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Ron Paul - Revolution With A Solution

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) It's impossible to predict the time when confidence will be lost but he can come quickly. Resorting to buying other paper currencies will not be of much help. When the dollar crashes most likely the purchasing power of all currencies, since all currencies hold dollars as a reserve, will go down as well. This means that dollars and other currencies will go into buying consumer items, precious metals and other physical properties. consumer prices will sore as well as interest rates the central bank will lose control and the more they inflate the worst their confidence becomes. The interest rates will respond to these efforts by rising sharply If the FED tries to reverse the run on the dollar, interest rates will also soar and the pain on American citizens will be of such proportion that political chaos will result. Either scenario leads to political and social chaos the third event and the most dangerous. With no ability of the federal government to fund its commitments international or domestic major changes will occur in our system the social unrest will elicit cries for government to exert unusual force to head off a complete breakdown of law and order. the trap will be set for a system of government claiming to protect a free society if more power and police authority are not given to the federal government it will be argued that only anarchy will result if more government policing power is given it will mean a lethal threat to civil liberties. Already we have permitted the notion that a single person the attorney general or the president can decide who is an enemy combatant thus denying that individual the right of habeas corpus permitting indefinite detention without charges made. This attitude towards civil liberties has changed significantly since the fear around 9/11 (New York atack) Yes i know declaring one an enemy combatant is reserved only for the radical muslims engaged in terrorism against United States. To be reassured by this reasoning is quite dangerous and naive. Logic should not lead us to equate suspects with terrorists and include american citizens And yet, this has already been said by president "Under difficult circumstances our political leaders will not be hesitant to use these powers to maintain order" Tragically the people may even demand it. We are rapidly moving toward a dangerous time in our history. Society as we know is vulnerable to political and social unrest. This impending crisis comes as a consequence of our flawed foreign and domestic economic policies a silly notion about money, ignorance about central banking and ignoring the onerous power and mischief of out of control intelligence agencies are unsustainable welfare state and a willingness to sacrifice privacy and civil liberties in an attempt to achieve safety and security from an inept government. Dangerous times indeed. What can be done about it? Must we wait for the inevitable expect to restore our liberties in the street fight against the overwhelming power of the state? not a good option The only way that we we can prevent blood from running in the streets is to offer a better idea of the proper role of the government in a society that these are as first and foremost liberty and that is impossible without a firm commitment by our thought leaders to the ideas of freedom the source of all creative energy and prosperity an all-powerful state is the threat to that idea the prevailing attitude of the people as it once was in early american must be that of liberty and self-reliance rather than than nanny state and dependency rely on on the government force to mold all private choices if this is understood a smooth although not painless transition to a free society is achievable ignoring this option will be very destructive to everything that is dear to the hearts of most Americans what is it that we must do we must immediately embark on balance the budget by reducing spending change our foreign policy so to that of non-intervention a full audit and more supervision of the federal reserve leading to abolishing the federal reserve legalize competition to the federal reserve with competing currencies regain respect for civil liberties of privacy while reining in the CIA wean ourselves off the dependence of wealth transfers by government abolish crony capitalism no subsidies no bailouts no regulatory or tax privileges to protect the powerful elite especially the military industrial complex eliminate the income tax, inheritance tax and taxes on savings and dividends None of this can happen without the restoration of Congress to its dominant position of the three branches of government as was originally intended by the Constitution The executive and the judicial must be reined in and congress must assert its prerogatives over all legislation curtailing all unconstitutional agendas. through budgetary controls Signs abound that angry Americans are now more ready than ever before for a change in direction that is indeed real. If this program were improvised even suddenly and dramatically the adjustment, though significant, and to a degree somewhat painful would be much shorter and of minor consequence compared to the chaos and poverty that will result if we refuse to change our gluttonous appetite for a free lunch. [email protected]

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When the financial collapse comes, we can can either march into state/globalist tyranny in the name of "saving society" -- that is the agenda --, or we can choose to take our own destiny into our hands, as free peoples and individuals. Don't wait for the inevitable to happen, to make your decision. Your decision is asserted now, via your actions and attitudes. Educate yourself, educate others, spread the word. Choose Liberty.

Campaign For Liberty
Will you choose liberty, or will you choose tyranny?

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