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C7L9: Slice on the Dead Run

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So if your players are starting to win now and I am sure they are. They must be getting some later rounds and if thats true this dead run slice is an essential shot these days. Here is Sam see his eyes stay forward as much as possible and he holds that coil in his arm. He doesn't really go convex on this shot in order to stay sharp at the 45 degree angle. So really run with those arms coiled and keep them coiled. What I said earlier about his eyes forward you want to keep your eyes in the court as much as possible. Try to keep your head looking forward even though you are on a dead run and you feel like you are going side ways. Keep looking forward when you run that is a key to getting these great slice dead run shots. Here the left hand look how the left hand expands there reaching out towards the future of the stroke on the forehands if you don't do that you end up too much side on and you never get around on the shots. Make sure to spread that left hand. When at all possible cut off the angle like Djokovic does here see that and steps forward with that right foot but his left side is represented look at that. The left foot and the left hand keeping him right there at the present right there at the 45 degree angle. So in a word make sure when you are running for the forehand make sure that left hand keeps the future in mind by spreading out toward the cross court. On the backhand keep your eyes forward as much as humanly possible and cut off that angle. With that left foot behind you. Watch here again real artistry look at that no matter what even though he is running he couldn't cut off that angle. Look at him at the 45 with the left and right hand its a perfect balance like walking the tight rope just beautiful he even turns around during contact. He was still present at the 45 degree angle. When possible he does cut off this angle see that , you really want to cut it off when you can. Reflecting on this shot make sure your eyes stay forward as much as possible that keeps you at the present of the stroke, because your legs are hustling right there at the past. Keep your eyes on the present at the 45 and stay committed the entire run through to that 45 degree angle never let your body pull too much one way or the other off that angle. It really important in making these great gets this really applies to volleys as well. If you are diving for a volley don't turn too much to the side fence look at that. Look at him hold his coil there, he really let the arm go back. Practice this with your players its a great great drill.

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There is a specific technique for this seemingly desperate shot.

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