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[Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] What’s happening guys? You know I really. [Dancing Grandpa - Clip] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Wait, hold on, stop dancing (beep) I’ll get to you in a second. Anyway there is this cat, right! Yah, I know a cat video, but but bu, bare with me here, this ain’t no regular cat oh no! This cat has the ability to give a thumbs up! [Thumbs Up Cat - Clip] [Girl] Jimmy, can you give me a thumbs up Jimmy(cat)? [Cat Thumbs Up] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ) - Text] Well that’s pretty cool. In fact it’s so cool it got almost 1 million views in 4 days. But what does it mean? Does it mean he’s a Roman Emperor? What is he trying to be the Fonz all of a sudden? Yeah! Ya, its a cool trick but I’m sure the cat gets tired of that like, come on, come on, give me a thumbs up! Give me a thumbs up! [Kitteh] Fine. Meow, f*** my life! [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] No, see to me it isn’t cool, its scary! Cats growing Opposable thumbs that means they can hold (beep), like a butcher knife, a stick of dynamite, a lite-saber, your mother’s favorite toy which she refers to as a back mas-sager but we all know that ain’t what its for. I’m just saying I don’t want cats (Kitteh Invasion) taking over the world, their videos are already taking over the damn internet. Yah, and also, one of those times your gonna ask that kitty to give you a thumbs up! And he’s gonna give you the other finger! [Cool Transition] Source: [Cool Transition] meant to review it last week when it actually went viral but I was way to busy being awesome. Now the video is of this military ceremony, right here, right, pretty standard stuff. Now they are about to (dump their load) fire their rifles and pay attention to this guy here. (front row – fourth man – left screen) [Polish Funeral - Clip] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Did you see that, did you get what happened? The dude behind him fired his gun and the shot was so close it knocked the dudes hat off-holly (beep), now the craziest thing about this is that the guy kept his composure the entire time. He didn’t move, he didn’t break formation. Now, had that been me, I’d of course not only (S**tting entire bricks FTW!) would of (beep) entire brick but my gun would of probably went off too like, hey you almost shot me. No, the best thing about this video, not that it got 300,000 views last week but that its Polish, which means if you look at the comments you’ll of course find: “Co za asy….” which when translated to English means something along the lines of Ray William Johnson is supper buff! Now before you guys freak out about the Polish guy almost getting shot I – I -I just wanna add that I wish it were a laser! [Polish Funeral - Clip] (video edit with shooting lasers) [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] I also wanna point out that at such military ceremonies at least in the U.S. They use blanks (Like your dad should have) Right, it was probably a blast of air that blew the dudes hat off, that would be my guess! Anyway! Right, I mean, you need blanks in those guns, you don’t wanna fire a ceremonial shot and knock a (beep) bird out of the sky! Like (video edit: two shots fired and bird falls down). So I assume that they do the same thing in Poland, the guy probably wasn’t in any real danger, still an awesome video though! [Cool Transition] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Alright this last video! [Dancing Grandpa - Clip] (grandpa dancing to techno aggressively) [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Alright calm down, stop dancing, we made it to your video, calm down! So, yah, as you just saw! Not the biggest video this week with only 300,00 views but definitely the funniest! Ladies and Gentleman I present to you Geriatric Techno! [Dancing Grandpa - Clip] (Geriatric Techno grandpa dancing to techno) [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Wait, who, what, what the hell! Who was that? Was that one of the Mario Brothers? Its a me! And if it is, then why is Super Mario cutting the rug in the first place? Did he finally rescue the Princess? I’m sorry Mario but that b*** is in another castle! Nah, I’m kidding, seriously somebody needs to give that dude some glow sticks! [Dancing Grandpa - Clip] (Video edit: Geriatric Techno grandpa dancing to techno with glow sticks) [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Nah, that’s funny! But there’s this one part where I’m 90% sure the dude is having an epileptic seizure! [Dancing Grandpa - Clip] (Geriatric Techno grandpa dancing to techno with more energy) [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Right, and also! Why are the kids in this video so unmoved by the grandpa’s dancing? What does he dance like this everyday? Those kids are like, yah, what the (beep) ever grandpa, I just wanna watch Blue’s Clues and another thing I noticed, and its just me being picky, but why they got two TV’s! One new and one old! Source: Let’s not watch American Idol on that TV! Let’s watch it on the good TV! Nah, I’m kidding for real, old man, like hey! You wanna dance like that, you wanna wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, then you (goat ahead) go ahead. You go Super Mario and DANCE YOUR A** OFF, like [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ) - Dances] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] No but for real, I I I’m not playing me and that cat give you thumbs up! [Thumbs Up Cat - Clip] at least for me, was not the video itself but it was the TOP RATED COMMENT leighbee13: who i think i look like in a club: rihanna who it actually look like in a club: this guy [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Yah, well that’s what alcohol will do (besides beer goggles) to you. Not to mention I noticed the other top rated comment on the video was of course! MagicTunes99: co za asy.. [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] But you know what else is top rated the comment question of the day which comes from a username (blau) harrylovesshedwig and she said: [harrylovesshedwig] So my comment question of the day what would you nom nom nom on? [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] So what would you nom nom nom on? [Ray William Johnson] Leave your interesting and creative responses in the comment section below, or on Facebook or Twitter [Cool Transition] [Ray William Johnson] But thanks for watching today’s episode of Equals Three, I’m Ray William Johnson, and I approve this message. So tell me guys, “What’s Victoria’s Secret?”

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Mar 2, 2011

Equals Three with RayWilliamJohnson. (Thanks for LYBIO.NET for the transcript)

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