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Meet the New Faces of 50+

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[♪ music ♪] [AARP® The Magazine - Real Possibilities] [The AARP Faces of 50+ Photo Shoot - New York, September 26-27, 2013] [♪ music ♪] My name is Linda Wilson, I'm from Wilmington, North Carolina/Wrightsville Beach, and I'm 72 years old. [♪ music ♪] My name is Rich Bucci, I'm 54 years old, and we're from Graham, North Carolina. My name is Kim Dillard, I'm from Houston, Texas, and I am 51 years old. My name is Alfredo Martinez, I'm from South Central Los Angeles, and tomorrow I'm going to be 72. My name is Cosette Bonjour, I live in Hawaii, and I am 61. My name is Marguerite LaMarque and I am 90 years of age. I'll be 91 November 22nd of this year. Okay. My name is Pat Branch, I live in Kimberley, Idaho, and I'm 65+ years old. I don't let life interfere with me having fun. I have fun being me. [Dillard] People are living longer now, and because people are living longer, we need to have a lot of fun and make a difference in other people's lives and just live up to the challenges. Who knew that you'd live your best life after 50? I mean, you get older, you get more confidence, you've had experience, and you can just be who you are. And it's getting better. How much better can it get? Look at today. I get to be in AARP. [laughing] [Bucci] It's fun. It's fun getting older. I think what hurts people is when they stop doing things. Just keep going forward and just enjoy each moment. [♪ music ♪] And then as you get older, it just gets easier. And that's just the truth. It gets easier. [♪ music ♪] [Bonjour] I read the magazine. I think it has a lot of great information. I love it. And I was looking through one day and I thought, "Oh, this will be fun." And I thought, "Right. I'm going to do this." And I was very honored to be a part of this. It's been a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this. [♪ music ♪] [Produced by Caitlin E. Peters] [Directed & Edited by Walking Lunch Productions] [AARP® The Magazine - Real Possibilities]

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Go behind the scenes with the winners of AARP's fourth Real People Model Search.

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