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This is a lead gain, so when you pull it, it's lead... Yeah? That's when this works, is when you push that in. I got to get used to this again. - You mean, just listening... - Yeah, you stick your head in the cabinet, it's totally different. That's why I think we've got to keep the volumes way down here for at least a little while so we're not blown out. - I've always liked that. - It seems like good quality. I think that's worked... Following the instructions? Now there is another switch on the back, it's got three positions. Right now we're in the mid. - Go back to the middle. - There's a triple... Yeah, he calls it a low focus. Now we're on high, I think mid. I'm not really used to high gritty stuff which I'd like to get into my sound but I can't seem to get it in there without not liking it. He's just basically saying that a lot of times we have a tendency to turn knobs up past the halfway point. He's saying that 5 is as far as you should go pretty much on a tone knob. He said that's just the way he made it different. Why doesn't he just make 5 be 10? I know where this discussion's going. - That's what it is, probably. - Because he's got 5 more. - It's tough because if you're standing just a little bit... - It depends on where you're standing. So speaker-wise, are these all the same kinds of speakers? These are all 8 Ohm Vintage 30. - That one sounds a little more alive to me. - Yeah. This one has a little bit of pain involved. This is a Kirk's main cab. And the other one that goes with it's right out in the hallway too. - Let's use this guy. - A good start.

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 25, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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