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Girls With Guts has an announcement!-SD

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Hi, I'm Jackie Zimmerman, the president of Girls With Guts. I am from Michigan but we are here in Oregon today to start our third annual retreat. Um, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2009 and I currently live with a j-pouch. Recently Girls With Guts has been given a really big opportunity. An opportunity that will help us uh, grow and expand. Hopefully really quickly and to better meet the needs of our clients. We are really, really excited to announce it. As of today I will be working fulltime for Girls With Guts as executive director. Um, over the next year we have a lot of plans on what that means and how that will directly affect you and your experience with us. Um, If you have ever donated to Girls With Guts, if you have ever bought our sweatshirt, or a t-shirt from us and to all of our great sponsors you have all made this possible. We are really, really excited about what the next year holds. So, keep an eye out for us in 2016. We've got a lot coming your way. "Okay". "Okay". "Wait and actually, It looks like irls With Guts.". "Show em' off!". This is not awkward at all. (laughter) So weird. I hate this so much. (laughter) Got gunk in my eyeballs. (laughter) What else do you want me to say? "Okay". Girls With Guts has been founded-. That doesn't make sense. (laughter) Recently Girls With Guts has been given a really great opportuni-. (loud plane sounds overhead) *Bleep* you plane. We're not that close to the airport. "I know! Is it everybody comin in? Like-". It's all, I hear you attendees. "I hear you". I hear you. If could stop interrupting our video that would be great. Go ahead. "Go ahead.". "Chick......chicks with guts." Yeah, too bad that wasn't our name. "Yeah.". (Laughter) Stop it.

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Posted by: ibdgirls on Jan 19, 2016

Girls With Guts has an announcement!-SD

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