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Paramore Making of Riot!

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So our new record is called Riot! We chose the name because... ...we wanted something definitive something that uhm... One word you know not a big novel not something that takes like a year to read... ...or recite. We just wanted, we wanted to like... make a statement. Some people would love just to stay the same, you know but... ...we definitely... ...branched out on this record. You can really hear that we got to spent a lot of time on this record... recording and writing and... ...we just had a ridiculous amount of time to do that and it's awesome. So it''s very beneficial and... I think you're gonna be able to tell the biggest differences on the world. Everyone has something to hide and everyone got something to be excited or proud about... ...and I think that all those moments are on this record. I don´t know this new record is a lot more developed than the last one I guess... can say because the last one we were really rushed which I'm sure the guys told you... ...just like we didn´t have much time so is sort of like...sort of blah you know... ...there´s our first record, and then we hit the road. And there's when we've had... You know we have about three months to do it and...'s's great. You can definitely tell that you know we put a lot of thought and effort... every single song. This records sound like old Paramore but in just a new direction to... ...and it's just a more material grown up direction. Everery meaning at Riot isn´t like violent or angry or even negative. The meaning that's sort of solid for us was...was setting out burst of uncontrolled... ...emotion, and I think that's exactly what our record is just a bunch of feelings... ...just starting to point out like...things that I didn't even know I felt around the record. I guess we all really learned a lot about ourselves during the process and... ...of making it and we´re so proud of Riot, we love it. So...yes.

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Posted by: sadokun on Mar 21, 2012

Making the album Riot from Paramore.

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