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Laoma Tihua 老妈蹄花

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Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes and 25 seconds
Country: China
Producer: AI Weiwei Studio 艾未未工作室
Director: AI Weiwei 艾未未
Views: 4,668
Posted by: lihlii on Oct 16, 2009

Documentary by AI Weiwei Studio

是什么诱惑使得五个男人为了一个女人茶不思饭不想?误投黑帮的女匪面对五个男人的纠缠如何脱身?半夜被绑架的弱女子为何主动配合黑帮?黑帮小喽罗为何不做老大而要去当警官?去《老妈蹄花》找谜底: http://wllmth

人权活动人士 谭作人 案
Human Rights Activist TAN Zuoren's Case
中国四川地震 Earthquake of Sichuan, China
豆腐渣校舍 Jerry-built school buildings
学生死亡名单调查 Death toll investigation of student victims
政治保卫警察 国保 State Political Security Police
殴打 Abuse
任意拘禁 Arbitrary Detainment

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