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George Galloway on Wests Libya intervention (19Mar11)

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- [...] duty to stop a humanitarian crisis from unfolding, do you agree with him? - Well it's the double standards that get me. There is more people being gunned down innocent protesters, in Yemen, for example. And no one would dream of invading or imposing a no-fly zone on Yemen, because Yemen doesn't have oil. It's so transparently an attempt to protect British companies' and other western companies' massive investments in Lybia, that it's discredited in the Arab world. I saw your package saying there are Arab representatives at this meeting. Who are these Arab representatives? They can't even name themselves or the countries that they come from. Not least, because... - But we know that the Arab League came out publicly and backed the UN resolution. - But the Arab League is a collection of dictatorships. - So we shouldn't be dealing with Arab nations. Is that what you're saying? - No, but don't pray them in aid of an operation that's supposed to be standing up for human rights and democracy. The Arab League, without exemption, is a collection of puppet presidents, corrupt kings, every one of them a dictator, every one of them now, currently, shooting their own people who are demonstrating for democracy. - Well that's right, but what's your alternative? Do we stand by and watch colonel Gadaffi killing his people? - But we are standing by watching. - But preparing to attack... - We are standing by watching the Yemen president killing his people. We are standing by watching the Bahrein king killing his people. So, what's the difference between them and Lybia? Everyone watching this knows the difference. It's a dirty little three-letter word... called "oil". So let's not pretend it's about anything... - Lybia only produces 2% of the world's oil, it's not big deal. - BP has 15 billion pounds worth of investments... BILLION pounds worth of investments in Lybia. So don't pretend there's no big deal. The truth is that we're not intervening in these other revolutions but we are intervening in this for our own selfish interest. Now, that has two consequences: first of all, it generates more hatred and emnity against us around the world. And we will see that, believe me. Gadaffi, brute, armed brute and buttressed brute, by us and other western countries, is not going to be any kind of "blancmange". This is going to be a hotly contested military contest. And it will be contested not just in Lybia. We are generating hatred for ourselves, terrorism, terrorist attacks all over the world against our interests. Why? For the oil companies? - So you think that will happen? - Definitely. - Because we've already had threats from colonel Gadaffi's spokesman this morning. - Gadaffi has a long record of being involved in international terrorism. Everybody should try to remember that. He has a long record of funding terrorist organizations and he'll do it again. - Another reason to intervene in the country, some would say. - But he'd only be doing it because we're attacking him. Mr. Blair and his grizzly embrace of Gadaffi in the desert, which I hope people will endlessly replay in their minds. Some of us said that this would come to this, and it has. He brought Gadaffi in from the cold, didn't he? So, Gadaffi was now just another Arab dictator. But, if we start bombing and shelling and threatening to invade his country, you can be sure he'll fight back. - So, is that a reason not to do it? - Yes, of course it is. - Because we fear retribution. - Well, why are we doing it, Ana? We are a country that can't even pay our bills. We are almost bankrupt. We are laying off hundreds of thousands of people. We can't keep our pensioners warm in the winter. How come we've got money to go to war after war after war in the interest of oil companies and arms com... Is that what people in Britain are asking themselves this morning? - So, would you say there are any circumstances that would justify any military intervention? - Yes. - Or there should be no military intervention anywhere? - No, I am not a pacifist. If our interests are threatened, I will be the first at the recruiting office to defend our country and our justifiable interests. But they're not in this case. And if the neighbours of Lybia... are concerned about the turmoil that's being created by this dictatorship in their region, Tunisia and Egypt are perfectly entitled to take action to defend themselves. As Vietnam was, for example, against Pol Pot in Cambodya. But the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the former colonial powers in the Arab world have absolutely no right to enter into Lybian internal affairs at all. So my solution is let the Arabs sort this matter out. But British men and women and taxes being used to put one group of people in Lybia in power rather than another, no thanks! - George Galloway, thank you for coming in and sharing your views with us. - Thank you.

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Posted by: hectordotsub on Mar 24, 2011

Ex-MP George Galloway talks about why the UK and other countries are interested in Libya so much.... it's about oil, which other African despot countries don't have.

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