my family, to sleep, wake up, see, the sun, the moon, night, day. I ask for peace, health, strength, wisdom, to be a fighter; this savage capitalism, that tomorrow I might rise from the jungle, that I might have determination and seek out what is mine in this jungle and come back, because here at home someone's waiting. So, I think He gives me strength in all those ways, and my talent too. I couldn't do it by myself. He keeps lighting the way, good things keep happening, and they keep bringing me inspiration and strength. I think, for me, God represents just that, it's a place that, that's there inside you, but sometimes it has to be somewhere real too. You have to set your heart free a little. You can't stay all closed up. You talk about fears, you mentioned courage, determination... and inhibitions? Do you have any... Inhibitions, man? Man, as much as I'm like that, I am a kind of shy guy at times. I have my shy moments. But inhibitions, if I was inhibited I wouldn't be the way I am. I think inhibitions is something about caring what other people think. It's not just a matter of choosing for yourself, it's about you seeing what other people are feeling relative to you. And if it's more in a sense of having done something, those things that you're still thinking about. Dude, let me see... Man, I've done a lot of stuff, not very many embarassing moments. Man, I've had times when I was all messed up and stuff and said something I, sort of, shouldn't have. The other day I felt ashamed of myself, I stopped to think it over, and felt stupid, but that wasn't a lot of times. Now this is about being inhibited in relationship to people. I always faced it head on, cause back in the day when I was in school I rocked a 'fro out to here, and, like, I was the only one, you feel me? Bro, everybody was like: "Yeah, I know that, too" and a little joke and so on and so forth; and I've been like 'darn it' to this day. And today, everyone has accepted me being that way, no one says a stupid thing. They say: "Yeah, that dude there is the real deal." But like, there have been some times that I've said: "Darn, this is so messed up, right?" That I got to the point, sometimes, I was really torn up about something, I wanted to cheer up and there would already be some jokes, some bad things" but then I kind of; that can even cause problems for me later, I hold on too much that, that madness out there. Those guys: "Jeez, this, that and the other thing"... And I was really stressing. I would play along too, but, like, there were feelings being held back there at the time. I was going through a wild time then. but taking it too easy too. One of the songs you like the most: Dude, To be honest with you, I don't feel complete about my songs yet, I wanna get to, like, a way higher level, so there's one I might like more, but you'll, kind of, you'll end up liking the inovations, like from one song to the next, but there's always something missing, you know? But there's this last one I did, that talk about a girl and stuff, cause I'm a sort of suave guy like that too, ain't I? And like, then there was a phase where, my girl kind of did her thing and I did mine, since I was always running around, with no time for her and so on and so forth. But I made a song about the girl, which was the last time I did stupid thing. The one I was just playing, man. I'm gonna sing it... When I saw myself just in this place I thought that I have to get out to free myself to be whoever I am singing is my life never in the same place be it alone or in a pair I'll figure out the rest later but just thinking about it I would kiss your chest, your mouth, your cheek everything you told me, only you do this to me in there thinking: "God, if these walls could talk" but what a shame, it's over, it's over, it's over I don't see her as so beautiful and pure nor should I because if I hear her voice, it's through a hello if I go through the hood, it's because someone told me to so, since you left me here alone I learned to live by myself but what can I do, babe, if I like the nightlife if the night for me is day but I can change but since this is a matter of time, I don't even have much of that I don't even like to go on singing I'd rather joke around when I saw myself just in this place I thought that I have to get out, to free myself to be whoever I am singing is my life never in the same place whether alone or as two I'll figure the rest out later I'll figure the rest out later maybe, perhaps a nice girl could fall into my rhythm that's it, leave it to me, just follow your feeling and wake up your mojo stick to the flowery peaks but no, wait a sec, listen up, it's not like that for me it's gotta be worthwhile It's not just show up and take advantage, or make stuff up, or fake it you can't even feel love in the long run, she doesn't trust me anymore, you believe it I don't trust the girl who I think was the biggest crook from the start everything was right, but shit gets messed up and the longing stays so, it's over, it's over, it's over I don't see her as so beautiful and pure anymore nor should I because if I hear her voice, it's through a hello if I go