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Le négligence comme forme d’abus fait aux enfants

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Negligence as a form of Child Abuse Wow! That girl knows how to dress! Did you smell her perfume? She looks like a goddess. Her parents must be rich! No, her parents aren't rich. Her father does the same thing ours do, but he takes good care of his daughter. Are referring to me? No, not at all. I don't believe you -- you're making fun of me. Humph, I'm leaving. Ha, it IS you that we're criticizing. Look at your messy hair. You look like a bum. Look how rough her feet are. Yes, and she ties her sandals together with old strings! Yeah, her dress is all torn up and sewn back together. Ha ha, yes she has to tie her shoes together to keep them on! Hello! Hello! How's the family? Everything fine? How are the kids? Are they behaving? And your husband? I never see him around. Yes, he always goes and leaves me here alone. And how's your daughter? Oh, she's doing fine. Hello! Hello! What's wrong? My friends are making fun of me. Why? Because my shoes are broken and tied together with old string. Don't you see my messy hair? Oh, do you see? I've done everything possible to make her father take responsibility for her. I don't know what else I can do. Mother, can I ask you a question? Yes, what is it? Well, am I really my father's daughter? Oh, of course you are! Why are you asking me that? He never cares about my problems. My studies are going nowhere because I have no birth certificate. When they made each student pay 25 francs, he didn't want to pay. I must not really be his daughter. My dear, you know I would have given you the money if I had been here. Even though I am a woman, I would never fail to give you 25 f for your studies. Dear, don't talk that way about your father, hmmm? Hello! Hello! My husband, as you can see, our daughter has come home because her friends are making fun of her. Why are they making fun of her Don't you see the old shoes that she's wearing? She should wash her feet so they're not so terrible to look at! But just look at her messy hair? So she should fix it up! Look at the rough skin on her feet! You should make an effort to give your daughter what she needs. Isn't the cost of medicine high compared to a simple pair of shoes? Sir, you need to choose between harming your daughter and buying her a pair of shoes. Don't you want to take care of your child? Djeneba, I will take your advice. I will take better care of my child. Fatoumata has been neglected by her parents. This has prevented her from dressing properly, having proper shoes, and decent hair. This has resulted in her friends making fun of her.

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Duration: 4 minutes
Year: 2009
Country: Mali
Producer: Plan YETAM
Director: Plan Mali Youth
Views: 197
Posted by: lraftree on Jun 16, 2009

The story of a girl whose parents don't look after her needs.

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