through the hood it's because someone told me to so, since you left me here alone I learned to live by myself a little but what can I do about it babe, if I like the nightlife if the night for me is day but I can change but since that's a matter of time, I don't have much of that I don't even like to go on singing, I'd rather joke around when I saw myself just here in this place I thought that I have to get out to free myself and be whoever I am singing is my life never in the same place whether alone or in a pair I'll figure the rest out later I'll figure the rest out later never in the same place whether alone or as a pair I'll figure the rest out later That's the hook. Like, from that you kind of can sum up my life. Like, dude, I met a lot of people through singing, a bunch of dives, a lot of nicer places too. I know a lot of people, I don't stick to just one place and... and like, all in the name of music, of the art form sometimes there's no time left for other stuff. Like I wrote, thats why I wrote that line: "Whether alone or in a pair", "singing is my life" and that's it, any old place, let's do this! Hello? Are you guys on your lunch break? No, no... make yourself at home. That's what it's all about. And after you get out there, and known, what has changed for you? A lot. Like, The fact of you feeling fulfilled changed, because, you're being noticed even though it may not be exactly in the way you... that you may want, because the market it kind of unfair, but, that's all that's changed, the fact that you feel fulfilled. That ignorance I talked about changed like, people look at you different in the streets, with different eyes, something's changed. Nowadays it's something else. Back in the day it was that bad, I would just post up in the park over there. And then it was like: "Darn, these kids don't ever leave". The crew would roam, we were here, came back, we were there. It's like they looked at us like: "Darn, it looks like someone ditched those boys and left them here, they're here aren't they?" 'Cause we didn't fit into the normal schedule of the park-goers. Then, in those days, like, there was a time where I roamed around too, when I worked with hard stuff. Then, like, I wouldn't get to hanging around much in the public eye, which nobody does. I don't think anyone likes that thing. Sometimes you do what you don't like to do, that's imposed by capitalism. Sometimes you're dealing with something that's not for you. You'd like to do something else, just like in my case. Then I came up with the style I told you about and I was gonna get myself out of here, 'cause man, it's too much drama, dog. Like, I'm gonna blow up! Like, it's 'cause I don't cling to what is... is samba, you know? And then, the song'll kind of speak for itself. I'm gonna bust out of this city I'm gonna blow up and find a real place to a better place, and you too with your mermaid ways come get wet and dirty in the sand I'm not gonna disown where I'm from, but sometimes I cry sometimes I get terrified, I take my time in the confession booth I stop and breath, 'cause everything is so precious, so I'd rather believe in what brings me close, a little more caught up in the effect even if it means standing here staring at the ceiling the paths I chose didn't lead to paradise and when you're, mad at your boss, you'll see that I'm a thug but I'm right as rain, 'cause, you think you're gonna leave the city behind so tense, may heaven be your reward love grows, there is nothing more intense It gives you that heat of the concrete, you know? It's kind of a naturalist idea or something like that, but it's kind of to escape from this babylon there. It finishes us off; It ends up like, a lot of people who are right in it there don't realize, 'cause you need money. But like, nothing change. Today I'm gonna do a lion, a tatoo I already had, I did one I'm gonna do another. I even identify with street kids, I like them, I'm not a Leo, but I always related to the lion. I think it's about time and you gotta be a lion to be a lion you gotta always stay focused you gotta hunt it down and sometimes you gotta bust somebody's shit who would bust yours and that's how it happens... what about the tatoos? what's your problem? well I got Carpe Diem, what was that about a thug again, seize the day "thug" like that, in quotes seize the day from the start, the best way you can I have this microphone crucifix; it's something that represents the music and stuff, that I'm feeling it all the way, which was what saved me along with God. It's part of my life, and so is music. That's a satire, yeah, I liked the drawing, man. There's no solid explanation, but yeah, it's related to the music. I thought the satire was killer. There's an old LP, with the Crazy Boy Team mascot, which is a soccer team we have, it's just that I'm missing a few traits on it yet, and I'm starting to do the lion, that one I'm gonna finish today. And I think I'm gonna stop right about there, otherwise I'll end up like an old storyteller...

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Playing guitar and talking in his room.

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